My Birthday Fight, Rematch Thai Champion


A cool poster to show the grandkids one day or Dane and I on the same poster 🙂

It had been a month since my last fight (Read here) as i had a few injuries but i was really wanting to fight on this night because it was my birthday, i had never had a fight on my birthday before so i thought it would be cool. The only thing that sucked was that Dane was also fighting so he couldn’t be in my corner which freaked me out a bit. We had some of our students from our gym we had in Australia visiting, they had never seen either of us fight so it was a good opportunity for them to see both of us fight in one night. I already knew who i was going to be fighting, she was the Thai girl i got a draw with in my first fight (Read Here) back after my break, the champion of all the schools in Thailand,  i didn’t think i had learnt enough to be able to beat her this time, i really wanted to have a few more fights before we had a rematch but oh well i was just happy to fight and learn. I go through all the normal fight prep, hands wrapped, rub down, shadow, its starts to feel a lot more relaxed for me now compared to a few fights ago, i was really starting to learn to deal with my nerves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe fight starts out slow with her trying to Teep me a few times but i manage to parry then counter with a low kick each time. This seems to frustrate her a bit so she tried to rib kick me, i catch and sweep her to the ground, she gave me that face the Thai girls do when they think ok it’s on B***h. The second round she comes out a lot faster than the Thai girls normally do and lands a good jumping knee to my body, we exchange punches and kicks then start to clinch which is how she dominated me in our first fight. I clinch so much better this time though, still not quite as good as her. She continues to walk forward and try for the jumping knee into the clinch which she gets most times, i did manage to push her to the side and step around her at one time( hard to explain on here but id been practicing it in training and was so happy to pull it off i didn’t follow up after it haha). The third round she just hunts me for the clinch scoring good points on the way in each time, i wasnt very confident in the clinch with this girl and she knew it. She smashed me on points the third round i didn’t really land anything clean. I knew i had to step it up in the fourth round so i came out hard landing some good shots, a catch and sweep and a good clinch. She bounces around and comes forward, i try to stand my ground but she gets the better of me in the clinch again for a bit, i OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcome back and land some good knees and an up elbow under her chin ( didn’t do anything but it was cool ). It was close buti knewi was behind on points, she was just to tricky in the clinch. The finale roundi manage to get a dump on her at the start of the round, she hunts for the clinch and gets a few good knees on. She takes the win in a tough fight,i lost the fight buti was proud of the improvementsi had made in the clinch compared to our last fight, it gave me a bit moer confidents in actually clinching with the Thai girls instead of just trying to avoid the clinch asi had been, so it was still a win for me andi knew thati could only get better. It was hard without Dane in my corner to keep me calm and tell me what to do, I had only ever missed one fight with out Dane in my corner before so fighting without him there was another feari had to get over this night, im not sure if it would have made too much difference to the fight as the girl i fought was just more skilled than me. Dane went on to win his fight on points so at least one of us had a win for my birthday. So that was another thingi can cross off my list, fighting on my birthday, nowi will always

Dane and I with our Students from Australia

Dane and I with our Students from Australia

remember my 29th birthday not with a hangover but with a fight :). My Sinbi trainers were happy with my fight but they said i was moving too much which made me lose. I didn’t feel like i was going back that much but when i watched the video i understood what they were saying, so it was something i had to work on. They told me that even going back a little bit or moving to much can make you look scared and that Muay Thai has a block for everything so we don’t need to move, we must stand strong. This was totally different to the way i was trained in Australia where my trainer would tell me to move all the time to the sides and circle the ring. It’s hard to break old habits but i was going to try.

Happy Birthday to Me!! Fight Number 22!!


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