My 23rd Fight Vs Slippery Thai girl.

I had two fights pull out before this fight, it had been a month and half since my last fight (Read Here) but i 8785_305743959531492_969404545_nfinally got a much awaited match, who would have thought it would have been so hard to fight a match up in Thailand. I don’t remember much about the weeks or days leading up to this fight as they start to blur together in Thailand if nothing stands out. I had no idea who i was fighting and when i got to the stadium, her name was Petseerung but id never seen her fight before. She had a really short boys hair cut in some sort of Mullet, normally the girls with boys hair cuts seem to be the serious fighters.531854_829360099758_1525709755_n You never know who you’re going up against and so far i had not been given any easy opponents so i knew i was in for another tough fight. This was my 4th fight in 4 months and my 23rd fight all up so i was feeling good, the more fights i have together the better i feel, i didn’t feel like i had any pressure on me i was just there to fight. The first round starts of really slow we just feel each other out, i land a few good leg kicks. The second round she heads straight for the clinch where she is pretty crafty and lands some good knees before the ref breaks it. Through out the round i land a few good combos but she wants to clinch and she dumps me at the end of the round. The third round speeds up a bit, im trying to box her and she just keeps diving it to clinch, she was super slippery in the clinch i couldn’t move her or get her off me. I had never fought anyone who clinched this way it was really different to all other girls i had fought, i cant really explain it the closest thing i think of is slippery. Lucky for me my clinch is stronger this round and im getting some knees on too. I manage to land a spinning elbow and flurry of punches, as she rushes in for the clinch i land some elbows to the top of her head. I land another spinning elbow at the end of the round just before the bell. I try to push up on her in the fourth round landing some good shots but she keeps rushing me every time i throw something, she kept pushing me to the ropes but not actually doing much, it was really messy. I felt like i had done enough already to win the fight so i tried to keep strong in the last round, don’t throw anything silly but still counter and throw enough to dominate which i did. I won the fight on points, it was a close tough fight and i was so close to cutting my first person, she had a big egg

My beast face! haha

My beast face! haha

on her face from the spinning elbow, it was just starting to split but not quite enough Dam! I have had so many fights now and still havent cut anyone, i hand not been cut in a long time too which i should think lucky. I didn’t have any injuries after this fight it was a pretty slow paced fight without a lot of aggression which normally makes for a cleaner less injury fight. The Thai girl was really nice after the fight she came over and said thanks and asked for photos. It was a good way to finish off the year with a win against a very slippery clinching Thai girl. I felt like i was finally shaking some of the ring rust i had built up over my 14month break from training and fighting.

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