Carla Aucamp From South Africa, Living in Thailand

Carla Aucamp11536345_678318408968381_9003701849923308233_n

Name: Carla Aucamp
Age: 29
Country: South African living in Thailand
Gym: Kaewphitak Muay Thai Gym, Phuket, Thailand
Weight: 55 KG
Fight record: 8-0
Titles: Sainamyen Stadium PK-1 Champion

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter?

I’ve been training Muay Thai for just over a year now. My boyfriend started doing Muay Thai before me and thought that I would like it. So I gave it a shot and loved it immediately.
My first fight was after just 3 months of training and since then I’ve was hooked!

12170442_10153031439747330_1702524264_n2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

The biggest challenge for me is balancing my work and training. I work full time, 5 days a week, and therefor can only train once a day, instead of twice, like most who train Muay Thai here in Thailand.

3. What drives you?

Seeing how much I’ve learned in only one year and the curiosity to see how far I can go.

4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why?12179021_10153031439772330_264153351_n

I don’t really keep track of promotions. I’m happy to stick to fighting locally for now. 😉

5. What is your favourite part of training?

I love every thing about training. I love learning new techniques every day, I love how hard it can be some days and how easy it is on other. Obviously getting into great shape is also a bonus!
And clinching – there’s always so much more to learn when it comes to clinching.

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter?

Still a beginner, but getting there 🙂

12179008_10153031439782330_1336409153_n7. You have been training & fighting in Thailand, what advise would you give to other girls wanting to do the same?

I haven’t trained Muay Thai outside of Thailand, but I can’t imagine there’s a better place to do it than here. If you’re considering it, then just do it.
Living here is cheap and there are tons of great Muay Thai camps all over the country.

8. Do you have any pre fight rituals?

Not really. On the day of my fight I just relax and play PlayStation.
However, my post fight rituals usually include lots of pizza and beer! 😉

9. What are your fight plans for the rest of the year?12179639_10153031439762330_943074766_n

No big plans, I’ll just be staying in Phuket – training and fighting.

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go?

You don’t need any experience to start – I never trained any kind of fighting sport before I started Muay Thai. Just give it a shot! If you don’t like it then you don’t like it.
But if you like it, be prepared to fall in love with it! It’s a sport that requires a lot of dedication, but it’s very rewarding!

12180138_10153031439777330_739069840_nAnyone you would like to thank?
My trainer Chanrit Sit-O. He’s taught me so much in the past year. And everyone at Kaewphitak Muay Thai – they’ve been like a family to me.
And last but not least, my husband who goes to all of my fights and supports me all the way.

Here’s the link to my gym –

Interview By Natasha Sky, November 2015, photos supplied

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Mónica Brenes From Costa Rica


Mónica Brenes 10675578_10154782384530032_414669666523113195_n

Name: Mónica Brenes Mena, Age: 23, Nationality: Costa Rica, Weight: 55-60kg, Gym: Keawpithak Muay Thai / Evolution Muay Thai, Fight record: Muay Thai 12-4-0 (7), Kickboxing 5-3-0 (3), Boxing 13-2-0 (7), Titles: 3 Times Amateur Boxing National Champion

1. How long have you been training and what made you want to become a fighter? I started training back in 2005, at age 13. Since I first started training it felt really natural, so I always trained to fight, after just a few months of training I had my first kickboxing fight, and absolutely loved the rush; it’s probably been one the only things I’ve been sure in my entire life, I know I am a fighter.
942042_10152863711975032_1369225232_n2. You have trained in a few different martial arts what are they? which one is your favourite and why? I started training kickboxing, and karate. I would train Muay Thai since that same year, but on and off because trainers were coming and going. And I have always had the dream to fight MMA, so I would pretty much train several disciplines knowing that eventually I would, trying to learn everything I could. But back home at the time there was not a lot of people to fight against, so that’s when I started having boxing fights. For a while I stuck to boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu, getting some Gold Medals in boxing and a blue belt in BJJ. After a while I was able just to stick to Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA. But Muay Thai has always been by favorite one, and the one I’ve put the most time and effort in. Why? It’s such a beautiful art…! There’s no reason why not.

