Muay Thai, The Awkward & Gross!

Wee in your pants, poo on hand wraps, farting on pads, pants down, boobs out, snot face, thai oil in your vagina.

*Warning!! If you don’t like to read gross things or you are a bit of a stiff then don’t read 9a0f871e2c31e13583b11befdb0ecb6fthis*

So over the years of training and fighting i have had some pretty awkward and gross things happen to me. These are things that most people keep to them selves and don’t talk about with others because they can be quite disgusting or embarrassing. People who know me, know i don’t really care about that, so i like to share those things with others haha maybe a little too much info for some people. So I thought i would write a bit of a blog about some of those things. I know that you people out there have probably had a few of these happen to you but you haven’t told anyone about it. So for all the stiff’s out there you should probably stop reading now…..

1.Pee Pants

On more than one occasion i have pee’d my pants in training and in fighting. In training 6ac9ac24fa8a46e3b1300dd1f38b8ea7c0d29a658f864125cbd383ef5121af52have had the 10kg medicine ball continuously dropped on my stomach and yes a bit of pee came out. In fights i have been Teeped and Kneed in the stomach hard and a bit of pee has come out. Not much i could do about it in the fight so im just happy im already wet and dripping with water from the corner and hope it just blends in haha

2. Poo on hand wraps

I don’t know about other people but i normally get the nervous poo’s before i fight. Sometimes i have already got my hands wrapped and i have to go to the toilet. Not the easiest thing to wipe sometimes especially in Thailand if they only have squat toilets. Yes i have gotten poo on my hand wraps and of course washing your hands isn’t easy when you have wraps on either.

3. Farts

I can go all day without a fart but of course as soon as i get on pads i get the sneaky farts that just happen to go BOOM as you kick the pads. If its loud well everyone hears it and you can’t blame anyone else for it, so your totally busted. Then of course i get blamed for all the other stinky ones the guys do around me. The silent but deadly ones are the ones that slowly seep out and then you can just blame the person next to you haha i like to blame the kids 🙂

4. Pants down

I have had to make weight for a fight before and i have gone to pull my pants down to get on the scales and i have pulled my undies down as well with my pants. Yep full undies down!! I freaked and pulled them back up as quick as i could but god knows who and what people saw. I just acted like nothing happened but i was crying inside.

5. Boobs out

Nothing like flashing your boobs in a fight NOT! i’ve been teeped and had their foot get hmm-yes-boobscaught in my sports bra, pulling it down. I could feel it going so i dropped to the ground with it to hold my boobs in, i got an 8 count for it too! After that episode i started to wear two sports bras when i fought just to be safe and then i even started wearing a shirt to fight (actually that was more to hide the evidence of all the chocolate id been eating) but it helped with the boobs out issue too.

6. Snot Face

The good old you have something on your face but no one tells you story! I’ve been training my ass off getting bashed around the ring, covered in water, sweat and well not until you go to the toilet to wet your face do you see a massive boogie! not just hanging out but slightly smeared across your face! Don’t know how the hell that got there but wtf! is it even mine eeeewwww! Also not just limited to training because ive had the same thing  happen to me in a fight, wiping your nose with your glove does not get rid of snot, it just smears it across your face.


7. Thai Oil in your Vagina

Your worst nightmare! Like having the nervous poo’s i also have to go wee a trillion times before i fight. Not a good thing when you have been covered head to toe in Thai oil that burns like a mofo. This has happened to me on more than a few occasions, try to pull my shorts and undies down super slow to avoid getting oil on them but it never works 😦 do your wee and then the hard part is trying to wipe without getting Thai oil on the toilet paper. Sometimes it’s not too bad but other times you know instantly that youburn4-1-300x160 (1) have a bit more heat down there than is meant to be! Then the next challenge is pulling your undies and pants up without dragging the oil up your leg into your lady bits. Then wham bam thank you maam your vagina is on FIRE!

So those are a few things that come to mind in my crazy  Fighter Life and im sure that plenty of people have some similar stories to tell or maybe keep to them selves because they are to gross and embarrassing hahaha!




Shanny “Mayhem” Howard


Shanny “Mayhem” Howard12380167_1055242737840105_2063141271_n

Name: Shanny “Mayhem” Howard Weight: 60-63.5kg Age: 29 Country: Australia Gym: Vikings Muay Thai Fight Record: 7 Fights 6 Wins 1 Loss

1: How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter?

I have been training just over a year. I first started training just for fitness but it was my Trainer Robbie Tidyman who suggested I should give fighting a go. So I started training in the fight classes and before I knew it I was having my first fight.

12386599_1055242774506768_2019970960_n2: What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

My biggest challenge so far would be dealing with being centre of attention in front of big crowds. The nerves before making the walk to the ring are huge for me. Once I am in the ring and touch gloves it all goes away it’s like nothing matters but just before walking out I have to control my nerves. I would much rather fight with no crowds, just myself my trainer & my opponent. But I am learning to deal with it and I am getting better slowly.

3: What drives you?10647818_1055242487840130_1311929338_n

When I first started I was the only female at the gym, I felt like I had to prove to myself to the other fighters. This only gave me more of a drive to never give up and be the best I could be plus also to beat the boy’s hahaha.

