Loren Ellement From The Pit, W.A

Loren Ellement11944833_10153202768471359_52292599_n

Name: Loren Ellement Age:25 Country: Australia Gym: The Pit Weight: 52kg Fight record: 5w 1l

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter? I have been training Muay Thai on and off since I was 18 but seriously for the last 2.. I become a fighter because I have always been competitive and always loved fighting from when I was young

2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? Watching my diet lol and getting used to training at such a high intensity with top notch fighters I.e Roy wills Gary cairns

3. What drives you? I’m naturally sporty but the fact I felt a lot of people underestimated me I wanted to prove them wrong and also to be the best at my weight division one day because I know I have what it takes even if I have a few set backs on the way

11988583_10153203079986359_8296878426677932046_n4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why? Any show on live TV would be amazing!

5. What is your favourite part of training? Training with my good mates everyday we have a tight team and its always a laugh at training!

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? I am a very adaptable fighter

7. What are 3 things people might not know about you..

1. I can drive road ranger trucks 2. I love riding road bikes/trail bikes 3. Muay Thai has turned my 11159460_10152902957046359_6996520427649762334_nlife around

8. Do you have any pre fight rituals? I have to be wearing my lucky crop top

9. What are your fight plans for the rest of the year? To fight as much as I can

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go? Go for it you only live once!!! Show the world what your made of

Anyone you would like to thank? Yes All the boys and girls at the pit especially Roy wills he has so much knowledge and takes time to help me as much as he can! Emma Rae graham for being my 10996665_10152940273801359_4902074866131145408_namazing best friend and staunch training partner! My mum and dad for always supporting me and Blair smith my boyfriend and coach and for putting up with my shit while I’m fight training haha

Interview By Natasha Sky Sept 2015, Photos supplied

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Natasha Sky-Professional Muay Thai Fighter


Jasmine Parr, Jr fighter From Australia

Jasmine Parr11944369_10153535835125792_547060896_n

Name: Jasmine Parr Age:12 Country: Australia Gym: Boonchu gym Weight: 39kg Fight record: 2 wins 2 draws 1 loss Titles: 0

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter? I’ve been training Muay Thai for about 5 years. I started getting serious when I was 8. I wanted to fight like Mum and Dad. They are my inspiration to become a fighter.

2. What has been the hardest thing about being a fighter? The hardest thing is being John Wayne and Angie Parr’s daughter. I feel like that I have way more pressure on me to win. I also want to make my parents proud and I hate to disappoint them.


3. Do you think Muay Thai is a good sport for young girls & why? I think Muay Thai is a great sport for everyone and anyone because it’s better than sitting in front of a TV or phone. I feel like girls my age need to do exercise for their mind and bodies. Also, it’s a great way of making new friends.

11944630_10153535844300792_1032102039_n4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why? I would probably want to fight on CMT and UFC! Muay Thai is my life and doing something that I love in a cage would be a great feeling!

5. What is your favourite part of training? Kids class is my favourite part of my training because I get to train with some of my best friends from school.

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? I’m aggressive and I like to start hard from the start to finish.

7. What are 3 things people might not know about you..11948192_10153535835070792_2127224817_n

1. I’m afraid of elevators. 2. I love pickles. 3. I like to sing.

8. Do you have any pre fight rituals? I go to Boonchu Thai Restaurant after every weigh in.

9. What are your fight plans for the rest of the year? I have enough points for the Siam Cup belt and I want go fight for it in December.

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go? Just go to a gym that has nice people and don’t do it to “destroy” your opponent try and be competitive but have fun at the same time.

11948226_10153535839120792_203173795_nAnyone you would like to thank? I just want to thank my parents and friends for always believing in me when I didn’t at times and for my mum and dad for training and coaching me with everything.

