Gentiane “AAA” Lupi Champion From NZ


Gentiane “AAA” Lupi10258049_395084473963267_6842922978459879093_o

Name: Gentiane “AAA” Lupi Age: 38 Weight: 55-66 Gym: MTI wellington N.Z Fight record: 12-1 3 K.O Titles: NZ Welterweight (so far)

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to become a fighter? I have been training nearly 3 years, before that I was just running for fun and to escape my children, but I needed something harder than running. I knew from my first class that I had found something special and difficult. I wanted to fight straightaway as it seemed so bizarre and out of my comfort zone.

2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter? I think coming to terms with the fact that I am not the fighter I would like to be. To accept that my strengths and talents are not beautiful but are effective and therefore valid. That and having to be vigilant with my diet whilst not wanting my kids to grow up with a crazy diet obsessed Mum so always baking treats for them

10256184_395083973963317_878514018109237844_n3. Have you had any encounters with Haters, if so how do you deal with these types of people? Facebook is great for people wanting to offer their opinions and in N.Z we have a rich history of trying to knock down anyone who achieves. I am much better at ignoring them now. I enjoy arguing but not with idiots, I use it to motivate me, often the best reply is pulling off another win

4. What has been the Highlight of your Fighting so far?
The support, not just from my gym and trainers but also from people I have never met, often Mums who are inspired to start something new in their lives, but also others in the fight community who have gone through it all before.

5. If you could pull of any technique in a fight you haven’t yet pulled off what would10155340_403541406450907_467398286273379121_n it be?
haha millions but right now I would be happy to stop someone with a liver shot or anything spinny 😉

6. How would you describe your self as a fighter?
The furthest opposite of technical haha!!

7. Do you have any special things you have to do on fight day?
No, I decided early on not to want to have a ritual in case I became dependant on it so I focus only on the fight. Unless a horse trek is on offer

8. What is your favorite thing about being a fighter?
The constant struggle can you believe!? It’s the intensity in the emotions of the whole training period and lead up which is then rewarded with the peace in the ring. Unfortunately the ratio is a little skewed but…..;)

9. If you could fight on any promotion what would it be and why?
I’m not educated enough on the various promotions but I would just like to compete against top fighters in as many countries as possible
10. Any advise for anyone wanting to become a fighter?
Yo, do it now. Train as much as you can.

Anyone you would like to Thank?
I would like to thank all the trainers I have had, but especially Mark from MTI who has always believed in me, encourages me to aim for the top, and is always ready to train.
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Interview By Natasha Sky, Sept 2014, Photos from Facebook
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