3. What has been the hardest thing about being a fighter in Costa Rica? Been a fighter in Costa Rica has never been easy. Since I started a while back, it’s been hard to get women to fight in the country, and the pretty much the only way to fight is to get a fighter from abroad, or to fight abroad; but there’s no support from the government, sponsors, not even big promoters for Muay Thai. Meaning that if you want to fight you have to cover all of your training, nutritional, and travel expenses. So finding the balance between professional training, working to cover for all expenses, and still trying to get a degree -I’m studying to get my degree in Physical Therapy-; and giving a 200% in all of it and still trying to get some sleep, will test if fighting is something that you really want to do.

4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why?1234910_10153185485835032_217390499_n I would and must fight for a world title, and any title really, just let me fight for them! So WBC, WPMF, ONEFC, INVICTA,… You name it. And UFC is major dream of course.

5. What has been your proudest moment as a fighter? Even though I’m pretty hard on myself, I try to be proud of every moment; every fight, every hard week of training, if you’re putting all your effort in something you must be proud of it. But definitely been able to save up, leave everything behind and move to Thailand for the second time, makes me proud. Oh, and been able to win fights by out-clinching Thais makes me feel like wonder woman! (LOL)

253472_10150629666965032_124995_n6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? When it comes to training as I mentioned before, I am really hard on myself, I always feel like I need more training, more running, more sparring, more clinching, even when I’ve done all the work I am supposed to do. When it comes to a fight, mentally I am really calm, not an angry fighter at all, and I don’t really get nervous; and I try to be very respectful towards all of my opponents, I like saying hello to them at the stadium before the fight with an honest smile. I try to think about the fight, until I get into the ring, thinking about it in real time. When it comes to my fight style, I try to keep it thai style as I learn, but I’ve always been an aggressive fighter, and like to exchange; every fight is different so my style does change on every fight.

7. What do you enjoy the most about training in Thailand? That I get to fight so often! Even if it’s only once a month, it’s still so much more than what I would fight back home. And having amazing thai trainers, I’ve always had great trainers; not a day goes by without them teaching some awesome moves (even if I don’t remember them all!). And that I’m able to dedicate all my time just to train and fight.

8. What are your plans for the next year?229498_10150587087205032_6917167_n If everything goes right, I’ll be spending my next year in Thailand. So I’m hoping to get really good fights, and title shots. And definitely getting fights outside of Phuket, and Thailand.

9. Name 3 things out of Muay Thai that people might not know about you My first full rules 5 rounds Muay Thai fight was in Thailand, at age 19. Might sound weird, but fighting gives me peace, stepping in the ring is when I feel the most peaceful -and happy-, not saying I don’t feel the adrenaline rush or frustration, but when I’m fighting I only have to think about the fight, about what’s happening at that exact moment, there’s nothing else you could be thinking about! One of the first trainers I had in Thailand adopted me as his daughter, since I trained with him pretty much for a whole year, so he would even fill in my information for the fights with his last name, so my thai last name is Khemnak.

46467_494904429987_255637_n 10. Any advise for people wanting to start training or become a fighter? Don’t overthink it! Just start training, give it a shot, and same with fighting, don’t think too much about having that first fight, once you’re in there you’ll see it’s not that much of a big deal, that first struggle is just in your mind. And second, make sure you find proper trainers who take care of you, having committed trainers that know what they’re doing really change how you feel about this amazing martial art.

Anyone you would like to thank?58446_499988559987_6140891_n My family… They’ve always been a major support! And the absolute best! Oh and you -Natasha Sky- you’ve been a major support on my both stays in Thailand. Please click and like my fight page! Currently a sponsored fighter at Kaewphitak Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand.

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