Christina Jurjevic From Australia

Christina Jurjevic10301060_10152146476044562_7339980524148174037_n


Name: Christina jurjevic Age:21 Weight:50-53kg Gym: elite fight gym Fight Record: 16F 11W 5L 1KO Titles: WMC NSW state title

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you decide to become a fighter?

Iv been training the art of Muay Thai since I was 13, two years later I decided maybe to give it ago see how I liked it. I loved the sport so much I thought hey why not. My dad use to do martial arts and competed when he was younger so that gave me a bit of inspiration.

10559087_10152245708514562_844167334_n2. What has been the biggest challenge for you as a fighter?

The biggest challenge definitely is the mental side of it, no one really realise’s how much it takes to actually step In to the ring. Training is a completely different thing, everyone can train but once you step into that ring you really challenge yourself. You find who you really are as a person and how far you can push your self. I’ve seen people just crumble and give up, I take my hat of to them because it really isn’t easy but with each time you do get stronger and stronger.

3. How do you think Muay Thai has helped out outside of the ring?

Well Muay Thai has helped me by being disciplined and being respective of people, it keeps you out of trouble most definitely. It’s something I’m really focused on so I’m not just doing nothing in life, working a job I hate, waking up every morning thinking where is my life going. I can say heaps of positive things where Muay Thai has played a massive part in my life and it’s taken me places.

4. What has been your proudest moment in Muay Thai?10551883_10152245708529562_1493570289_n

My proudest moment would be traveling to Japan, meeting amazing people and fighting some of the hardest fighters iv ever had at the young age I did. To be invited back again for the 4th time makes me really proud of what I had achieved.

5. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be and why?

Ahm I’m not to sure really, I love the promotion Real Hero and to be on the show twice so far I’m really grateful, it is such an awesome show to be on, I love it.

10543266_10152245708524562_1860998876_n6. Have you ever had any embarrassing moments in Muay Thai?

Some embarrassing moments, I haven’t had any yet but I’m sure they will come haha

7. Whats you’re Favorite after weigh in meal?

After weigh in meal would probably be pizza, kebab or Nutella haha it’s really not something you should eat but I just can’t help myself lol

8. Do you ever have people tell you you’re to pretty to fight? what do you think of those types of comments?

Yea people do say that, I just say well Thankyou and have a laugh in a nice way but it’s not going to change my decision of being a professional fighter.

9. What are your plans for the rest of 2014, any fights coming up?10541042_10152245708539562_247077791_n

Yes more fights to come, I’m going to Japan in 3 weeks to compete in the S-Cup tournament, really just focus on fixing a lot of my skills, I have a lot to work on so looking forward to it all

10. Any advise to girls wanting to fight?

I say DO IT GIRLFRIEND! It’s such an amazing sport and we really do need more girls involved, you can really have a lot of fun with it.

Anyone you would like to Thank?

I would love to thank my trainers/manager Hamody Najjarr and Jason Lapin they have taught me absolutely everything I know and they have so much knowledge after 8 years I’m still learning so much!


Interview By Natasha Sky July 2014, Photos supplied

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