My 3rd Fight With The Champion Of The Schools, Fight 26.

It had been 2 months since my last fight (Read Here) and i was really hoping to get a match up. I had been told that there was going to be a big WMC show at the end of April (2013), that i might get a fight on it but Fullscreen capture 23052014 104727 AM-001it wasn’t confirmed. I didn’t want to wait then miss out so i wanted to jump at any fight i could. I had been training hard, i was feeling really good leading up to this fight I had no injuries or sickness and i felt mentally strong. When i get to the stadium i find that im rematching Nongprees the fighter from Ranong, the champion of all the schools of Thailand, for the 3rd time. She was up there with the hardest fights i had, i had already lost to her the last fight and got a draw our first fight. This sort of played on my mind a bit as i was really hoping to get the fight on the WMC show and i didn’t want to miss out if i have a bad fight with this girl. I started to freak out a bit and get really nervous about having a good fight because i never expected that i would be fighting that girl again. The trainers were telling me “oh shes no good, she has no power, you will win easy” as they always do, but they must have forgotten i had already fought her, so i know they are talking shit. Plus i had a photo journo following me around taking photos and Fullscreen capture 23052014 104819 AMdocumenting my fight, so i wanted to give him good photos and a good story. I had lost 8kg since the first time we had fought, i was way fitter and stronger. She looked like she had grown a bit too since the first time, i guess she had a teenager growth spurt. I had gotten so much better and more confident in the clinch for this fight. She smashed me in the clinch the 2 fights before but in saying that i came out of the fights without a bump on me because all we mainly did was clinch ( a good thing if im fighting again in just over a week). I was freaking out a bit but at the same time i felt really physically awesome, probably the best i had ever felt for a fight.

The First round starts at a decent pace not too fast and not too slow. We throw a couple of kicks Fullscreen capture 23052014 104911 AMand punches each and get into a clinch where i feel like my training had really started to show. I felt stronger and more in control this time. At the end of the round i get a good catch and sweep on just before the bell goes. Round 2 has us head straight into a bit of a clinch where i feel confident once again. I’m guessing she must have felt that i had improved because she started to whip out the tricky Thai moves by kneeing and holding it there to look dominant and restrict me from kneeing. She is quite aggressive for a Thai in the early rounds, coming forward with punches and knees as i try to fight on the back foot jabbing and low kicking knowing the first 2 rounds are not the important ones. Round 3 starts, i throw some hands then we get into a clinch. I felt like i was doing ok, she was kneeing more but i felt i was getting the bigger knees on until she locked me down. The ref breaks us, i land a couple kicks and we go straight back for the clinch again where we trade a couple of 63457_10151343003551205_351773520_nknees and i lock her down until the ref breaks. We end up back in the clinch again which is petty even, trade a few kicks and the round ends. At this stage i don’t know if I’m winning or losing but my corner says I’m doing good. Round 4 starts and she comes out throwing some kicks, i block all of them before we head into a clinch and go knee for knee until ref break us. We head back in to 2 more clinch’s after that, one with her coming out with more knees and the later one with me getting the bigger better knees. End of round 4 and my corner tells me I’m winning, i felt like i was winning also. Last round and i feel confident that i only have to keep safe and neutralise the last round to take the win. I block and land a few kicks then try for a spinning elbow that misses by a mile. We have an even clinch for a second before the ref breaks it. By now i feel like i have won and i put my hands in the air to show my confident’s just before they ring the bell. I was sure i won and was ready for them to call my name, then they called the blue corner. I froze for a second and looked at my corner like WTF you said i was winning!? The look on my face 933893_496010023785519_1411190457_nwas so surprised and so was my corners. I guess i really felt like i had a good fight and i felt like i had done enough to win. Unlike the last fight where i knew she clearly bashed me. I was really disappointed that my trainers were telling me i was winning, that’s why i didn’t try to go forward in the last round and do more instead of sitting back. After the fight i asked them what happened, why did they say i was winning and i didn’t win. They all said they thought i was winning and even my big boss said he thought i was winning. He said that because we had fought before and the last time she beat me easy that the gambling would have been in her favor, so if the fight is close they will give the decision to her. Oh well i guess that’s the fight game and no point having a cry over it, just move on to the next fight. Even though i didn’t get the win i was really happy with the way i fought, it was 100% better than the first time i fought her about 8 months before. It was the most confident i have ever felt clinching, it was the first time i didn’t panic and just went with the flow. This fight was one of those Fights you have when you feel that you have reached a new level in your fighting, the best feeling ever!! After the fight my trainer was really happy with me, he said “don’t worry about losing, you fight with good technique. It was a good fight, no problem, fight again next week”. Seriously, having a trainer that doesn’t get all crazy at me when i lose has been 2013-04-10 22.52.51one of the best things for my self confident’s. It really takes all the pressure off me for the next fight which makes me fight better. Nothing worse than having some one drill the hell out of you for losing when you feel bad enough as it is and you have your own voices in your head telling you how crap you are. So 3 fights with this girl, 1 draw and 2 loss. I definitely want another rematch, i wont stop until i get that win! 🙂 A couple of bumps and bruises but apart from that i didn’t feel too bad after the fight just a bit disappointed. On 2 the next one!

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Natasha Sky- Professional Muay Thai Fighter


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