Jorina “jojo” Baars Multiple Champion from The Netherlands

Jorina Baars1780828_632111693491004_1078509170_n

The Netherlands

Name: Jorina Baars
Age:25 Weight: 67kg
Gym: SportsArt Den Helder ( The Netherlands )
Fight record:36 Fight 33 win 3 draw 0 loss
Titles: 11 titels 4 dutch Champion 4 european Champion 3 world Champion.

1. How long have you been training MuayThai, what made you want to become a fighter? 
I started training when i was 7. I love the sport directly. Before Thaiboxing I did a lot of sports but I did’t like it. When I started training Muay Thai I knew that I wanted to fight and see what I can do.
I was 12 when I had my first fight.

foto 12. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?
First I wish I was Dutch champion. After that I wish I was European champion and after that I wish I was world champion all of this was to stimulate myself to train harder and harder. And I did it!

3. Whats the hardest thing you have ever done in training?
After a training I take to time rest for recover my Injuries after a fight. But to restart training again I think that’s the hardest thing to do every time.

4. If you could fight on any promotion in the world what would it be? & Why?
I really don’t know….. Its hard to find a good Promotor and sponsors to get me a fight. Lion fight did it for me and I showed the world what I can do. So I will thank lion fight soooo much for giving me the chance.

5. What are peoples reactions when you tell them you’re a fighter? foto 3
They don’t believe it!!! When the “normal” people think of women fighters they think you look like a beast and like a male with big muscles. But I’m not HeHe

6. How did you come about your Fight name?
That’s a funny question! When I was 10 years old the jojo was hot! Every kid was play with it. And I was so good that the whole school call me jojo. And my name is Jorina so they call me before jojo just Jo

7. Who inspires you?
That’s Peter Aerts this man has a real fighters heart !!! I had a fight when My body was not totally fit, I had some injuries but one week before my fight I see a fight of Peter Aerts! Peter had a big injury in that fight and he won that fight. That was the moment that I thought ok you can fight with injuries but you need to keep you head and mind so strong that it’s no problem in the fight!! It’s all in your mind!!! When your mind is strong you can win all you want!

foto 3 (1)8. What are your plans for the rest of the year, do you have any fights lined up?
Yes I come back to America !!!!! Lion fight bring me back!!!
Watch my Facebook page for more info when and where 😉 I hope to say it end of this month.

9. What are your goals in Muay Thai?1173844_651530201549153_1719943353_n
Stay world champion and fight against everybody !!!

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to start training or have a fight?
Yes please start training you can see that Muay Thai is a sport for everyone it’s good for your health condition and it make you stronger.
And for the people who train and start fighting keep this in your mind!! Winners never quit and quitters never win!!!!

foto 5Anything People you would like to thank?
I will thank all my trainers and all my buddy’s in the gym who help me so that I’m ready for fights.

Will thanks my sponsors!!!!foto 4
Pro supps
Essimo fight gear

Twitter @JorinaBaars
Instagram @jojorinab


Interview by Natasha Sky June 2014, Photos supplied

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