I would like to thank Boonchu Thai in Broadbeach for always taking care of my family and feeding us! Jenkins Pilots for helping me and sponsoring me. AO Fight for sponsoring awesome crop tops and leggings custom with my name on them! Fight World for sponsoring my pink Gii PUMMA MMA gym in Burleigh for training me every week!11909900_10153535835295792_490424719_n

Interview By Natasha Sky, Sept 2015, Photos supplied

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Natasha Sky-Professional Muay Thai Fighter

Amanda Juniku, Jr Queensland Champion, Muay Thai Fighter

Name: Amanda Juniku Age: 15 Country: Australian with an Albanian background Gym: Modern 11717432_10206023082090009_6485956171037871912_oWarrior Muay Thai Weight: 52kgs Fight record: 8f 6w 2l 1ko Titles: WMC bantamweight FTR QLD title, WKBF bantamweight FTR QLD title.

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you become a fighter? I’ve been training for about 5 years now and I became a fighter because at the time my brother and sister were fighting and I really wanted to give it a go myself.

2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? My biggest challenge has been to find the determination not to eat junk food while weight cutting, so hard not to, but I manage to resist the temptation.

3. What drives you? The thought of being a pro world champion someday! (Hopefully!)

905890_999886500028746_8156920455061497252_o4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why? I’d love to fight on pride and glory, because I’ve heard how much of a great show it is! 🙂

5. What is your favorite part of training? The part when we finish, just kidding haha, I really like clinch nights!

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter? I feel that I’m mentally strong and I don’t mind getting hit, I love to trade sometimes haha

7. What are 3 things people might not know about you..

1. I LOVE JUNK FOOD 2. I sleep a lot 3. I’m generally quite shy and awkward around new people, but once I get comfortable I never shut up hahah.

8. Do you have any pre fight rituals? Not really, but I do have this bamboo bracelet I wear 10850102_805843079477464_4734023418325627014_nbefore my fights.

9. What are your fight plans for the rest of the year? I’m looking into fighting in Thailand while I’m down there for 2 weeks in October, and I’ve also got a 4 woman lined up at the end of the year.

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to give fighting a go? I’d say totally go for it, it’s so fun!

10382454_944582558892474_28731190277549938_nAnyone you would like to thank? A lot of people actually! I’ll start off with my family, gym partners and my trainers! Especially Scott Moss and Sam Croke! id also like to thank my sponsors NRG bodysculpting, Sharon Richards photographics and BOLO fight gear Australia. Thanks to all these awesome people for the continuous support! 🙂

Interview By Natasha Sky Sept 2015, Photos from Facebook

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Natasha Sky-Professional Muay Thai Fighter

My 3rd Fight With The Champion Of The Schools, Fight 26.

It had been 2 months since my last fight (Read Here) and i was really hoping to get a match up. I had been told that there was going to be a big WMC show at the end of April (2013), that i might get a fight on it but Fullscreen capture 23052014 104727 AM-001it wasn’t confirmed. I didn’t want to wait then miss out so i wanted to jump at any fight i could. I had been training hard, i was feeling really good leading up to this fight I had no injuries or sickness and i felt mentally strong. When i get to the stadium i find that im rematching Nongprees the fighter from Ranong, the champion of all the schools of Thailand, for the 3rd time. She was up there with the hardest fights i had, i had already lost to her the last fight and got a draw our first fight. This sort of played on my mind a bit as i was really hoping to get the fight on the WMC show and i didn’t want to miss out if i have a bad fight with this girl. I started to freak out a bit and get really nervous about having a good fight because i never expected that i would be fighting that girl again. The trainers were telling me “oh shes no good, she has no power, you will win easy” as they always do, but they must have forgotten i had already fought her, so i know they are talking shit. Plus i had a photo journo following me around taking photos and Fullscreen capture 23052014 104819 AMdocumenting my fight, so i wanted to give him good photos and a good story. I had lost 8kg since the first time we had fought, i was way fitter and stronger. She looked like she had grown a bit too since the first time, i guess she had a teenager growth spurt. I had gotten so much better and more confident in the clinch for this fight. She smashed me in the clinch the 2 fights before but in saying that i came out of the fights without a bump on me because all we mainly did was clinch ( a good thing if im fighting again in just over a week). I was freaking out a bit but at the same time i felt really physically awesome, probably the best i had ever felt for a fight.

