My Fight Record

Natasha Sky Fight Record28983_405053975896_4083948_n

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37F 22W 14L 1D 3KO’s

53-55kg  (The weights for the later heavier fights are walk around weight as no weigh ins)

01) 25/4/08 Skye Hiscock 55kg win UPD (Adelaide fight night, SA)

02) 15/11/08 vs  Adriana Mutisacova? 57kg loss SPD (Knees of fury 23, SA)

03) 13/2/09 vs Jodie  Palozzi 54kg win UPD (masnfiled madness,qld)

04) 21/2/09 vs Bianca Stilby 54kg  win KO, Rd 1, Knees (Eruption 4, Qld)

05) 11/4/09 vs Emma Mcconell 53kg win SPD  (Heat in the hills,Qld)

06) 16/5/09 vs Lucy Shewell 54kg win UPD (Boonchu fight  show, Qld)13538_190838405896_1264505_n

07) 15/8/09 vs Lucy Shewell 51.8kg WKBF QLD Title win ( Rumble at the  ridge 4, Qld)

08) 7/11/09 vs Hanna Reed 54.5kg WKBF QLD Title win (Rumble at the  ridge 5, Qld)

09) 28/11/09 vs Serin Murray(ISKA World Champion) 53kg (FTR) loss TKO ( Renagade Rumble,  NSW)

10) 27/3/10 vs Amy Dutton 53kg ISKA Qld title loss ,half a point SPD  (Warriors at war, Qld)

11) 15/5/10 vs Sarah George 51.7kg ISKA Australian Title, loss SPD  (Rampage at redcliffe, Qld)

12) 19/6/10 vs Nicole Brolan( Multiple Champion) 55kg 8 woman Eliminator  loss UPD (Warriors at war, Qld)

13) 20/6/10 vs Jenny Lau 55kg win UPD (Master  Toddy Tuff Girls show, NSW)

14) 30/7/10 vs Tiana Cavely 55kg(Multiple Champion) (FTR) loss UPD  (Duelmaster fight show, SA)4548_98145625896_4980349_n

15) 21/8/10 vs Sarah O’connell(Hannay)(WPMF World Champion) 55kg (FTR) loss TKO cut  in 5th rd (JWP show, QLD)

16) 28/3/11 vs Pui-Nam-wan(Holland) 60kg (FTR) Win UPD  (Patong Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

17) 13/5/11 vs Petnaree (Thai) 58kg (FTR) Win  KO 2nd rd punches (Bangla Stadium, Phuket,Thailand)

18) 24/6/11 vs Nongkarn  (Thai) 60kg (FTR) Win KO 3rd rd knee to the head (Bangla Stadium, Phuket ,  Thailand)

19) 20/7/11 vs Beaokaw (South Thai Champion) 58kg (FTR) loss points (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

20) 14/9/12 vs Nongpres (Champion of all the Schools in Thailand) 57kg (FTR) Draw, (Bangla Stadium, 222416_231599833544924_100000847281306_648911_7095003_nPhuket, Thailand)

21) 26/9/12 vs Janjira (Thai) 57kg (FTR) Win points, (Bangla stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

22) 26/10/12 vs Nongpres (Champion of all the Schools in Thailand) rematch 57kg (FTR) loss points, (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand) My Birthday Fight!

23) 7/12/12 vs Pechseerung (Thai) 57kg (FTR) Win points, (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

24) 11/1/13 vs Pohgeow (Thai WMC World Champ) 57kg (FTR) loss points (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

25) 13/2/13 vs Elica Tieu (Pilin) (England) 57kg, Bangla Stadium Champion Belt (FTR) Win points (Bangla Stadium, 40044_429781080896_697826_nPhuket, Thailand)

26) 10/4/13 vs Nongpres (Champion of all the Schools in Thailand) 2nd rematch 57kg (FTR) loss points, (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

27) 28/4/13 vs Farida Okiko (Germany) 57kg (FTR) WWBA WORLD TITLE, Loss points (Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

28) 01/10/14 vs Moddang (Thai) 60kg (FTR) win Points, (Bangla Studium, Phuket Thailand)

29) 22/10/14 Vs Moddang (Thai) 60kg (FTR) win Points, (Bangla Stadium, Phuket Thailand)

30) 29/11/14 Vs Nongya (Thai) 60kg (FTR) win Points, (Sinbi Fight Night, Phuket Thailand)

31) 21/1/15 Vs Nongya (Thai) 58kg(FTR) Win Points, Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

32) 6/2/15 Vs Nampetch (Thai)58kg (FTR) Win Points, Muay Thai Angels Extreme, Bangkok, Thailand) Winner Best Technique Trophy

33) 14/2/15 Vs Nungning Elite Fight Club (Thai)57kg (FTR) win points, Rawai show, Phuket Thailand

34) 21/3/15 Vs Nungning Elite Fight Club (Thai)57kg (FTR) win points, SINBI FIGHT NIGHT, Phuket Thailand

35) 21/6/15 Vs Dilara Yildiz (WMC Champion Germany) 58kg (FTR) Win Points, Bangla Stadium, Phuket Thailand

36) 24/7/15 VS vs Beaokaw(south thai champion, wbc world champ) 58kg (FTR) loss points ( Bangla, stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

37) 12/8/15 VS vs Beaokaw(south thai champion, wbc world champ) 58kg (FTR) loss points ( Queens Bithday Fight show. Bangla, stadium, Phuket, Thailand)

2009 WKBF 51.8kg Qld Champion

2009 WKBF 54.5kg Qld Champion

2010 Winner on Master Toddy Tuff Girls Show (NSW)

2010 Fighter of the night x3

2013 AMCO Bangla Stadium champion 

2013 Female Muay Thai Awakening Jouralist of the year award

2014 Nominated for Female Fighter of the year, Inspirational Fighter of the year, Personality of the year, Muay Thai journalist of the year & media resorce of the year. Placing in the top 10 of each section.

2015 Muay Thai Angels Extreme Best Technique award


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