Angela Rivera Parr, World champion Fighter, Promoter & Mother

Angela Rivera Parr

Angie belt

2010 World title


Name: Angela Rivera Parr
Fight weight: 60 kilos but my last few fights were at 64 and retirement fight was at 68
Age: 35
Gym: Boonchu
Fight Record: 47 fights 30 wins
Titles: 1 Am World Champion, 1 Pro World Champion, 8 time USA Champion

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to become a fighter? I started training in 1997. 17 years in the sport. I was 17 years old when I started. I fought out of California for 2 years then moved to Las Vegas. I trained with Master Toddy at 19 years old until I met JWP at 22 years old. We fell in love and we got married and moved to San Diego and I started to train under Boonchu.

 At 19years old when I first moved to Las Vegas

At 19 years old when I first moved to Las Vegas

2. What was your biggest achievement as a fighter? My biggest achievement was when I won the IAMTF World Championships for USA in 2001. I was the first Fighter for USA to win a gold medal. I was awarded the best technique in over 55 countries, I received a trophy and some money from the government. I also got my own day in Las Vegas by the Mayor Oscar Goodman.

3. Before you retired you were juggling being a mum, Fighter and promoter at the same time, how did you manage all of that? I think all women multitask! Ha ha ha, I really love being a mum, but I wasn’t finished with fighting when I fell pregnant so I didn’t let that stop me from competing after I had Jasmine in 2003. Also, Promoting Muay Thai is my passion. I started promoting the Amateur Tournaments with JWP at Boonchu Gym in 2003. Our first Amateur style padded show was 3 x by 1.5 minute rounds. We held it in our gym with 100 spectators. I believe we paved the way for padded fights, we used to have them in America and I brought the idea here. JWP’s idea was for CMT and now I help him promote that as well as our Amateur shows. I also started the Australian Muay Thai Awards last year and was 5 months pregnant. I had a dream about it and wanted to have an Awards show non profit. I got a comity of ladies together and with the help of Claudine Gaggiano, Melina Yung, and Caley Reece we were able to make it happen. I personally just wanted to promote Muay Thai fighters and get them more recognition.

Australia Muay Thai Awards

Australia Muay Thai Awards

4. Did you ever have any embarrassing moments as a fighter in the ring or training? In Thailand 2001 when I fought for the World Championships I got bad stomach bug. I was pooing and vomiting with my gloves on and had to get my friend to pull them up after so I could go out and fight. That was embarrassing.

5. A lot of people don’t know what comes next after being a fighter for so long, how did you handle retirement from fighting? I knew 100% I was ready to retire. I loved fighting when I was younger, but I have so much on my plate with kids, gym, and promotions. I would rather spend the weekends with my kids when I am not at the fights. And it takes energy to play with them, and I lost that when I was tired from training.

6. Do you have any regrets or things you wish you had done when you were still fighting? I wish I trained harder. I lost a lot of fights by 1 point. I wish I ran faster so I had more stamina to finish the fight and win!

CMT promotion

CMT promotion

7. Your self and your husband have done so much in Muay Thai, do you see your children following in your footsteps or have they got other things on their to do lists? I have big dreams for my kids. I think Jasmine, Jesse-James, and Jemma will all be fighters. If they don’t no problem. But, that’s why I promote to keep the sport alive, I want them to be able to make a living off our sport like JWP and I have. If they don’t and want to work a normal job or be a doctor that is great too. But, would love to see JWP travel the world with Jesse-James and my boy be a world Champion. I would love for Jasmine fight in the UFC. Jemma is a big baby so she might do Sumo instead, I am still unsure about her.

8. You have always been a great promoter of female fights on your show, what are the reactions from people about this? Thank you. We have a lot of women who go through the gym and some want to fight, so I try and promote them. We have been lucky that we can get females on our cards and it makes for diverse interesting fights. I would like to continue having females on our CMT shows, it has done a lot for fighters like Sam Brown. She is recognised as a bad ass for fighting with those little gloves on. I had my last fight in CMT I wanted to fight in it so I could be confident in promoting it. It’s extreme Muay Thai and if I was to fight again that’s the rules I would fight.

Family Photo

Family Photo

9. What do you think we could do more of to help female Muay Thai grow? To make female Muay Thai grow we need a star. We need someone who can knock people out, be undefeated. We need some more Lucia Rikers!

10. Do you have any advise for any one wanting to start training or fighting? I would say try it! If you don’t mind being punched in the face go for it!!!

Anyone you would like to thank? I would like to thank all our loyal supporters. Thank you.

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Interview By Natasha Sky, Oct 2014, Photos supplied
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