4: If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why?

I think anywhere in Thailand would be absolutely amazing but Lumpinee Stadium would defiantly have to be number 1. Just to be able to fight & show my skills in the home land of Muay Thai would be a blessing.

5: What is your favourite part of training?

12380551_1055242771173435_122339155_nI love everything about training from wrapping my hands to stretching down. To be able to push myself to the max, I just love it. Having everyone at the gym see me not giving up pushes them, which then pushes me even more.

6: How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

I am defiantly a front foot fighter, I want to be the one pushing the pace & making my opponents game plan go out the window. I have been told that I hit with “Man Power” which is quite rare for a female. But overall I am still so new to the sport, and have so much more to learn.

12398931_1055242114506834_1477358743_n7: What are 3 things people might not know about you……

I really enjoy cooking and baking which can be very bad when having to prepare and lose weight before a fight lol. I am a massive sucker for Christmas movies it doesn’t matter if they are kids, adults or the cheesiest movie out I could watch them over and over again, there awesome I love them. I am absolutely petrified of Grasshoppers & Toads. When I see them I freeze up & just go to mush. It can be very embarrassing to see how a child can pick it up & get rid of it for me while I scream and cry like a baby until it is gone.

8: Do you have any embarrassing fight or training moments?

Oh god well now this is embarrassing. It was my first demo fight & I just climbed over the top ropes & it gave me the biggest wedgie. I had to get my trainer to pick it out for me, everyone in the front row was laughing. I don’t know who was more embarrassed myself or Robbie but yes it was very embarrassing.

9: What are your fight plans for 2016?10428976_1055242691173443_1493591172_n

I am planning on it being be a big year for me. I recently tried out for the Amateur Australian Muay Thai Team & I was very lucky enough to come away with a gold medal and an invitation to represent Australia in Sweden in May 2016. I am also planning to have around 10 fights throughout the year in Muay Thai & Boxing. Maybe even a Title Fight.

10: Any advice for anyone wanting to give fighting a go?

Fighting is not for everyone you either love it or hate it. It’s not easy but it is very rewarding to see all your hard work payoff it is a great feeling. You also have to have complete trust in your trainer that they are matching you with an equal opponent, and the number one thing is to have belief in yourself. You will never know unless you give it a go, at the end of the day you only get out what you put in.

Anyone you would like to Thank:

I would like to say a big Thank You to Robbie Tidyman and Will Currie for believing in me 12399188_1055242434506802_2085458855_nand pushing me to my limits. Everyone from my Vikings Family you guys inspire me to give it my all every day I am very grateful. My family and friends for coming to watch and cheer me on even though my mum watches through her fingers most times but still travels to support me. A Big Thank you to my sponsors “Team Lion Heart Mongkons” Glenn Heart you have been amazing with promoting me and getting my name out there. Also for my beloved prajas. Last but not least Nutrition Warehouse for supplying me with all my nutritional needs at a great price.

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Interview By Natasha Sky Feb 2016, photos supplied

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Kelsie”Pitbull” Thompson

Kelsie Thompson12348216_760095024121089_343203904_n

Name: Kelsie Thompson Age: 16 Country: Australia Gym: Kaos Muay Thai gym Weight: 58-60 Fight record: 9f 4w 5l

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter? I have been training in martial arts for 6 years and Muay Thai for 3 years. I had competed in amateur tournaments before I stepped into the ring for the first time in 2013 and didn’t know what to expect. My trainer Michael Reberger asked if I wanted to jump I the ring and give it a go. The training for the fight was nothing like I had experienced and ever since then I’ve loved the adrenalin and feeling fighting gives me.

2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? My biggest challenge as a fighter would have to be balancing work, school work and training all at once. Somehow I manage to do all three and still get average grades and go to every single training session 5 nights a week.

12355100_760095004121091_283007736_n3. What drives you? What drives me is the fact that my opponent is training just as hard as me and wants to win just as bad as me and it makes me determined to train as hard as I can.

4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why? I would love to fight on Rebellion one day as it seems like such a professional show and the skill level shown from all the fighters that do get a chance to fight on it are incredible.

5. What is your favourite part of training? My favourite part of training would definitely have to be hitting the pads and the satisfaction of going home at the end of training and not being able to feel my body because I smashed that training session

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? I would describe myself as aggressive when I need to be and coming forward at my opponent, hence the name pitbull

7. What are 3 things people might not know about you.. 1. I love the beach 2. I read way 12336125_760095074121084_1709469429_ntoo much 3. I have a twin sister (not identical though)

8. Do you have any embarrassing fight or training moments? Whenever I hop out of the ring and walk down the stairs to go to the back room I always swing my arms like a cowboy because if I don’t I will probably fall off the stairs and that would not be a fun time

9. What are your fight plans for this year? I have 2 possible fights in February and after that whatever my trainer had lined up for me, I haven’t had a fight since August so I’m keen to get back into the ring 10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go? I say make sure you train hard and just get in their and give it a go, at the end of the day whether you win or lose it is a big feat getting in the ring and fighting another person

12312339_760095067454418_1144778708_nAnyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank my family for always supporting me and my desicions, I’d also like to thank my trainers Michael Reberger and Mark Ward for always pushing me to my limits at training and never giving up on me.

