1 Month Training on Samui — July 2014

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My first day back training after over a year break!

ok so i just finished my first week of training on Samui at Jun’s Muay Thai. It has been hard getting back into it after about 1 year with no training just a few sparring sessions here and there. I’m currently 10kg over weight and super unfit which i really didn’t want to be this time as i did the same thing last time and really struggled, i didn’t learn my lesson :(. This first week i have tried to get back into it slowly so i don’t smash my body too much. I trained once Monday, once Tuesday, twice Wednesday, had Thursday whole day off, once Friday, once Saturday then Sunday is a Day off. This was more than enough for me to start, my body has been so sore and achy all over especially my calves. I wasn’t planing on starting my running yet but i have run about 3km before each session because the trainers told me to so i feel i have to if i want them to take me seriously (as they don’t know me here they don’t know that i know what im doing) All the running on uneven surfaces, skipping and training has been too much on my calves to start, along with a few other factors (lots of jumping with teeps and knees on the bag, excessive amounts) it has aggravated my shin splints already to a point of pain that i feel like im going to vomit and they are keeping me awake at night. I have tried to explain to them what is wrong and showed them the inner soles i have to wear in my shoes but im not sure if they really understand. I managed to get them to let me off of skipping but i will still have to find some way to try to do whats best for me without making the Thais think im not listening to them or im just being lazy, i thought coming to a different gym (not sinbi) where they didn’t know us for a month would be a good way to get fit and ease back into training, have a warm up fight and not have to take off where i left off as i have had a big break and would be really rusty. Its only been a week and it’s just been a hassle, everything about it has been a hassle, trying to explain my shin splints, different training, different trainers, trying to prove my self and get taken seriously. At Sinbi I know what i need to do, i had a really good routine and my trainer let me add my own things in to do what was best for my training so its been hard not being able to do that here. The training has been ok, someone said to me it was very military style which it is a good way to explain it. Running, bag work, Pads, Sparring, Clinching, Kicks and knees on the bag, no real difference in training so far 10570379_10152170819050563_482485019469530161_n (2)it’s seemed to be the same things everyday in the same order and very strict on the break time, sometimes not even enough time to get a drink and they are yelling at you to hurry up. Even though my shin splints are super painful i can already feel my running fitness has picked up over the week. I thought my pad fitness had picked up to untill Saturday when i got absolutely hammered by Jun on pads, he was ruthless with his expected power and pace and he was really smashing me around the head with the pads. Because i have had 3 different pad holders this last week it was hard to tell how my fitness has improved as they all hold differently at different paces, I’m not a fan of having different pad holders, i like to have the same one because all 3 pad holders were telling me different things. One pad holder told me im leg kicking wrong (i like the way i leg kick but i gotta do what they say) to jump across when i leg kick so i did, then when i had the other pad holder he was telling me not to jump, it was wrong and he shows me to leg kick (exactly the way i normally do but now he thinks he taught me and i couldn’t kick before because i had been kicking how the last guy told me grr) This was only one of the things i was told different to do by 3 different pad holders which can get frustrating and confusing.

I Burnt a lot of Calories in one session!

I Burnt a lot of Calories in one session!

Week two well there isn’t really much to tell about this week 😦 Monday i was all pumped to start training 2 times a day most days but didn’t work out that way. Because my shin splints had been hurting i decided to try to change my running technique for my run before training,i ran the whole 3kms pretty much on my toes which helped with the pain of my shin splints but didn’t help with my already tight calves. I went through shadow boxing and started on the bag but my calves were still really tight, we are not given enough time to stretch them they seem to try to hurry you through everything to get you in and out of there as quick as they can so i don’t think stretching is a very big priority to them. After 2 rounds on the bag i was called on to pads which were really fast and hard with the trainer telling me i need to kick faster and harder each time. About half way through the second round im getting told to left kick with speed so im trying to get good speed and power. I do a couple of kicks and they say “more more, speed speed” i go to switch kick and i just feel a big sharp pain in my calf just down from behind my knee, i tried to keep kicking but the pain was really bad. I stopped and rubbed it for a second and tried to start on pads again by throwing a jab but the slightest bit of pressure on my toes nearly brought me to tears. I don’t know what i have done but it feels like a pulled or torn muscle. My pad holder apologised to me several time, he thought it was his fault. I couldn’t do anything for the rest of the session so i just sat down and the trainers brought me and ice pack. The next day i couldn’t walk on it at all, i tried to go to training and just do sit ups, pull ups & push ups but it was too sore to move around and so frustrating hoping on one leg so i ended up just staying home with my leg up for the rest of the week.

