DAMWAN (Namwan) Sinbi, Female Fighter From Thailand

DAMWAN (Namwan) Sinbi1013218_10203167275407852_2027200228_n

Name: Supapron Danthi, Fight name: DAMWAN (Namwan), Age: 24, Fight weight: 60-65kg Gym: Sinbi Muay Thai, Fight record: 39 fight 30 wins 9 loses

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and why did you want to become a fighter? I started Muay Thai when I was 18, I loved Muay Thai for a long time but my family wouldn’t let me start training. When I was 16 my mum sent me to live with my sister in Phuket and study Beauty school, if she didn’t do that I may not have got the chance to start training like I did. After training for 15 days when I first started, I got asked if I wanted to fight and I haven’t looked back since. I was sick when I was 20 and had to take nearly 2 years off training to let myself recover from surgery. Since then I have had quite some success with my fighting especially since starting at Sinbi Muay Thai where I have fought in Bangkok, Koh Samui and here in Phuket quite often.

10435006_666940453380803_8848804935552225250_n2. What has been the hardest thing for you being a fighter? The hardest thing I find to do with Muay Thai is to lose weight for fights, I have never really had to diet in my life and when I have to lose 5-10 kg for a fight it is really hard.

3. Your best fight? why? My best fight would have to be when I fought on the undercard of the World Muay Thai Angels event. Not only was my opponent much more experienced, I had to lose 8 kilo in 10 days running with a sweat suit on, but the great feeling I had when I made weight on weigh in day and winning the fight was well worth it.1441381_605421302836886_1947174018_n

4. People think Thai’s dont get nervous. Do you get nervous before you fight?Mmmmmm at the start of my career of course I got a little nervous before fighting but that is very common as you are inexperienced and don’t really know what to expect. After my first 5 fights that feeling started to go, now I only get nervous before big fights with more experienced opponents.

1453215_563390297067332_1634744422_n5. Do you think that Thai girls are getting more interested in Muay Thai after the Muay Thai Angels fights on TV? Yes I think that the WMTA event promoted woman’s Muay Thai in a positive way and I see more and more beautiful girls wanting to fight and show their skill on the big stage. I’m also very happy that a fellow Thai won the event, she is an extremely good fighter and someone for young girls to look up to.

6. How do you feel about having to go under the ropes but men can go over the ropes? For Thais this is not a big deal as we are bought up in a very religious way (Buddhist) Muay Thai is a very respectful sport and it is just something that is excepted by me.

10405461_10204599755778966_6105566350908678555_n7. When you fight do you like to fight other Thai girls or Farangs? Why? Thai or Farang doesn’t make a difference for me, every girl I have fought has bought a new or different challenge to the ring. I enjoy having a hard fight where both girls are on about the same level, this makes it also very good to watch for the audience as one person doesn’t dominate the whole fight.

8. What did your family think when you became a fighter? At the start they all were angry at me and told me to stop. But I felt like I had been told what to do my whole life and now that I was 18 I could finally make a decision for myself, once I explained all of this to them they were fine and have supported me the best they can. I love having my mum there to support me, it gives me extra strength when I fight.

9. You have been helping as a trainer and holding pads for fighters at your gym, is 10600543_714823835257310_7117986058383955154_nthis hard being the only Thai Female Trainer? Do the male trainers take you seriously? All of the trainers at the gym and Singh (The boss) support me 100% in holding the pads, in fact they are the ones that want me to do it. I have only just started to learn how to do this but it is something that I really enjoy as I can share my experience with other young people who are training to fight.

10. Do you have advise for anyone wanting to be a fighter? Follow your dreams if Muay Thai is really something you want to be good at, you can’t please everyone in life and sometimes you have to do what other people don’t want you to do. Muay Thai is a dangerous sport and when training it can really hurt sometimes, one thing you always have to keep in mind is that you are both there to train, don’t take anything personally, don’t fight with your team mates, learn from each other and at the end of the day you will both be better for it.

1455015_563387470400948_232657645_nAny people you would like to thank?

All my trainers from my current camp and all of my previous trainers from my first camp.

My family for the support they show me day in day out.

My friends from the gym who help me prepare for my fights.

Interview By Natasha Sky, Nov 2014, Photos from Facebook

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