The First round starts at a decent pace not too fast and not too slow. We throw a couple of kicks Fullscreen capture 23052014 104911 AMand punches each and get into a clinch where i feel like my training had really started to show. I felt stronger and more in control this time. At the end of the round i get a good catch and sweep on just before the bell goes. Round 2 has us head straight into a bit of a clinch where i feel confident once again. I’m guessing she must have felt that i had improved because she started to whip out the tricky Thai moves by kneeing and holding it there to look dominant and restrict me from kneeing. She is quite aggressive for a Thai in the early rounds, coming forward with punches and knees as i try to fight on the back foot jabbing and low kicking knowing the first 2 rounds are not the important ones. Round 3 starts, i throw some hands then we get into a clinch. I felt like i was doing ok, she was kneeing more but i felt i was getting the bigger knees on until she locked me down. The ref breaks us, i land a couple kicks and we go straight back for the clinch again where we trade a couple of 63457_10151343003551205_351773520_nknees and i lock her down until the ref breaks. We end up back in the clinch again which is petty even, trade a few kicks and the round ends. At this stage i don’t know if I’m winning or losing but my corner says I’m doing good. Round 4 starts and she comes out throwing some kicks, i block all of them before we head into a clinch and go knee for knee until ref break us. We head back in to 2 more clinch’s after that, one with her coming out with more knees and the later one with me getting the bigger better knees. End of round 4 and my corner tells me I’m winning, i felt like i was winning also. Last round and i feel confident that i only have to keep safe and neutralise the last round to take the win. I block and land a few kicks then try for a spinning elbow that misses by a mile. We have an even clinch for a second before the ref breaks it. By now i feel like i have won and i put my hands in the air to show my confident’s just before they ring the bell. I was sure i won and was ready for them to call my name, then they called the blue corner. I froze for a second and looked at my corner like WTF you said i was winning!? The look on my face 933893_496010023785519_1411190457_nwas so surprised and so was my corners. I guess i really felt like i had a good fight and i felt like i had done enough to win. Unlike the last fight where i knew she clearly bashed me. I was really disappointed that my trainers were telling me i was winning, that’s why i didn’t try to go forward in the last round and do more instead of sitting back. After the fight i asked them what happened, why did they say i was winning and i didn’t win. They all said they thought i was winning and even my big boss said he thought i was winning. He said that because we had fought before and the last time she beat me easy that the gambling would have been in her favor, so if the fight is close they will give the decision to her. Oh well i guess that’s the fight game and no point having a cry over it, just move on to the next fight. Even though i didn’t get the win i was really happy with the way i fought, it was 100% better than the first time i fought her about 8 months before. It was the most confident i have ever felt clinching, it was the first time i didn’t panic and just went with the flow. This fight was one of those Fights you have when you feel that you have reached a new level in your fighting, the best feeling ever!! After the fight my trainer was really happy with me, he said “don’t worry about losing, you fight with good technique. It was a good fight, no problem, fight again next week”. Seriously, having a trainer that doesn’t get all crazy at me when i lose has been 2013-04-10 22.52.51one of the best things for my self confident’s. It really takes all the pressure off me for the next fight which makes me fight better. Nothing worse than having some one drill the hell out of you for losing when you feel bad enough as it is and you have your own voices in your head telling you how crap you are. So 3 fights with this girl, 1 draw and 2 loss. I definitely want another rematch, i wont stop until i get that win! 🙂 A couple of bumps and bruises but apart from that i didn’t feel too bad after the fight just a bit disappointed. On 2 the next one!

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Training alongside Saenchai “The King Of Muay Thai” – What an experience!

