Muay Thai got me a Husband – My Muay Thai Love story..

Its coming up my 3rd year wedding anniversary this month. People often ask how my husband and i met, how our Muay Thai love story started? well………


It was 2008 when i first started training and fighting Muay Thai. I had one fight early in the year and  i was supposed to be having my second fight in August on Knees Of Fury in Adelaide South Australia which wasn’t far from my home town. While i was training hard for my fight so was Dane who had already racked up about 10 fights in his year or so of fighting. Dane lived in another state, way up in Toowoomba Queensland nearly 2000km away. We had no idea that each other even existed but we think fate brought us together(or Knees Of Fury). Dane was to be fighting one of the local Adelaide CIMG3992fighters Gary Williams, who i knew of and had seen fight so of course i was going to be cheering for Gary, i was a beginner just following the crowd. After training for months for my fight i get some bad news the day before the weigh in that my opponent had pulled out due to injury. I was devastated! i spent that night not knowing if i wanted to punch someone or just cry. Little did i know on the other side of Australia Dane was heading to Brisbane airport to fly down to Adelaide early hours of the morning to weigh in that night for his fight. Dane had been sick with a chest infection coughing up black stuff and wasn’t feeling to good. While he was driving to meet his gym mates he rolled his car on to its roof, end to end off of the road into a mound of dirt. Lucky not seriously hurt all he could think of was not missing his plane to get down to Adelaide to his weigh in. He ended up making his flight down to Adelaide after a very rough start and with a stiff neck.

DSC_1079Fight Night is on and i sit front row watching fight after fight wishing it was me up there after all the hard work i had put in. Dane and Gary’s Fight comes on and i remember watching Danes tiny corner man Brandon “Dynamite” Spain who was about 7 or 8 at the time. I thought it was so cute i took a photo of Dane and his corner in between round 1 & 2 (the only photo i took all night and totally forgot i had). Dane did ok the first couple of rounds but gassed in the later rounds where Gary took full advantage and just went elbow crazy. I remember thinking holly crap that guy is getting hammered as Gary had Dane in the corner dropping elbows on his head until the ref stopped it in round 4. To me it just looked like a fight where one guy got bashed but no one knew Dane had been really sick, could hardly breathe, crashed and rolled his car on the way there and was in quite a bit of pain. He had the option to pull out of his fight but he said he trained hard for it and was just grateful for the opportunity to fight interstate, so he didn’t want to pull out. I continued to watch the rest of the fights as normal and went home. When i got home i had a copy of the fight card in my pocket, i couldn’t sleep and thought i would try to add all the names of the fighters on the card on Facebook (as you do when you’re a beginner and want to get involved in it all).

A few days later my friend request got accepted by Dane and i get an inbox saying hello and asking IMG_3717035853756me where i trained. We start chatting back and forward about Muay Thai and training for a few days, then Dane sends me his phone number. Well i didn’t expect that and i wasn’t about to be giving my phone number to some random guy. After a few more messages he tells me to text him, i put his number into my phone but still didn’t intend on texting him. I was just getting rid of one crazy psycho guy and i didn’t need another one. He told me he was going to watch Evolution fights and i was hanging out to know results so i folded and sent him a text message asking him if he could tell me the results. Well that was it now.. he had my number and he called me. I didn’t answer the first time because i didn’t know what to say, i was a bit scared. He called again and i answered the second time, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. We ended up talking on the phone for about 5 hours! about all sorts of Muay Thai and random life stuff. We just clicked straight away! From that Day on we talked for hours online and on the phone almost every day between work and training times. One weekend we talked20150206_192955 on the phone for 11 hours in one day! It was amazing that we could talk for so long about just anything. After about 2 months of talking on the phone everyday we really started to like each other, so we thought we should meet in person to see if we had anything there. By now we both had fights lined up, we were both booked in to fight at the next knees Of Fury in Adelaide. So we had to met up soon before we had to get into fight training. I told Dane that i would pay for him to fly to Adelaide for the weekend, i just wanted to know what was happening because i had wasted so much time with asshole guys and couldn’t be bothered wasting time if it wasn’t going to be anything. I was scared that i would met him and he would be nothing like what i had imagined. I joked with him that i would hide at the airport and if he come out wearing bad clothes and isn’t what i thought he would be, that i would just run away and leave the airport  before he sees me. I had him worried that i was actually going to leave him there. I get to the DSC_0550airport and im waiting at the bag pick up when i see him coming down the stairs, i was like daaaaammmmm!!!! I was not going to be running away that’s for sure! We see each other and had a bit of an awkward moment not knowing if we should hug, kiss or what. That was the start of it all! Now is the part where i skip past the weekend. I’m sure you can use your wildest imagination as to what went on in the 2 days we got to spend together, It wasn’t talking! By the time the weekend was over we were in love.

As the weeks went by we spent every spare second of the day we were not training or working on the phone to each other, even falling a sleep together on the phone. I was getting called all sorts of things by my trainer who was an absolute Dick. He was calling me a traitor because Dane was matched up 2014-05-31 09.36.30to fight a guy from a local gym that our gym was sort of teamed up with. I wasn’t supposed to talk to anyone from any other gyms let alone date someone. Even though Dane was from a gym that wasn’t even in the same part of Australia. If it wasn’t for Dane i wouldn’t have even made it through my training. My trainer was having an affair with a student, he wasn’t training me properly and just being really controlling and crazy to me. I would be on the phone to Dane in tears most days because of the things my trainer was doing and saying to me. Dane supported me through all the hell i was going through at my gym. He would tell me the things his trainer would do and how the things that i was going through with mine were not normal, the things my trainer had been saying to me were all lies to control me. If it wasn’t for Dane i would have never realised it and i would have just quit Muay Thai all together.

