Female Fighter Interviews

Female Fighter Interviews

All Interviews are done by me, Natasha Sky 🙂 Im a pro Muay Thai fighter From Australia. Im trying to help get these Female Fighters names out there. We have so many awesome, inspiring and talented female fighters around the world, they should be given the recognition they deserve for all the hard work and dedication they put in to the sport and becoming the best they can be. Im so passionate about Muay Thai, what it has done to change my life and the path it has taken me on. I want to help encourage more Females to get involved. Hopefully by doing these female fighter interviews, it will get these ladies names out there which will result in more fights and exposure. Hopefully this will encourage more females to get involved in this Amazing sport 🙂 I know what its like to be over looked because your not in the “who you know” or your not from a big gym or your not pretty enough, so i try to give every one a fair go!

Scroll down and click on the links below to read interviews by female fighters!! please let me know what you think 🙂 please support these hard working women 🙂

Interviews 2016

Shanny “Mayhem” Howard

Kelsie”Pitbull” Thompson


Interviews 2015

Jacinta “Too Sweet” Paskalidis

Carla Aucamp From South Africa11944369_10153535835125792_547060896_n11536345_678318408968381_9003701849923308233_n

Renae Mundy Fighter From South Australia

Beck Beirne Fighter out of Supafight gym Australia

Sharna “whippet” Myers From Australia

Loren Ellement From Western Australia11350406_10155808226190245_3484726069568857323_n

Jasmine Parr From Australia11717432_10206023082090009_6485956171037871912_o

Amanda Juniku Jr State Champion From Australia

Sam “Nanu” Brown Interview, Enfusion, Europe & Whats next

Daria ‘The Boss’ Smith

Yolandà Schmidt Fighter From PTJ Muay Thai In Sydney1907596_1565612360382853_6354910931359293498_n

Page Gill, New Fighter


Interviews 2014

Melissa Reaume From Canada10836267_10100233460830627_1068452841_n

Mónica Brenes From Costa Rica

Jazmine “Baby bloodaxe” Gallate From Australia

Silvia La Notte “Little Devil”

Alicia Pestana World Champion883453_868695156475596_3443348325783254861_o

Angela Rivera Parr, World champion, Promoter & Mother

Abby Nelson From Australia

Gentiane “AAA” Lupi Champion from NZ10003521_10151943549432038_1847453929_n

Tania Swindley From Australia

Kaylee Doyle From Australia

Claire Baxter WKBF Champ From Australia

Gemma Pike From Australia Fighting In Thailand

Christina Jurjevic From Australia

Jorina “Jo Jo” Baars Multiple Champion from The Netherlands1380515_671727419528264_1902802064_n

Nat “The Storm” Edwards From Australia

Chelsea Hackett, IFMA Gold Medalist 2014


Steph Glew, IFMA Gold Medalist 2014

Carly Gangell Australian Jr Champion

Claire Foreman Wmc Victorian Champ 10156096_10152071798646608_4974355736245877963_n

Marilyn 55kg fighter from Singapore

Sindy Huyer Champion From Italy

Kristan Armstrong, WBC state Champ, Australia

Melissa “Minnie” Anderson, WMC Australian Champ1796706_1445886472310412_991384784_n

Melina Yung From Australia

Jade Marrisa Sirisompan From Thailand

Alexis Rufus Multiple World Champ from the UK

Dominatress Apparel’s Kelly Feliciano Talks about her clothing line

Sandy Heilig From Australia (Muay Thai great southern land tour)

Theresa Carter World Champion from Australia428547_10151842744245691_2049078255_n

Juliana Rosa Muay Thai champ from Brazil


Interviews 2013

Sam “Nanu” Brown Aussie Rising Star

Johana Rydberg Champion from Sweden

Caley Reece Muay Thai world champion Australia564045_534971816578645_247744289_n

Vicky Carey, Female fighter living in Thailand

Sarah Rankin NZ/Aussie Fighter542684_547555638611038_1617186666_n

Claire Fryer from Australia

Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow, World Champion

Fani Peloumpi Multiple title holder from Greece522266_4047542675168_815405009_n

Summer Bronco, Jr Muay Thai fighter From Virginia

Natasha Sky Q&A’s from Facebook April 2013

Hayley Marshall Jr Fighter from Australiahayley

Jen Cavanagh 2x Queensland champ, Australia

Nadine “All Power” Allshorn From Australia554887_545108285520485_1376117658_n

Daniela Esther Callejas WMF world Champion From Chile

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu Female Fighter from US living in Thailand

Meryem Uslu From Germany IMC World Champion

Carleigh Crawford from Western Australia

Dina Sokol WKA Western Australian champimage_1361513882322330

Jenny Lau ISKA East Coast Champion Australia

10 Q&As from people on Facebook for me (Natasha Sky) December 2012

Casey Walters Queensland Title holder, Australia

Lorryn ‘SHORTY’ Williams ISKA Queensland Champion Australia

Jaimie “The Terror” sherer IKBF image_1360739551231422Victorian Champ from Australia                                  207435_10150137919554452_21693_n

kate Heuston Australia’s WPMF world champ

Hannah Taufan from Australia  

Sylvia Scharper Wmc Victorian Champ Australia                                 

Rebecca ‘Lightning’ Laurie Aussie 319349_10151199313792835_1720577880_nBoxer/Muay Thai fighter


Interviews 2012

Geraldine O’Callaghan WMC World Champ                                      

Eden NTG Australia

Courttney Richardson 17yr old from Australia


** If you know any female fighters that would be interested in doing one of these or that you would like to hear about please leave a comment**

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12 thoughts on “Female Fighter Interviews

  1. Geraldine’s interview is inspiring. I really shouldn’t let my age deter me from fighting as age should never be factor. And I like Eden Ntg’s advise for girls wanting to start Muay Thai, short and direct.

    • She is a very inspiring lady but so humble. Age is nothing but a number to Gerry and she will be around for a long while yet. i clinch with her at training at sinbi and she is so strong!! she throws the men around too its quite funny because no one expects her to be so strong.

  2. So glad I found this page – it is really inspiring. I have only just started Muay Thai (but did traditional TKD years ago). I totally love it! I am thinking of getting into fights later on despite my age. Will check out a few first, we have a tournament down here in Canberra 31 August which is a great opportunity to see what it will take. I just wanted to say thanks for all the insights, and most of all, the massive enthusiasm on these pages. Most ppl I know think I am nuts to do this, and to be doing it at my age (43) but visiting these pages with the interviews has just made me keener. Thank you!!!

    • Hey 🙂 you should def get into fighting its awesome and age dosent matter its only a number 🙂 Im glad you like the blog i will be adding more to it soon just been inbetween moving back to Australia from Thailand. You can also check out my facebook page @ Natasha Sky Fight Page i post a fair bit on there too. 🙂

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