Carly Gangell Australian Jr Champion

 Carly Gangell961084_10202528931202066_951160492_n


Name: Carly Gangell Age: 16 Weight: 57 – 60kg Gym: Boars Martial Arts Fight Record: 4F, 3W, 1L Titles: 60kg Junior Australian Champion

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to become a fighter? I have been doing muay thai for 4 years. I watched two females preparing for fights at my first lesson and instantly wanted to be like them so I kept going. After training in Thailand a year later, I knew one day I wanted to fight.

10345095_10202528931122064_1296453138_n2. Only being new to fighting, what has been the hardest thing you have had to deal with or over come? Managing school and training is really difficult. I find it really hard to have energy at school after training in the morning and then I usually find myself doing my school work at training in the evening. Finding fights is also difficult.

3. How do you think Muay Thai has helped you in everyday life? Ever since I’ve been doing muay thai I have a lot more confidence in myself. Muay thai also motivates me to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

4. If you didn’t train Muay Thai what would you be doing? Probably just going to school and playing 10344818_10202528936362195_1469170241_nteam sports.

5. You recently trained and fought in Thailand, was it different to what you expected? I was enjoying some chocolate when I was told I was fighting in a few hours which I didn’t expect at all haha! As the only fight I had previously was fully padded I had no idea what to expect; I just listened to my trainers and tried not to over think anything. I ended up winning both of my fights in Thailand by KO.

10345091_10202528931082063_1548467636_n6. You won the Australian Jr champs in back in December, How did that feel? This gave you a place in the IFMA games, how was that experience? It was such an amazing feeling, especially because it was my first fight! Representing Australia at the IFMA games was incredible and something I will never forget. I met so many great people, watched some intense fights and learnt so much. I had to go up a division as there was no one else in mine but I won bronze which I am super happy with. My biggest challenge yet was fighting a southpaw from England who had about 90 fights; even though I lost I loved every second of the experience.

7. Who inspires you and why? My list is endless! All female fighters inspire me but Kristy Litster and Anita Pagnani have inspired me after watching them hit pads when I was 12 years old; so strong yet so lovely and friendly!

8. Have you had any embarrassing or funny Muay Thai moments? I got all geared up before my 10346852_10202528931162065_1558768578_nfirst fight only to realise I had a pretty bad wedgie. Lucky my best friend was there to help me out but we got some really weird looks…I was exhausted from laughing before I even got into the ring haha!

9. What are your goals in Muay Thai?  One day I hope to have a couple of titles and also to inspire other girls to get involved as it’s such an amazing sport!

10. People always say its good for young girls to learn to protect themselves, do think learning Muay Thai and becoming a fighter has given you the confidents and strength to protect your self from harm? I believe it’s really important for girls to learn some form of self defence. I know for myself muay thai has made me a lot stronger and confident which would most definitely benefit me in a harmful situation. At our gym we have a program for women (Females Fighting Forward) which teaches women’s self defence.

10363935_10202528936322194_1635943290_nAny advise for anyone wanting to train Muay Thai or become a fighter? Go for it! Train hard, give it your all and enjoy the journey along the way. Also, don’t forget to appreciate the hard work that your team put into your before you step into the ring.

Anyone you would like to thank? Everyone at Boars Martial Arts ( and the girls at Females Fighting Forward ( for their continued support! My Dad, Darren Gangell and my uncle, Marcus Porter who train me and yell at me. Thank you to my pad holder Craig McLeod for the endless rounds he puts me through. Thank you to Kristy Litster and Anita Pagnani for their continued support and guidance. Without these two I would have never started fighting and it’s because of them that I want to keep going. They have been there for me since day one. Thank you to Anita for also being my sparring and grappling 10364152_10202528931242067_1764799215_npartner.

Thanks to my Mum and Dad who support me through everything and also to my brother and sister who train with me and motivate me to keep going. Also thank you to Natasha Sky for this interview.

Carly is looking for Fights so Please contact her Trainer Darren Gangell at Boars Martial arts gym in Adelaide


Interview by Natasha Sky May 2014 Photos supplied

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