Working a Full Time Physical Job & Fighting

** Warning If you are don’t like animal Slaughter for Food you might not want to read**

I always get asked if im going to come back to fight in Australia but for me this is just way to hard especially after training in Thailand so long and knowing what i need to do to be at myabattoir-abc-photo_edited-1 top level. The hardest things for me living in Australia and fighting was having to work a full time job trying to train and fight. I left school when i was 15years old so ive always been a factory worker mainly Abattoir’s (meat works) im not qualified or experienced to do anything else. People said to me why dont i try to get a different job but its not that easy when its all you know and once you become a fighter you dont have time to study to learn something eles not to metion the fact that My husband and i paied for everything out of our own pockets ( training fees, Fuel to get to fights, Accomidation, Food, Suppliments, injury managment and more) and Factory work was the only job we could get paid enough money to cover everything. Factory work can fit in pretty good with training and fighting, i like the fact you can go to work with a black eye or a big cut on your face and no one cares. It was ok time wise as you normally start early around 4-6am and finish about 3-4pm which gives you enough time to get a run in and then head to training. When you are training for a fight it can be a very long day though, especially when you don’t get home from training untill around 8 or 9 pm then you must have a shower make dinner, make lunch for work which normally takes a

When i Worked doing pigs when i first started training in 2008

When i Worked doing pigs when i first started training in 2008

bit if you’re trying to cut weight and eat healthy, you can’t just chuck on a frozen pizza. I try to do my house work before bed like washing especially because working in a factory and training everyday makes a hell of a lot of washing, most nights you don’t get much sleep when you have to be up at 3-4am to leave for work. I normally only worked Monday to Friday depending where i worked some times i would have to work Saturdays and Sundays, so it leaves some weekends free to go to fights and you only have to take the Friday off of work to weigh in. The down side is if you want to fight often sometimes it can be hard to get days off of work for weigh in or interstate fights, i have been warned and nearly fired from my job for having days off to go to weigh ins. Some people can work on weigh in day but if your cutting weight and your working in a physical factory job it’s really not possible to work all day with no food or water. If i was lucky to get the weekend off i always tried to do my sprints and things i couldn’t fit in during the weeks training because i ran out of time but a lot of the time your just so tired from the week its a real struggle. Factory work can also be very physically

My husband works as a Beef boner, This is the hardest job you can do in a Meat works. He burnt 2000 Calories in about 4hr. Thats a normal persons Calorie burn for 24hrs.

My husband works as a Beef Boner, This is the hardest job you can do in a Meat works. He burnt 2500 Calories in about 4hr. Thats more than a normal persons Calorie burn for 24hrs.

demanding on the body throughout the day which can be extremely hard when your training for a fight. Really hard after a fight too, if you have any injuries and you have to try to work with them, I have been to work with smashed legs and had to spend all day inside the factory, miss out on breaks (which are only about every 2-3hrs for 5min and one 30min lunch break) because my legs were that sore, by the time i walked out to my break it was time to come back inside so no point trying. It really took a toll on me training for fights and trying to work full time in a physical job, Its like doing fast paced crossfit all day for 8-10hr then having to come home run 10km then go to Muay Thai training for 2-3hrs. I’m one of those people who really needs sleep to function, so some mornings i would struggle so bad to get out of bed and be in tears because i was just so tired and my body ached all over. I was scared i would fall asleep driving to work most mornings but i had to go to work because without work i wouldn’t have money to be a fighter, fighting costs more money than ill ever make from it. I found that as an amateur i managed to be able to push on fight after fight but once i got to a higher level fighting more rounds it was so much harder, i was already training as much and as hard as i could, i needed to step it up a level but i couldn’t. It’s hard to compete with girls who work in a gym, own a gym, have sponsors etc or people to help them so they don’t have to work full time, they can just focus on training. This is part of the reason i moved to Thailand, so i could just train and not have to work. Once Spending so much time in Thailand and knowing how fit i needed to be and what i needed to do to be at the top level, My expectations of training are so much higher, i felt that i would never be able to get that at home while working a full time job so i haven’t fought in Australia since 2010.

Fast Paced , Heavy lifting and on a moving chain so you cant just stop when you need a rest. Limited breaks every 2-3hrs 5min to get a drink and go to the toilet.

Fast Paced , Heavy lifting on a moving chain so you can’t just stop when you need a rest. Limited breaks every 2-3hrs 5min to get a drink and go to the toilet.

I was going to make this blog a Question one with other Females that trained to fight pro and also worked a physical hard labour job aswell and see how they handled it and juggled it but i after asking around i couldn’t find any. I know a lot of females work full time but i found they mainly work in jobs that don’t require a lot of continuous physical labour which i guess makes things so much easier to manage. I always thought i was just weak and couldn’t take it because Factory jobs are all i have known my life, i never really thought about the fact it was like doing crossfit all day then trying to train, no wonder it was so demanding on my body and mind. Some people don’t realise how easy they have it working as a hairdresser, receptionist, bartender and so on, most people who work in factory jobs are so tired after work they wouldn’t even dream of doing any training, when you tell them what you do as a fighter as well as work they can’t believe it. So hopefully one day when i come back to Australia i might not have to work a full time physical job and maybe have my own gym so i can train twice a day and fight at my full potential but untill then i don’t think i will ever fight and train full time In Australia it’s not worth feeling so bad and fighting at a level you just can’t compete with.

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