Muay Thai Elbows, Not as bad as you think


When I first started to fight I couldn’t wait to be able to fight with elbows, I always thought that if im going to do this, I want to do it properly. My first trainer told me that he would never let me fight with elbows because I was a girl, he didn’t want me to get cut and get scars over my face, he said girls shouldn’t fight with elbows! this really pissed me off! I put in the hard work, I want to fight with elbows, I shouldn’t have been told no because I’m a girl, this made me more determined to do it! After my first two fights, one 41239_438835600896_313541_nkickboxing rules and the next was modified Thai (no elbows and no knees to the head) i left and went to another gym. I was so glad my new trainer respected me as a fighter and not just a girl. My trainer started to teach me all types of elbows, cross elbows, down elbows, spinning elbows, jumping elbows, there are so many cool types of elbows to learn. After a few fights modified Thai (no elbows) as the girls at that level didn’t want to fight with elbows I was finally lined up for my first elbow fight, I was like hell yeah no more of that pussy modified Thai rules crap (even though i was sort of freaked out because I didn’t know what to expect). The only thing was, it was against a world champion with triple my fighter experience!

Whala I got hit with a lot of elbows and got cut on the top of my head. I have now been cut a few times, a couple on the top of my head and one in the middle of my forehead. I always wondered what getting hit with and elbow would feel like or even worse getting cut, I imagined it would be really painful. My gym mates tried to tell me that it didn’t hurt and getting cut isn’t that bad, but I thought they were just saying that so I didn’t freak out before my fight. Now people often ask me if it hurts, they are surprised when I tell them no. Getting hit with and elbow in a fight is not what most people expect, it was definitely not what I expected. I always tell people that I would much 190679_397400663678777_1938951327_nrather get hit with and elbow that get rocked by a punch. They find that hard to believe, but its true! Getting hit with a big punch can really hurt, rock you and put you off, its hard to really explain unless you have experienced it. Getting hit with an elbow is quick, to me it’s like bumping your head on the corner of a cupboard, it’s a quick sting then its gone (of course unless it’s a KO elbow on the button which I haven’t experienced or one that does big damage) you know you have been hit with an elbow but it doesn’t linger like a punch does. When I was cut I didn’t realised until I felt the warm blood running down my face, if it wasn’t for the blood I wouldn’t have even felt or known I had been cut, that’s how much it doesn’t hurt. I guess there is the exception of being elbowed on the nose, eye socket or somewhere like that, of course that’s going to be different and i would think quite painfull but then again it might not be, ive yet to experience that and 46889_436497740896_4322679_ndon’t really want to either haha But generally getting elbowed in the face, I don’t think anyone has a reason to fear elbows, well unless you don’t want to take the risk of getting scars but elbows are a lot harder to land that people may think and its a lot harder to cut someone than you think. If you do get cut they are pretty good at stopping fights if they think its bad, especially for girls. The cut I got on my forehead was pretty bad and I wanted to keep fighting but the ref called it off. It looked like it was going to be a big scar but over time it has healed up and you can hardly see it. The cut its self in the fight didnt hurt i just felt the bloody run down my face. The next day was a different story though i had a headache and a forhead like a watermelon. So if you freaking out about fighting with elbows, my advise would be just relax, it really isnt that bad at all! Getting hit with an elbow in a fight is the least of my worries there is a lot worse things to get hit with in a fight for me. I quite like having elbow wars and getting cut in some sort of weird twisted Muay Thai way! It puts on a good show and blows smoke up the asses of those people they say women shouldnt fight. It gives me a cool cut to show my friends and they are think im crazy haha once you fight elbows you will never want to go back! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Muay Thai Elbows, Not as bad as you think

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, I haven’t fought yet but am also a big fan of using elbows. I’ve watched a number of women and men fight and use numerous elbows, it does add a very exciting dynamic to the matches. Do you feel the punch impact is worse than the other blows in terms of kicks, knees, etc.?

    • It all really depends on how hard its thrown. Getting a hard kick to the body if your not conditioned can be very hard to come back from. I guess it all comes down to what you train for and what your opponent is good at throwing. Some girls have a lot more power than others and better timing at landing shots also come into it. You just have to prepare your self for whatever they make bring to the ring 🙂 train hard

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