(A blog about my toxic trainer)

It’s now late November and its fight time for both of us. This was going to be our second date, the second time we got to see each other in person. We couldn’t wait to see each other at the weigh in. It didn’t turn out as well as we thought, i came late with my trainer in his car and Dane and i only got to DSC_0596speak for 5 minutes with all eyes on us from both of our gyms. After the weigh in i went for dinner with the others that were fighting from our gyms including Danes opponent. Some of them were calling me a traitor and asking me what Danes moves were and saying he’s going to get hurt. I felt really uncomfortable, they were mean, nasty and just acting immature. I had come pretty familiar with this type of attitude and treatment from my trainer. I don’t think Danes trainer was very happy about us either but more the fact he didn’t want Dane distracted from fighting, if he had his way none of his fighters would have girlfriends the whole time they were fighters.

We get to the venue and Dane and i don’t see each other at all before my fight. I fight and lose by a split points decision vs a girl with way more experience than me. I smashed my shins up real bad i was struggling to walk, my left was the size of a football. After DSC_0589 (2)my fight i go to the change room where Dane is, wish him luck and chat to his trainer Spainy who seemed cool. I didn’t want to distract Dane at all so i went and sat in the front row with my parents and friends to wait for Danes fight. The fight started off ok but in the 2nd round Dane gets cut on the forehead with a step up elbow. It freaked me out as i had never seen anyone get cut before and it was Dane. As he turned around you could see the blood spurting out of his head. They managed to slow the bleeding down enough not to stop the fight. Dane then fights the rest of the fight just covering his head and trying not to get hit in the cut and losers on points. After the fight i offered to take Dane to the hospital to get stitched up so Spainy could stay with the the fighters from his gym who were also fighting that night. Dane wasnt in any rush to leave the fights to get stitched, at the time i thought he just really wanted to watch the rest of the show but now i know it was because he is absolutely terrified of needles. We go and sit down near my parents and i introduce Dane to them “mum this is Dane, Dane this is my mum” Dane shakes her hand while eating a bit of pizza and blood dripping out of his head. My mum had just had my little baby brother and she had some breast pads in her bag which she offered Dane for his bleeding head. Trust my mum to embarrass me! I guess it was a bit of a strange way to introduce you boyfriend to your parents. After the fights finished about 1am we headed to the hospital. When we got there and we walked in arm in arm, me hopping along with a smashed leg while i wiped blood from Danes face. We explained to the front desk we had been in fights and they thought we were drunk and had fought 2013-12-07 08.25.14 each other. Once we explained it was from Fight sports they stopped looking at us like some drunks that had had a domestic. We ended up spending hours at the hospital while Dane got stitched up. On our way out we came across these drunk guys in the waiting room and they were yelling out at us saying that they saw us fight. Then one of them told us how they thought they would try some moves and he broke his thumb and that’s why they were at the hospital too, which gave us a bit of a laugh. So much for our plans that night, i had booked us a hotel room to spend the night after the fights. After all that had happened that night we only just got to the hotel room about an hour and a half before Dane had to be at the airport to fly home early hours of the morning. We were both is so much pain and so tired from our fights and being up all night we just laid on the bed and fell asleep for an hour. Once again i had to say good bye to Dane but this time sucked even more.

I never went back to my gym after that fight, i knew i deserved better. Dane and i decided that i would move to Queensland in a month at the end of the year once i had enough money saved. We knew we were meant to be!

So Christmas eve 2008 Dane flew down to South Australia. I packed as much as i could in my car 20150502_224618and we drove from Murray Bridge(Near Adelaide) to Sydney on Christmas Day where we stayed with his family for a few days then drove up to Toowoomba Queensland on New years eve. We moved in together and i started training at Danes gym Spains Muay Thai. After about a year i was looking back though my old phone and i found the photo i had taken of Dane and his corner at Knees of Fury that first time when he got bashed. I didn’t even know i had the photo as i had totally forgotten i had taken it when i had no idea who Dane even was, it just means we were meant to be.

So after a couple years of having such an awesome life together we got engaged and then in 2012 we got married! If it wasn’t for Muay Thai we wouldn’t have ever met! Muay Thai brought us together and it has been our life together for 7 years. From Australia to Thailand, for 72 fights so far we have been by each others side 100%.  I couldn’t imagine what our lives would be like without Muay Thai or without each other.

When i started training Muay Thai it gave me more confidents in life which made me up my standards when it came to men. I made a check list (i know it sounds shallow) but i had a check list that pretty had everything a fighter was on it and pretty DSC_0558 (2)much meant if you weren’t a fighter then i wouldn’t date you. A guy would ask me out and i would ask him if he could run 10km and when he said no id say well no date sorry.

So Thank you to Muay Thai for getting me a Husband! A super Awesome fighter one at that!

Our Muay Thai Love story continues…..<3

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This is an old Highlight video from a 2012 and earlier ( I need to make a new one my technique is crazy back then)


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