Saenchai "The King Of Muay Thai"

Saenchai “The King Of Muay Thai”

It was 2011, Dane and i had been training at Sinbi Muay Thai for a few months. In this time Dane and i had become quite good friends with Saenchai who was training at Sinbi also. Saenchai was a pretty crazy guy to train with, always having a joke messing around with you. Most days would end up in some type of Saenchai kicking comp or a clinching comp with students or trainers. There was never a dull moment when he was around! everyone loved the energy he brought to the gym with his infectious playful attitude. He was nothing like i ever expected him to be, since he was the living legend of Muay Thai and a huge super star, i didn’t expect him to be so friendly and just a really nice guy. Every day he would come into the gym and kick me in the back on the way past with a giggle, i seriously don’t think he could walk past me without whacking me in some way and running off with a huge joker smile on his face. Dane always had a good laugh at himself when sparing with Saenchai who was like sparing a ghost, you couldn’t even get close to him, he would dance around hip thrusting at you and laugh while you are punching and kicking the air. Not to mention the clinching haha Dane was like double the size of Saenchai but some how he would climb up Danes body and kiss him on the top of the head and laugh. Dane said no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake him off. I didn’t do much Muay Thai training with Saenchai but i often went running with him when he could be bothered running (seriously the guy hardly ran it was crazy but i guess when you have had over 300 fights you know what you are doing) I run at a decent pace, Thais run really slow and Saenchai was no exception.

Always having a joke

Always having a joke

The first few times we ran he tried to keep up with me but by the end of the 5km run he would be gassed out walking telling me im going to fast and id be yelling at him to hurry up. After a while i started to slow down a bit, we would run together most of the way until the last 1km where we would end up in a comp of who could get back to the gym first, which always ended up with one of us getting pushed off the road into the bushes so the other one could make a run for it and claim to be number 1 haha. At that time he had a few young kids that stayed with him that also fought out of Sinbi, im a sucker for playing with kids so they all became my little friends. The kids used to come over to our place everyday after afternoon training and swim and play in the pool with us, quite often Saenchai would come to pick them up and end up spending hours swimming and jumping in the pool with us. Who would have thought 6 months ago when we were back at home in Australia planing our trip to Thailand that we would be having pool parties with the King of Muay Thai! Not us that’s for sure! so speaking of parties, it was Seanchai’s birthday so there was a party at Sinbi for all of the students and trainers to come too. It started out quite just everyone chilling out on the mats with a few drinks, eating the Thai BQQ the gym had put on, just chatting away with all the trainers and students from all over the world, listening to music.

I couldn't stop laughing with nerves.

I couldn’t stop laughing with nerves.

Until someone decides to get the pads out and tells Saenchai he has to do 100 kicks for his birthday. Well by this time Saenchai is pretty drunk, so he takes off his jeans, gets a pair of new shorts from the Sinbi shop and puts them on. The whole gym is cheering his name and he starts kicking, apart from a few stumbles you wouldn’t have thought he wasn’t that drunk, his kicks were still amazing but i don’t think he made it too 100. The whole gym is still cheering his name when i thought to myself, i wanna hold the pads. I said to Saenchai “Can i hold the pads for you” he looked at me and said “yes are you sure” i was like “hell yeah” but i was nervous as hell! I took the pads, everyone at the gym stopped and stared at me like what the hell is she doing. I couldn’t help but just laugh because i was so nervous, thinking to my self do not mess this up.

Me holding pads for Seanchai's kicks

Me holding pads for Seanchai’s kicks

Saenchai proceeded to kick the pads really light several times, i said “no hard, a real kick”. I don’t think he was to sure that i could take it. He joked around a few times pretending to throw a kick before actually throwing a proper kick. I told him it was easy, trying to egg him on a bit and the gym started laughing and cheering, when he realized i could handle it he threw kick after kick asking me if i was ok and i kept telling him more. After about 15 hard kicks he stops and chases me laughing trying to clinch me. He said “you win, your strong, i want to fight with you”. That wasn’t the end of our party fun. Some time later the pads came out again but this time it was the students who had to do the most kicks in 30 seconds. The winner of the comp would win the shorts that Saenchai had just been wearing, signed by him. I was like yep i can kick pretty fast i think i can win this. I told them i’m going to win it, the trainers and Saenchai said no because i will win easy (as i won the kicking comp a few days before in the gym) the boys all started doing there kicks while i sulked because i wasn’t allowed to compete. The first one up was a young boy who ended up having the most kicks up until the end.

Seanchai giving me his signed shorts i won.

Seanchai giving me his signed shorts i won.

