Tough fight vs WMC world champ

This was my first fight for the year January 2013, my last fight was about 1 month ago and i 2013-01-11 21.09.30won (Read HERE). I had lost a lot of weight now and i was feeling a lot fitter and stronger than my previous fights. I can’t really remember much about the lead up to this fight as im writing this blog about a year later trying to catch up on all my fights. I do remember getting to the stadium and seeing my opponent for the first time, her name was Phogoew and she was a young Thai girl, i had never seen her before and i was asking the trainers who she was. The trainers told me they didn’t know who she was which i find out after the fight was not true! I don’t know why they say that to me, when they do know who she is, it gives me the shits. The fight starts and im thinking as she is a Thai we will start slower with a feeling out round. I throw a couple of lazy inside kicks and then Whack! she kicks me hard as hell in the neck, i hear it crack, everything goes a bit fuzzy for a second. I try not to let her see that she just rocked me and i throw punches and recover in a clinch. I know now this girl means business, the grin on her face, eyes bulging as she grunted every time she threw anything at me with full power. When i got back to my corner after the first round i had to get them to rub my neck it was so tight after the big kick she hit me with. I was a bit put off after that kick, i managed to reset my self and go back out for the next round fresh. I try to come out 16556_410825005659017_446715810_nwith a strong stance and push forward but every time i try to hit her she would move back and make it hard to land anything clean. I catch a kick and get a dump on her which i think pissed her off because the look on her face when she got up was crazy. She came at me looking to clinch and we lock up. Nothing really happens in this round as each time either of us goes to strike the other moves out of the way. The third round she just starts hunting the clinch trying for the waist lock and kneeing. My punches seemed to be getting through and she didn’t want to strike with me, so she was just running at me for the clinch. Same in the fourth round again, she just kept getting the waist lock on and rushing me to the ropes. The fifth round i knew i had lost so i tried to push forward as much as i could landing a few good shots and a spinning elbow. Her timing was just to good for me, she managed to evade and land some good kicks. She was a very aggressive fighter making loud grunting noises when she threw anything, not letting go when the ref broke us and also kicked me after the bell. After the fight i was really disappointed that i lost because she didn’t feel like the hardest fight, it was an awkward fight for me though her timing was so much better than mine i just couldn’t get it right. I was 2013-01-11 22.58.49sitting in the change room feeling pretty down and frustrated about the fight and not being able to do the things i wanted when one of the trainers came up and said don’t worry it was a good fight and she is wmc world champion and had beaten one of the girls from the gym for the title a few months ago. Well that explained a lot about why she was so good with her timing then. I didn’t feel as bad now knowing that she wasn’t just a nobody and that she had beaten some really tough girls. I felt that with a bit more experience she was definitely in my reach to beat for sure. But it just goes to show that in Thailand you never know who you might end up fighting so make sure you always train as hard as you can. Fight Number 24 done! 🙂

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