Hello Muay Thai, Girly Girl Goodbye

As a Muay Thai fighter we have to make sacrifices i mean a lot of sacrifices that people probably DSC_4741don’t even realize. Muay Thai is a contact sport and one that you have to train a lot to compete in so you spend most of your time getting thrown around, punched and kicked in the gym. Not a very girly sport to begin with and as much as we can try to make it with our pink glitter coloured shorts and our matching sports bras we still end up leaving the gym or the ring looking like we have been dragged through a creek.

Here are some of the things that as a girl i had to say goodbye too when i became a Muay Thai fighter.

Nice hair.

Say goodbye to your nice hair, your hair will get so messy while you train to the point that even if you have never thought about shaving your head you will now. If you don’t give in and cut it all short you will be left with long hair to pull back. That’s ok until you start to clinch and your hair gets all snapped off and broken. Then you have a pony tail with a mullet of broken hair at the back all fuzzy and full of split ends. If you’re in Thailand your hair will nearly always be wet from the amount of sweat and showers you have so you just end up with broken mullet hair, smelling like a wet dog.

Pretty Finger and Toe nails.DSC_0893

For a start you have to keep your toe nails short so you don’t scratch anyone in sparing or fights. If you clinch without gloves your fingernails should be kept short as well but even if you want them long in gloves they will most likely break anyway. Oh but you can still paint them right?! Yes for sure but once you start kicking pads the polish chips away fast and you just end up with short chipped nails but that is at the best, don’t forget the times when you get injured and have black nails or a half hanging off nail or even no nail at all.

487466_416346135117563_1113906366_n Dresses.

Bye Bye dresses hello pants! Nothing looks more girly than a pair of black and blue bruised shins and thighs sticking out of the bottom of a pretty dress Eeehhhhhmmm No. Not that you can really be bothered to dress up anymore anyway since your so god dam tired all the time and all you do is train, eat and sleep.

Make up ( I know some girls still wear it but not me)

The days of wearing make up everyday are over, unless you want to be looking like pander eyes and getting mascara covered eyelashes punched into your eye balls. But maybe just a bit of foundation huh? try clinching with that on and I’m sure your opponent wont be very happy having foundation all over their clothes. Plus really you’re at the gym to train hard or you’re in the ring to fight, it’s not a fashion parade.


Once you might have been talking about hand bags and shoes or maybe hot guys. Now all you can talk about and think of is throwing a knee at your friend as the walk by, talking about that new pair of shorts you want, how you want to be just like Caley Reece or Julie Kitchen. Your once girly conversations have turned into everything Muay Thai and its hard to talk to regular girls anymore.


Hell yes I’m getting some muscle’s but where the hell did the boobs go. Once you start getting fit and your boobs go missing you wont even really care, because who needs boobs when you have guns?! they just get in the way anyway. (A blog about getting hit in the boobs HERE)


If you’re one of those girls who doesn’t like to show too much skin or gets embarrassed if people see you in your undies, well there is no time for that now. Unless you want to cut an extra 1kg of weight when you have to weigh in for fights which might sound easy now but at the time you wont want to do it. Then say goodbye to being shy because you have situations where you will be standing on the scales making weight in a busy hotel, bar, street, gym or stadium and you will have all these people looking at you in your undies or bikini.

its-you-who-stinkethSmelling good.

Because you spend so much time in the gym you either smell like sweat or Thai liniment. Your clothes get that smell stuck in them even when you wash them. Your car starts to smell because you have a pair of wraps that have rolled under the seat and your so used to the smell you don’t even realize until no one wants to ride in your car. Your house starts to get the smelly training gear smell when you leave you gear bag after training because your to tired to unpack it. Then the smelly training gear and Thai liniment smell just follows you around everywhere you go. Oh oh… and don’t forget if you’re in Thailand your hair that smells like wet dog.

So that’s just some of the girly things that no longer exist or barely exist in my life now I’m a Muay Thai Fighter. I’m sure other female fighters might find away around some of these but when you train 2x a day 6 days a week its hard to keep up all the girly stuff. I spend the time I’m not training mainly wearing daggy comfortable clothes lounging around in my house watching movies. Every now and then i might fix my hair, put on some make up and a dress to go somewhere but it’s very rare.

I could name a 1000 things i have had to give up but in the end it’s all been totally worth it!!!

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Natasha Sky – Professional Female Muay Thai Fighter from Australia.


5 thoughts on “Hello Muay Thai, Girly Girl Goodbye

  1. All sounds familiar although I train just 4- 5 times a week in kickboxing.

    Been trying different things with my hair since your blog on that. I have had a fringe for a few years since it got so broken at the front from sparring and not helped by my coach putting masking tape on the stray bits before one fight which ripped it more. Got fed up of the fringe as it grew so fast and dripped sweat in my eyes but growing it out has been a pain. Was doing the Ronda style with lots of bands but now french plait is working which looks nicer.

    My kids complain my care smells of sweat.

    Anyone else had to go to a parents evening with a massive black eye? I got awkward looks from the teachers.

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