Then the boss is asking me why im not doing it, he said they had to let me haha! I was in! I think about 12 guys went in the comp and i was the only girl. I watched everyone else try it, most of them pretty drunk by this stage so some of them were really funny. The gym was cheering and each student had their trainer there trying to give them advise, trying to get them to win. No one was really using good technique just speed, so i thought ok i can do that from my left leg. I start kicking as fast as i could hoping i get the most, what do ya know i get the most kicks, I did it, whooohoooooooo! I think it helped that i was the smallest one and the only one that wasn’t drunk. I stood there while Saenchai singed the shorts, gave me a hug and then gave them to me. I was so happy and excited i had won! It was so much fun but it was even funnier watching all the guys faces as i got the shorts hahaha suckers!

I was super Happy i got to hold pads and i won the shorts :)

I was super Happy i got to hold pads and i won the shorts 🙂

So that night turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of my life! getting to hold pads for Saenchai was something i don’t think many foreigners would have ever done and id be pretty certain id be the only female that has done it, plus it was on his birthday! What an experience an absolute honour! Then beating all the boys in a kicking comp to win the shorts Saenchai had just been wearing, signed right in front of my face by him, was so cool!!!!!! Honestly such an amazing and funny experience training along side the King of Muay Thai and making friends with him. The time we spent with Saenchai is something that Dane and i will never forget as we often have a laugh about some of the things we would get up to with him. He really is a living legend and an absolute champion in and out of the ring.

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Natasha Sky – Professional Female Muay Thai Fighter from Australia.

Hello Muay Thai, Girly Girl Goodbye

As a Muay Thai fighter we have to make sacrifices i mean a lot of sacrifices that people probably DSC_4741don’t even realize. Muay Thai is a contact sport and one that you have to train a lot to compete in so you spend most of your time getting thrown around, punched and kicked in the gym. Not a very girly sport to begin with and as much as we can try to make it with our pink glitter coloured shorts and our matching sports bras we still end up leaving the gym or the ring looking like we have been dragged through a creek.

Here are some of the things that as a girl i had to say goodbye too when i became a Muay Thai fighter.

Nice hair.

Say goodbye to your nice hair, your hair will get so messy while you train to the point that even if you have never thought about shaving your head you will now. If you don’t give in and cut it all short you will be left with long hair to pull back. That’s ok until you start to clinch and your hair gets all snapped off and broken. Then you have a pony tail with a mullet of broken hair at the back all fuzzy and full of split ends. If you’re in Thailand your hair will nearly always be wet from the amount of sweat and showers you have so you just end up with broken mullet hair, smelling like a wet dog.

Pretty Finger and Toe nails.DSC_0893

For a start you have to keep your toe nails short so you don’t scratch anyone in sparing or fights. If you clinch without gloves your fingernails should be kept short as well but even if you want them long in gloves they will most likely break anyway. Oh but you can still paint them right?! Yes for sure but once you start kicking pads the polish chips away fast and you just end up with short chipped nails but that is at the best, don’t forget the times when you get injured and have black nails or a half hanging off nail or even no nail at all.

487466_416346135117563_1113906366_n Dresses.

Bye Bye dresses hello pants! Nothing looks more girly than a pair of black and blue bruised shins and thighs sticking out of the bottom of a pretty dress Eeehhhhhmmm No. Not that you can really be bothered to dress up anymore anyway since your so god dam tired all the time and all you do is train, eat and sleep.

Make up ( I know some girls still wear it but not me)

The days of wearing make up everyday are over, unless you want to be looking like pander eyes and getting mascara covered eyelashes punched into your eye balls. But maybe just a bit of foundation huh? try clinching with that on and I’m sure your opponent wont be very happy having foundation all over their clothes. Plus really you’re at the gym to train hard or you’re in the ring to fight, it’s not a fashion parade.


Once you might have been talking about hand bags and shoes or maybe hot guys. Now all you can talk about and think of is throwing a knee at your friend as the walk by, talking about that new pair of shorts you want, how you want to be just like Caley Reece or Julie Kitchen. Your once girly conversations have turned into everything Muay Thai and its hard to talk to regular girls anymore.


