Sam “Nanu” Brown Interview, Enfusion, Europe & Whats next

SAM “NANU” BROWN16620_569825579795398_1579777995688973884_n


Name: Sammy-lee brown (Nanu) Weight: 54kgs Fight record: 20 fights 16 wins Titles: WKBF Qld and Australian champ 54.5kgs ISKA Australian champ 56kgs CMT Australian champ

10653670_596537980457491_1011645589809641846_n1. You were involved in the Enfusion reality fight show last year 2014 in Thailand, how that experience? It was amazing! I met so many talented and experienced fighters and formed some life long friends. I was the least experienced on the show but, it made me realise everyone is just a person they still go through the same stuff as you, whether they’ve had 1 fight or 100. It opened my eyes a little bit. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

2. You recently had a couple of fights in Europe, did you find the style different to Australia? Oh yes! Dutch style is VERY diff to Muay Thai there is a lot more point scoring and combos involved. Plus take away grappling and elbows makes it a bit different. The training and drills are really different too but I’ve learnt so much from it all. The first fight I had in Holland I got really stuck in my head trying to not fight like me and fight their game. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way that not fighting like yourself is always a bad idea.


3. How have you found travelling on your own as a fighter? It has been so Much fun. It has made me grow so much as a fighter But also mentally challenging adjusting to trainers, styles, different corners however I think it has made me mentally stronger than I have ever been. I have however been REALLY lucky Fahid owner/trainer of gym Alkmaar has been amazing and training with Gae from elite boxing in Thailand is second to none. Plus having Julie kitchen do my corner for a fight was great she understood everything I was going through and made it much easier. I am so grateful.

4. How do you think you have grown as a fighter in the past year? So many different ways, the 10592863_596045753840047_1035142394116053877_nbiggest thing I have learnt is It’s really only you in the ring fighting. So mentally it’s only you who can be ready. I have so much support and love around me, but if I don’t believe in myself when I get in there that stuff doesn’t help anymore. But without it I couldn’t be who i am. So it’s a strong mixture of both. Always Trust your ability and your training. And mentally if you really want to win. You will. The battle is won well before you step into that ring.

5. If you could go back to when you first started and give yourself some advise what would it be? Trust your own instinct more (Trust your gut.) It is generally right when it comes to people and training. Also always listen to your body. You know of something is too Much or you are injured or run down or sick then rest. This doesn’t mean be a sook with every shin bruise or black eye. It means when you are run down or injured look after yourself. A good coach who cares will Know when you are pushing it to hard and will force you to rest. But you need to know yourself.

11350292_10153283836357209_1065867421_n6. What are 3 things people might not know about you:

1) I was a dancer before I was a fighter

2) I had webbed fingers on my right hand it’s why Im called Nanu, it’s from the TV show mork and Mindy, my right hand gets taped the same as that when I go to fight because it hurts otherwise. My trainer came up with it after my first fight for him and I never lived it 11350207_10153283836367209_1380749521_ndown.. So the name stuck. Haha I don’t think anybody actually likes their nick names.

3) My only fight ritual is Thai food the night before I fight. Pad Thai or rice with something Prob chicken cashew.

7. If you could fight on any promotion what would it be and why? I already get to fight on Enfusion now and it’s the best. I would love lion fight one day or LK1 in America. Would’ve been amazing to get to fight on evolution when that was still on.

8. Have you any fights coming up? There a few great opportunities in the pipeline yes nothing has been confirmed As yet. But I don’t plan on being in Australia much for the rest of this year. So definitely watch this space

9. Any words of wisdom to anyone wanting do what you are doing? Yes, Nothing great comes 11304254_10153283836372209_2147041402_nif you don’t take risks. If you really want something it will come so trust the process. And if it makes you happy- go for it. No matter what anyone says.

10. Anyone you would like to Thank? There are so so many people I want to thank. The Enfusion team Edwin, Betty, Julie, Alex, Vinny and Lennard for Making me feel like family, and all Going above and beyond for me. Holland feels like a second home now. Gae and Nugget at Elite Boxing. Michaela Michl for the drive to Holland to come and support me. Fahid from gym Alkmaar for going above and beyond for 11282011_10153283836377209_240035527_nme. The team at corporate box for the prep and letting me throw a fundraiser there before I left. Azzatron and Daddykool for all My prep and training in Brisbane. My amazing sponsors Landerbrook pty ltd, clear insurance, Caley reece, fight n fit, Revive Physio, King brown mouthguards, Green tea x50, Revelry apparel, AO FIGHT for the best custom tops in the world, My amazing family my mum my siblings and my cousins aunties uncles, All of them have backed me and have been so excited and proud of everything i do – I have the best family in the world. And my amazing friends I am actually blessed to have some of the people I do in my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten people but this list is already huge.

Interview By Natasha Sky, June 2015, photos supplied11272130_10153283836352209_1888739797_n

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