Steph Glew, IFMA Gold Medalist 2014

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Name: Steph Glew
Age: 22
Gym: Seldys Thai Boxing Gym
Weight: 66kg
Fight record: 8w 1d
Titles: WA state title WMC 66.6kg, IFMA 2014 gold 71kg

1. How long have you been training MuayThai, what made you want to become a fighter?
I have been training in muaythai for about 4 years at Seldys gym. I started training to fight beginning of 2012. After seeing the wicked fighters at the gym, I quickly decided this is what I want to do.

1385118_10151776354117515_1999906936_n2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?
My biggest challenge is balancing my social life, work like and training. Making time for my friends and boyfriend can sometimes be difficult, having a set routine has definitely made it easier 🙂

3. What has been your biggest eye opener since becoming a fighter?
The realisation in myself that I found something I am dedicated too and love.

4. The question every beginner asks “does it hurt your shins”?10262039_10152346434833011_6922380851094704594_n
Yes must be the only answer to this question. After a fight I always have sore shins.

5. Whats the hardest thing you have ever done in training?
Would be not being able to run for a whole year due to shin splints….most people would be happy about this, but after using cross trainers etc u go crazy 😛 

6. If you could do pull off any technique in a fight (crazy or not) what would it be?
I guess I would like to pull off a knee to the head and end the fight.

7. Do you mix up your training with any other type of training? How do you think this helps?
Not really. I do some strength and conditioning classes at the gym, but other than that strictly muaythai. I love it.

download8. You just come back from the IFMA Games, you won Gold in your weight, Tell us a bit about that and how you felt winning gold?
The IFMA games was an amazing experience, and one I wish to be part of again. Winning gold was obviously the highlight, from the moment my hand was raised by the ref I could not stop smiling. It took a few hours to sink in what I had achieved, having to win 3 fights in 6 days and the steps leading up to the event. I guess the best way to explain how i felt wining was ‘complete happiness.10270710_789866637691782_5741806831506820036_n

9. What are you plans for the rest of 2014?
I planned to have a big 2014, with a few fights in the calendar already. I will be defending my State title in August….the rest to come haha

10. Any advise you would give to anyone wanting to have their first fight?10178094_10152312100168011_520426221055538512_n
Commit. Train hard. Most of all have fun!

Anyone you would like to thank?
All the people who have helped me with my training so far; crew at STBG; my boyfriend for putting up with me hahah. Would like to thank my sponsors Stirling Health Professionals and Dover Insurance Brokers. The biggest thanks to my trainer Mark Selden, would not be fighting if it wasn’t for him.

Seldys Thai Boxing Gym website (HERE)

Seldys Thai boxing Facebook page (HERE)

Interview By Natasha Sky, May 2014, Photos from Facebook

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