Fighters and the internet, it can be a nasty place.


When I first started out training I wanted to know everything there was to know about Muay Thai and fighting. I wanted to add all the Muay Thai fighters I could find on Facebook and to be involved in all of the forums so that I advantages-and-disadvantages-of-internet-sitescould learn as much as I could and be involved in the sport. I had never had Facebook before it was only new to me as Muay Thai was and I certainly had never been on any type of forums before. I thought this would be great getting to interact with fighters and find out lots of cool stuff. I was told that the internet was bad news and if you want to go on those forums you must have a thick skin, of course I ignored it because at that stage I thought that everyone involved in Muay Thai was a saint, not having any experience with key board warriors or trolls before. I went on and added every person I could find that was a fighter or looked like they had something to do with Muay Thai, I joined up to a few Muay Thai forums as well. Over time I started to post things and get involved in some conversations with people I had never met and didn’t know me. The thing is with writing something down you don’t get the emotion with how it’s said or the fact that someone doesn’t know you in person, they can’t imagine how the things you have written would come out. So me being a blunt person that just says what’s on my mind, a lot of the time without thinking how it would forumsound to someone who didn’t know me, people always took the things I wrote out of context, a lot of people took offence to the things I wrote. This results in people hating on you and abusing, bullying you on forums and Facebook, you don’t even know why because as far as you know you didn’t do anything wrong, they just took the things you wrote the wrong way. You will find this happens a lot on the internet especially between the Muay Thai community people can get a bit touchy if they think you are bagging them or any of their Gym members. There are a lot of groupies and wannabees on the internet that get really involved in the forums and Facebook pages that have never actually had a fight themselves but will swear they know everything there is to know about Muay Thai. These key board warriors will normally be the ones that cause the trouble and before you know it you’re in a big internet war over nothing, arguing with these people is like arguing with a 3 year old or a drunk. So moral of the blog is, if you’re a fighter or going to be a fighter and you want to join forums and Facebook pages make sure you have a thick skin. I have found that the internet Keyboard-warriors-Keyboardcan be a very nasty place, people will say anything to you or about you while they are hiding behind a computer screen and people are so quick to jump on the band wagon with them. The internet can be a great place if you choose to be apart of the right groups, pages etc but think about who you have on your personal Facebook account, just because someone does Muay Thai doesn’t automatically make them a nice person or your friend (I learnt that the hard way and that’s why I have a fight page). If you write something be prepared for a reply that may not have anything to do with what your comment intended. My advice from experience is, stay off forums they are full of trolls and nasty people who like to just make trouble for fun. Stay off Facebook pages that have a lot of random people who don’t really have any idea about Muay Thai they only bring out the trolls and “I think I know all but I know jack all” people. Keep your personal page Keyboard-Warrior-300x223private and only have your real friends on it, make a fan page for the fight stuff and Muay Thai people, it saves a lot of drama. The biggest thing is don’t take anything you read on the internet personal! Who cares what people write about you, they don’t know you and they are not important. Everyone will see things differently from their side of the fence but don’t let it affect who you are and what you want to be. Just worry about what you are doing, train hard, fight hard and be the best you can be. The less you get involved in the internet drama the better. Keep your page full off positive motivational people and groups 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fighters and the internet, it can be a nasty place.

  1. I wish i read this article instead of stressing my self and ruining everything…. Nice article… I hope others could learn from it and help them… Thank you to the author ….

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