Hell yes I’m getting some muscle’s but where the hell did the boobs go. Once you start getting fit and your boobs go missing you wont even really care, because who needs boobs when you have guns?! they just get in the way anyway. (A blog about getting hit in the boobs HERE)


If you’re one of those girls who doesn’t like to show too much skin or gets embarrassed if people see you in your undies, well there is no time for that now. Unless you want to cut an extra 1kg of weight when you have to weigh in for fights which might sound easy now but at the time you wont want to do it. Then say goodbye to being shy because you have situations where you will be standing on the scales making weight in a busy hotel, bar, street, gym or stadium and you will have all these people looking at you in your undies or bikini.

its-you-who-stinkethSmelling good.

Because you spend so much time in the gym you either smell like sweat or Thai liniment. Your clothes get that smell stuck in them even when you wash them. Your car starts to smell because you have a pair of wraps that have rolled under the seat and your so used to the smell you don’t even realize until no one wants to ride in your car. Your house starts to get the smelly training gear smell when you leave you gear bag after training because your to tired to unpack it. Then the smelly training gear and Thai liniment smell just follows you around everywhere you go. Oh oh… and don’t forget if you’re in Thailand your hair that smells like wet dog.

So that’s just some of the girly things that no longer exist or barely exist in my life now I’m a Muay Thai Fighter. I’m sure other female fighters might find away around some of these but when you train 2x a day 6 days a week its hard to keep up all the girly stuff. I spend the time I’m not training mainly wearing daggy comfortable clothes lounging around in my house watching movies. Every now and then i might fix my hair, put on some make up and a dress to go somewhere but it’s very rare.

I could name a 1000 things i have had to give up but in the end it’s all been totally worth it!!!

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Natasha Sky – Professional Female Muay Thai Fighter from Australia.

Muay Thai got me a Husband – My Muay Thai Love story..

Its coming up my 3rd year wedding anniversary this month. People often ask how my husband and i met, how our Muay Thai love story started? well………


It was 2008 when i first started training and fighting Muay Thai. I had one fight early in the year and  i was supposed to be having my second fight in August on Knees Of Fury in Adelaide South Australia which wasn’t far from my home town. While i was training hard for my fight so was Dane who had already racked up about 10 fights in his year or so of fighting. Dane lived in another state, way up in Toowoomba Queensland nearly 2000km away. We had no idea that each other even existed but we think fate brought us together(or Knees Of Fury). Dane was to be fighting one of the local Adelaide CIMG3992fighters Gary Williams, who i knew of and had seen fight so of course i was going to be cheering for Gary, i was a beginner just following the crowd. After training for months for my fight i get some bad news the day before the weigh in that my opponent had pulled out due to injury. I was devastated! i spent that night not knowing if i wanted to punch someone or just cry. Little did i know on the other side of Australia Dane was heading to Brisbane airport to fly down to Adelaide early hours of the morning to weigh in that night for his fight. Dane had been sick with a chest infection coughing up black stuff and wasn’t feeling to good. While he was driving to meet his gym mates he rolled his car on to its roof, end to end off of the road into a mound of dirt. Lucky not seriously hurt all he could think of was not missing his plane to get down to Adelaide to his weigh in. He ended up making his flight down to Adelaide after a very rough start and with a stiff neck.

DSC_1079Fight Night is on and i sit front row watching fight after fight wishing it was me up there after all the hard work i had put in. Dane and Gary’s Fight comes on and i remember watching Danes tiny corner man Brandon “Dynamite” Spain who was about 7 or 8 at the time. I thought it was so cute i took a photo of Dane and his corner in between round 1 & 2 (the only photo i took all night and totally forgot i had). Dane did ok the first couple of rounds but gassed in the later rounds where Gary took full advantage and just went elbow crazy. I remember thinking holly crap that guy is getting hammered as Gary had Dane in the corner dropping elbows on his head until the ref stopped it in round 4. To me it just looked like a fight where one guy got bashed but no one knew Dane had been really sick, could hardly breathe, crashed and rolled his car on the way there and was in quite a bit of pain. He had the option to pull out of his fight but he said he trained hard for it and was just grateful for the opportunity to fight interstate, so he didn’t want to pull out. I continued to watch the rest of the fights as normal and went home. When i got home i had a copy of the fight card in my pocket, i couldn’t sleep and thought i would try to add all the names of the fighters on the card on Facebook (as you do when you’re a beginner and want to get involved in it all).