Third week. I had to start this week off slow and try to build up to using my calf again so running and skipping were both out of this weeks training (which i needed anyway to help with my shin splints recover for a bit). I wanted to start doing two sessions a day but i thought it would be best if i just did one session untill my calf was healed and i could do one session properly. The first two days i had to be really careful when i kicked not to push off to hard from my toes. I had to give all the knees, teeps and kicks on the bag a miss too as i didn’t want to bounce too much on my toes (not that it worried me to much as i think they over do all the knees and teeps a bit and its very boring) About the third day i was feeling ok so i could start to use more power and do more of the knees and things on the bag. I keept getting Jun on pads and he is crazy intense, he wanted everything with full power and speed. He smashed me around the head and in the stomach with the pads full power. It was good but it was really hard, i felt like i was going to have  heart attack most times after the first round. On Wednesday i spared boxing with one of the Thai boys i had been matched to spar and clinch with a few times. He gets a bit crazy when we spar if i get him with a shot, today he must have been in a bad mood because he was getting harder and harder as we sparred all that does for me is makes me go harder too. I think he was trying to hurt me or pull me up but it didn’t work because i love a good hard spar, so by the end of our Four rounds we were sparring that hard it was like a fight and the Trainers had to tell us to ease up. I had a few good sparring and clinching sessions with a girl from England, both the Thai boy and the English girl were south paws and they were the only 2 people i would get paired up with. There wasn’t a lot of options for people for me to spar and clinch with so that was a shame.

Nice Beach just across and up the road from the gym

Nice Beach just across and up the road from the gym

Week four i only trained the first 2 days as i didn’t really feel a drive to go to training. I just wasn’t feeling it there, i was really bored of the same training over and over. To me it felt like that movie ground hog day where the guy wakes up and its the same day replaying over. I didn’t feel like i was learning anything, it was more just picking up fitness than anything. Don’t get me wrong the trainers were really really nice, they were welcoming and i felt like that would help us out with anything if we needed it. Jun was a super nice guy and seemed to really care if you were ok and doing good. It was the training we didn’t like, it just didn’t suit mine or my husbands needs and there was no leniency for us to do our own things. We were leaving to head to Phuket at the end if this week and i knew i would be going hard when we got there so thought a couple of days off would be ok. I was bummed i didn’t get to have a fight while i was on Samui though, would have been good to fight some where different.

So overall its was ok but not a place i could stay for a long time as after 2-3 weeks i was so bored of the training and had lost the drive i really didn’t want to train. I thought it was just me but as soon as i got back to Sinbi My drive was back and i trained like a bat out of hell, loved every minute of it. The location was good, not to far from shops and the beach in quite area. The running track was nice through a jungle back road but not if you have shin splints as its very uneven surface. I don’t think i would ever go back or if i did it would be for more of a Holiday train for a week but everyone is different i guess other people might love it, it just wasnt the training that would benefit me or my hubby.

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2 thoughts on “1 Month Training on Samui — July 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tash. It’s amazing what a significant impact coaches and training environments can have! I can relate to the confusion which occurs when you have multiple coaches as well, all with different ideas about what’s best for you. The benefit is that you get multiple perspectives and options in the form of different skills, but it can disadvantage your progress as well when you get too much conflicting information.

    Glad to hear you’re happy at Sinbi and that training is going well now! Take care!

    • For sure the people around you can make so much difference in how you feel about training. Its hard to focus on things when you have all different people telling you different things and especially when you get in trouble for doing what the last person told you to do. 🙂

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