Chelsea Hackett, IFMA Gold Medalist 2014

Chelsea Hackettimage[3]


Name: Chelsea Hackett
Age: 15
Weight: 58kg
Gym: Boonchu Gym
Fight Record: 7 fights-3 draws-3wins-1 loss
Titles: 57kg Junior IFMA world champion.

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to become a fighter?

I have been training Muay Thai for 3 years now. Fighting was never on the cards for me at the start, I really just wanted to have fun and be fit. After 6 months of training Angie offered me a fight, I thought I might as well give it ago and haven’t looked back since. I’m hooked!

image[2]2. Whats the hardest thing about being a fighter?

It would have to be cutting weight. I love food way too much!!

3. Do you ever worry about getting hurt?

No, never. In training every fighter is conditioned and mentally ready before stepping in the ring. I always remember to protect myself at all times and never get sloppy and drop my guard.

4. What are your goals in Muay Thai?

My goal is to be at the top, be the best female fighter of this time. I believe I can get there because I am one to never give up and I am always determined.

5. You recently won Gold for Australia in your weight at the IFMA games in Malaysia, tell us a bit about your experience and what it was like to win Gold?

The world games was the most amazing experience of my life. I met the most amazing people and the image[4]training and heat was insane! I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to represent my country in the sport I love and take home the gold. It was an awesome fight that I will always remember as being the fight that started my career! Winning gold at the age of 15 is mind blowing. I couldn’t believe I did it. I went through a lot of struggle with my weight loss while I was over there so to win gold was the topping on my cake haha!

6. Have you been sleeping with your gold medal and taking it everywhere lol ?

Haha yes I have taken it places to show people lol! But I’m too scared to sleep with it just incase I knock my self out with it it’s pretty heavy!!

image[1]7. Do you think Muay Thai has helped you in your everyday life?

Yes I do believe Muay Thai has helped me majorly in everyday life. I have become so fit and determined that I have succeeded in other sports like track and field and running at school, which I believe I never could have done without the fitness I gain from Muay Thai.

8. What is your favorite Muay Thai weapon and why?

My favourite weapon would have to be my right hand and left kick. These are my go to strikes! My right hand is my knock out punch 😉 but haven’t knocked anyone out with it yet but it’ll happen haha!

9. Whats next on your list for 2014?

This year I would love to fight for a title, it’s always on my mind and it would be such an awesome experience. I am also competing in the Australian championships later this year in October which will then lead me to the world championships number 2 in Bangkok next year!

10. Any advise to anyone wanting to start training Muay Thai or have a fight?image

Go for it! It has been the best thing I have ever done. Not only does it make you fit it is so fun!

Anyone you would like to Thank?

I just want to thank my parents for the endless days you drive me to the gym, watch me fight, dad being in my corner and just for being my number one supporters! Adrian Ormorod for holding pads for me everyday and being the best trainer and man, you do and give up everything for boonchu fighters and we can’t thank you enough. Wayne and Angie for giving me this amazing opportunity to represent your gym and always getting me fights. Your support is amazing. Jim Richards. He is like my second father and I would be lost without his support and knowledge, thank you so much jimmy for everything you have done to make me who I am today. And to my boyfriend Jordan who is behind what I do 100% and never gives up on me. And also he is my eating partner after every weigh in hehe 🙂


Interview By Natasha Sky, May 2014, photos supplied

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