A few days later my friend request got accepted by Dane and i get an inbox saying hello and asking IMG_3717035853756me where i trained. We start chatting back and forward about Muay Thai and training for a few days, then Dane sends me his phone number. Well i didn’t expect that and i wasn’t about to be giving my phone number to some random guy. After a few more messages he tells me to text him, i put his number into my phone but still didn’t intend on texting him. I was just getting rid of one crazy psycho guy and i didn’t need another one. He told me he was going to watch Evolution fights and i was hanging out to know results so i folded and sent him a text message asking him if he could tell me the results. Well that was it now.. he had my number and he called me. I didn’t answer the first time because i didn’t know what to say, i was a bit scared. He called again and i answered the second time, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. We ended up talking on the phone for about 5 hours! about all sorts of Muay Thai and random life stuff. We just clicked straight away! From that Day on we talked for hours online and on the phone almost every day between work and training times. One weekend we talked20150206_192955 on the phone for 11 hours in one day! It was amazing that we could talk for so long about just anything. After about 2 months of talking on the phone everyday we really started to like each other, so we thought we should meet in person to see if we had anything there. By now we both had fights lined up, we were both booked in to fight at the next knees Of Fury in Adelaide. So we had to met up soon before we had to get into fight training. I told Dane that i would pay for him to fly to Adelaide for the weekend, i just wanted to know what was happening because i had wasted so much time with asshole guys and couldn’t be bothered wasting time if it wasn’t going to be anything. I was scared that i would met him and he would be nothing like what i had imagined. I joked with him that i would hide at the airport and if he come out wearing bad clothes and isn’t what i thought he would be, that i would just run away and leave the airport  before he sees me. I had him worried that i was actually going to leave him there. I get to the DSC_0550airport and im waiting at the bag pick up when i see him coming down the stairs, i was like daaaaammmmm!!!! I was not going to be running away that’s for sure! We see each other and had a bit of an awkward moment not knowing if we should hug, kiss or what. That was the start of it all! Now is the part where i skip past the weekend. I’m sure you can use your wildest imagination as to what went on in the 2 days we got to spend together, It wasn’t talking! By the time the weekend was over we were in love.

As the weeks went by we spent every spare second of the day we were not training or working on the phone to each other, even falling a sleep together on the phone. I was getting called all sorts of things by my trainer who was an absolute Dick. He was calling me a traitor because Dane was matched up 2014-05-31 09.36.30to fight a guy from a local gym that our gym was sort of teamed up with. I wasn’t supposed to talk to anyone from any other gyms let alone date someone. Even though Dane was from a gym that wasn’t even in the same part of Australia. If it wasn’t for Dane i wouldn’t have even made it through my training. My trainer was having an affair with a student, he wasn’t training me properly and just being really controlling and crazy to me. I would be on the phone to Dane in tears most days because of the things my trainer was doing and saying to me. Dane supported me through all the hell i was going through at my gym. He would tell me the things his trainer would do and how the things that i was going through with mine were not normal, the things my trainer had been saying to me were all lies to control me. If it wasn’t for Dane i would have never realised it and i would have just quit Muay Thai all together.

(A blog about my toxic trainer)

It’s now late November and its fight time for both of us. This was going to be our second date, the second time we got to see each other in person. We couldn’t wait to see each other at the weigh in. It didn’t turn out as well as we thought, i came late with my trainer in his car and Dane and i only got to DSC_0596speak for 5 minutes with all eyes on us from both of our gyms. After the weigh in i went for dinner with the others that were fighting from our gyms including Danes opponent. Some of them were calling me a traitor and asking me what Danes moves were and saying he’s going to get hurt. I felt really uncomfortable, they were mean, nasty and just acting immature. I had come pretty familiar with this type of attitude and treatment from my trainer. I don’t think Danes trainer was very happy about us either but more the fact he didn’t want Dane distracted from fighting, if he had his way none of his fighters would have girlfriends the whole time they were fighters.

