My 25th Fight vs Pilin

**Before you read my blogs and get offended (READ HERE)**

Its Feb 2013 I had my last fight about a month ago (READ HERE) and had just come back from taking a week off due to being sick(always get sick here). I walked into the gym and they asked me if i wanted to fight in a few days. I always find it hard to say no and i thought oh well why not. I’ve been fighting so many top 385467_333094573463097_2139272404_ngirls lately, i have survived Whats the worst that can happen, i gas out and lose. So i trained hard for the next few days and didn’t feel too bad but it was hard to tell how fit i was just after a few days.

I get to the stadium and im fighting a girl they called Pilin (her Thai fight name) who they said was from China but i think she was from England im not sure, you never know here as the Thais just make up any country on the poster. Anyway she had been fighting quite a bit and i had seen her fight a few times so i knew she was going to have a high work rate. She was one of those fighters that just went forward all the time so i was worried i was not going to have the cardio to keep up with her. She was also the first foreigner i had fought in a couple of years as i had only been fighting Thai’s so i wasn’t sure how i was going to go with that style. We were to be fighting for the Bangla Stadium Champion belt, which isn’t really a proper title but it’s still cool to fight for it i guess.

We start round one and I’m the one who is throwing, so much for thinking i couldn’t keep up. I think i 487747_428730843868433_166879836_nmust have had the thought that she was going to have a high work rate so i had to start faster, i don’t know?!. The first round was just some punches and low kicks from me, she didn’t throw anything that landed. The second round she started to walk forward and i nailed her with a few good leg kicks. She kept on coming forward but not really throwing much on her way in, so i just kept walking backwards, punching and leg kicking which was working really well. One leg kick i threw landed sweet that she actually spun around from it. The trainers were telling me off in the corner between rounds about going back but it was working for me really well. She wasn’t scoring anything and every time she came forward i would get her with either punches or leg kicks. There was no way i was going to go forward and end up going toe to toe with her, i wasn’t fit enough for that and she wanted to bang. The third round i tried to stand my ground and not go back much. I landed a few good leg kicks, she started coming forward and we ended up in the clinch for a bit where i felt like i was stronger but the ref broke it before we could really get into it. By now she was coming forward again 11179_10200640168591761_235791948_nbut still not scoring anything until the end of the round where she gets a couple of body kicks on me. The fourth round starts and i know that im wining, im starting to feel pretty gassed so i really do not want to engage much. I just want to kick and get back out of the way. The trainers told me to keep kicking her leg as it looked really sore at this stage and was starting to get a bruise on it. I just kept doing what i was doing going backwards and kicking the leg when she tried to come forward. It must have been really frustrating for her for sure, nothing worse than trying to fight someone that’s running away all the time. It was working for me so i just had to do what i had to do to get the win. We clinched a few times and exchanged a few punched and kicks towards the end of round four, i was totally gassed by this stage. I knew in the firth round all i had to do was block, jab and teep because i have won the fight. I teeped her off a few times but she just kept on coming forward, she was relentless. I tried to touch gloves to end the fight but she still wanted to fight, she kept coming forward until i teeped her on her bum, she got up tried another combo then they just rang the bell. I was so glad it was over, she just never stopped coming forward but i think that was why i was able to do what i was doing. She was a very tough girl! i hit her with some good leg kicks and her leg looked so sore but she never stopped trying, she did so good not to get pulled up by them. She had massive heart that’s for sure! I was awarded the Bangla Stadium Champion belt for wining the fight. I know that the belt is a bit of a joke and that anyone can fight for it and win it even if its your first fight but this was my 25th fight, i actually had a proper hard fight with a legitimate tough opponent to win it. No different to wining any other title at home. So even though the belt means nothing it still means something to me because it was a real fight worthy of a title fight. The belt means something because of the whole experience and well because my shins were smashed to bits after the fight and i had to make it worth it.

2013-02-14 06.49.20

My opponent was a lovely girl, we had a chat and got a photo after the fight. As much as its cool to land some good shots and do some damage on your opponent in the fight, i did feel bad that i had kicked up her leg because it looked quite painful and she was really nice which made me feel worse. Not like sometimes girls can be a bit of a bitch and you think oh well sucked in.2013-02-13 22.15.12

After the fight i didn’t really know what to think about the way i fought. It was a strange fight for me as i fought pretty much the whole fight just going backwards and sometimes nearly running backwards. I thought it was a terrible fight but at the same time i thought it was a smart fight and that i did what i needed to do to win. So many Thais fight on the back foot and my previous opponent had done the same thing to me and it made it really hard to score anything as she was constantly moving back and making me miss. It was good to get the win after losing my last fight vs the WMC champ and it was good to fight a foreigner and see where i was at with fighting that style after fighting so many Thais. I learnt that not all my fights have to be toe to toe entertaining fights and that some times you have to just do what works to get the win even if it’s not something you wouldn’t normally do, you can win a fight on the back foot and it doesn’t have to be go go go forward all the time.

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