Jacinta “Too Sweet” Paskalidis

Jacinta “Too Sweet” Paskalidis1797328_677750035623361_2100954560_n

Name: Jacinta Paskalidis Age: 21 Country: Australia Gym: North Melbourne Muay Thai Weight: 60-63 Fight record: 15 fights, 11 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses Titles : IKBF Australian Muay Thai title

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter? I started training Muay Thai at 11 years old, and had my first amateur fight at 15, but once I turned 18 an allowed to fight at a professional level in Melbourne that what I did.

1601047_708321402566224_5586188842012517732_n2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? The biggest challenge as a fighter would be accepting physical change that my body has and will be going through. As I started training and fighting quite young, I was physically still a child, fighting at lower weight class etc. And getting older naturally you grow and it was a hard to accept that I couldn’t make lower weight classes. There were a few doubts about if I could handle a heavier opponent than before. But understanding my body, and believing in my ability and having great support from my trainer allowed me to accept, learn and shape me as a fighter.

3. What drives you? What drives me is just to fight good clean fights, 12355272_1038143529584008_1053713471_nagainst great fighters. Fighting the best fighters allows me to constantly challenging and improve in any aspect of myself and as a fighter.

4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why? If I could fight on any promotion in the world it would probably be ‘lion fight’. Due to the great support of female fighters on the promotion, and having the best females on the show such as caley reece, and it would be amazing to follow in her footsteps.

12366674_1038143519584009_575823997_n5. What is your favourite part of training? Favourite part of training, that’s a hard one. I would have to say clinching, well when I’m not sore. Oh and when training has ended.

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? As a fighter I would say I’m clam and collected, pick my shots. Style wise is depending on the strengths of other fighters, but I defiantly favour my boxing.


7. What are 3 things people might not know about you..12083802_1038143526250675_377304096_n

1. I’m currently completing my Masters of Exercise science (High performance)

2. I skateboard

3. I love One Direction!

8. Do you have any embarrassing fight or training moments? Oh, I have plenty! The list is an arms length!

9. What are your fight plans for next year? I’m currently in Thailand and have a few fights lined up for early next year. And just see how it goes from there.

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go? I would say, don’t worry about winning or losing, just go in there and have fun. It an experience that you will never forget, and a feeling that you cannot get from anything else.1911730_696035397128158_1209316656_n

Anyone you would like to thank? I would love thank my family and friends for the constant support, everyone at my home away from home Por Promin Muay Thai, and lastly my trainer Theo Goulesas.

Sponsors: Real food healthy body. http://www.rfhb.com.au Athlete page: https://www.facebook.com/jacintatoosweet Instagram: @Jayyypask

Interview By Natasha Sky Dec 2015, Photos Supplied

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