We get to the venue and Dane and i don’t see each other at all before my fight. I fight and lose by a split points decision vs a girl with way more experience than me. I smashed my shins up real bad i was struggling to walk, my left was the size of a football. After DSC_0589 (2)my fight i go to the change room where Dane is, wish him luck and chat to his trainer Spainy who seemed cool. I didn’t want to distract Dane at all so i went and sat in the front row with my parents and friends to wait for Danes fight. The fight started off ok but in the 2nd round Dane gets cut on the forehead with a step up elbow. It freaked me out as i had never seen anyone get cut before and it was Dane. As he turned around you could see the blood spurting out of his head. They managed to slow the bleeding down enough not to stop the fight. Dane then fights the rest of the fight just covering his head and trying not to get hit in the cut and losers on points. After the fight i offered to take Dane to the hospital to get stitched up so Spainy could stay with the the fighters from his gym who were also fighting that night. Dane wasnt in any rush to leave the fights to get stitched, at the time i thought he just really wanted to watch the rest of the show but now i know it was because he is absolutely terrified of needles. We go and sit down near my parents and i introduce Dane to them “mum this is Dane, Dane this is my mum” Dane shakes her hand while eating a bit of pizza and blood dripping out of his head. My mum had just had my little baby brother and she had some breast pads in her bag which she offered Dane for his bleeding head. Trust my mum to embarrass me! I guess it was a bit of a strange way to introduce you boyfriend to your parents. After the fights finished about 1am we headed to the hospital. When we got there and we walked in arm in arm, me hopping along with a smashed leg while i wiped blood from Danes face. We explained to the front desk we had been in fights and they thought we were drunk and had fought 2013-12-07 08.25.14 each other. Once we explained it was from Fight sports they stopped looking at us like some drunks that had had a domestic. We ended up spending hours at the hospital while Dane got stitched up. On our way out we came across these drunk guys in the waiting room and they were yelling out at us saying that they saw us fight. Then one of them told us how they thought they would try some moves and he broke his thumb and that’s why they were at the hospital too, which gave us a bit of a laugh. So much for our plans that night, i had booked us a hotel room to spend the night after the fights. After all that had happened that night we only just got to the hotel room about an hour and a half before Dane had to be at the airport to fly home early hours of the morning. We were both is so much pain and so tired from our fights and being up all night we just laid on the bed and fell asleep for an hour. Once again i had to say good bye to Dane but this time sucked even more.

I never went back to my gym after that fight, i knew i deserved better. Dane and i decided that i would move to Queensland in a month at the end of the year once i had enough money saved. We knew we were meant to be!

So Christmas eve 2008 Dane flew down to South Australia. I packed as much as i could in my car 20150502_224618and we drove from Murray Bridge(Near Adelaide) to Sydney on Christmas Day where we stayed with his family for a few days then drove up to Toowoomba Queensland on New years eve. We moved in together and i started training at Danes gym Spains Muay Thai. After about a year i was looking back though my old phone and i found the photo i had taken of Dane and his corner at Knees of Fury that first time when he got bashed. I didn’t even know i had the photo as i had totally forgotten i had taken it when i had no idea who Dane even was, it just means we were meant to be.

So after a couple years of having such an awesome life together we got engaged and then in 2012 we got married! If it wasn’t for Muay Thai we wouldn’t have ever met! Muay Thai brought us together and it has been our life together for 7 years. From Australia to Thailand, for 72 fights so far we have been by each others side 100%.  I couldn’t imagine what our lives would be like without Muay Thai or without each other.

When i started training Muay Thai it gave me more confidents in life which made me up my standards when it came to men. I made a check list (i know it sounds shallow) but i had a check list that pretty had everything a fighter was on it and pretty DSC_0558 (2)much meant if you weren’t a fighter then i wouldn’t date you. A guy would ask me out and i would ask him if he could run 10km and when he said no id say well no date sorry.

So Thank you to Muay Thai for getting me a Husband! A super Awesome fighter one at that!

Our Muay Thai Love story continues…..<3

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