Athlete page (HERE)

Interview by Natasha Sky Feb 2016, Photos supplied

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Sam “Nanu” Brown Interview, Enfusion, Europe & Whats next

SAM “NANU” BROWN16620_569825579795398_1579777995688973884_n


Name: Sammy-lee brown (Nanu) Weight: 54kgs Fight record: 20 fights 16 wins Titles: WKBF Qld and Australian champ 54.5kgs ISKA Australian champ 56kgs CMT Australian champ

10653670_596537980457491_1011645589809641846_n1. You were involved in the Enfusion reality fight show last year 2014 in Thailand, how that experience? It was amazing! I met so many talented and experienced fighters and formed some life long friends. I was the least experienced on the show but, it made me realise everyone is just a person they still go through the same stuff as you, whether they’ve had 1 fight or 100. It opened my eyes a little bit. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

2. You recently had a couple of fights in Europe, did you find the style different to Australia? Oh yes! Dutch style is VERY diff to Muay Thai there is a lot more point scoring and combos involved. Plus take away grappling and elbows makes it a bit different. The training and drills are really different too but I’ve learnt so much from it all. The first fight I had in Holland I got really stuck in my head trying to not fight like me and fight their game. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way that not fighting like yourself is always a bad idea.


3. How have you found travelling on your own as a fighter? It has been so Much fun. It has made me grow so much as a fighter But also mentally challenging adjusting to trainers, styles, different corners however I think it has made me mentally stronger than I have ever been. I have however been REALLY lucky Fahid owner/trainer of gym Alkmaar has been amazing and training with Gae from elite boxing in Thailand is second to none. Plus having Julie kitchen do my corner for a fight was great she understood everything I was going through and made it much easier. I am so grateful.

4. How do you think you have grown as a fighter in the past year? So many different ways, the 10592863_596045753840047_1035142394116053877_nbiggest thing I have learnt is It’s really only you in the ring fighting. So mentally it’s only you who can be ready. I have so much support and love around me, but if I don’t believe in myself when I get in there that stuff doesn’t help anymore. But without it I couldn’t be who i am. So it’s a strong mixture of both. Always Trust your ability and your training. And mentally if you really want to win. You will. The battle is won well before you step into that ring.

5. If you could go back to when you first started and give yourself some advise what would it be? Trust your own instinct more (Trust your gut.) It is generally right when it comes to people and training. Also always listen to your body. You know of something is too Much or you are injured or run down or sick then rest. This doesn’t mean be a sook with every shin bruise or black eye. It means when you are run down or injured look after yourself. A good coach who cares will Know when you are pushing it to hard and will force you to rest. But you need to know yourself.

11350292_10153283836357209_1065867421_n6. What are 3 things people might not know about you:

1) I was a dancer before I was a fighter

2) I had webbed fingers on my right hand it’s why Im called Nanu, it’s from the TV show mork and Mindy, my right hand gets taped the same as that when I go to fight because it hurts otherwise. My trainer came up with it after my first fight for him and I never lived it 11350207_10153283836367209_1380749521_ndown.. So the name stuck. Haha I don’t think anybody actually likes their nick names.

3) My only fight ritual is Thai food the night before I fight. Pad Thai or rice with something Prob chicken cashew.

7. If you could fight on any promotion what would it be and why? I already get to fight on Enfusion now and it’s the best. I would love lion fight one day or LK1 in America. Would’ve been amazing to get to fight on evolution when that was still on.

8. Have you any fights coming up? There a few great opportunities in the pipeline yes nothing has been confirmed As yet. But I don’t plan on being in Australia much for the rest of this year. So definitely watch this space

9. Any words of wisdom to anyone wanting do what you are doing? Yes, Nothing great comes 11304254_10153283836372209_2147041402_nif you don’t take risks. If you really want something it will come so trust the process. And if it makes you happy- go for it. No matter what anyone says.

10. Anyone you would like to Thank? There are so so many people I want to thank. The Enfusion team Edwin, Betty, Julie, Alex, Vinny and Lennard for Making me feel like family, and all Going above and beyond for me. Holland feels like a second home now. Gae and Nugget at Elite Boxing. Michaela Michl for the drive to Holland to come and support me. Fahid from gym Alkmaar for going above and beyond for 11282011_10153283836377209_240035527_nme. The team at corporate box for the prep and letting me throw a fundraiser there before I left. Azzatron and Daddykool for all My prep and training in Brisbane. My amazing sponsors Landerbrook pty ltd, clear insurance, Caley reece, fight n fit, Revive Physio, King brown mouthguards, Green tea x50, Revelry apparel, AO FIGHT for the best custom tops in the world, My amazing family my mum my siblings and my cousins aunties uncles, All of them have backed me and have been so excited and proud of everything i do – I have the best family in the world. And my amazing friends I am actually blessed to have some of the people I do in my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten people but this list is already huge.

Interview By Natasha Sky, June 2015, photos supplied11272130_10153283836352209_1888739797_n

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