Getting hit in the Boobs, Ouch!

There are a lot of things that suck about being a female in a contact sport and one of them is getting hit in the boobs. After sparring with some kids on the weekend and getting 10 punch combos to my boobs which were already sore because I was close to that time of the month, I thought I would write a bit of my images (4)experience with this. I haven’t been hit in the boobs to much during my fights but there was one time that I did get teeped really hard with the heal of my opponents foot right into my boob, it hurt a lot, I remember complaining about it when I went back to my corner. I have been hit in the boobs more in training than in fights, mainly by beginners or people that teep high. Here are some of the boob bashings I have received.
The Heal Titty Teep- When your opponent teeps you straight in the boob with their heal, it feels like your nipple is now on your back and your boob has exploded like a balloon.
The Nipple Cripple Teep- When your opponent teeps you in the nipple with their toes and in pinches just download (1)like a giant nipple cripple.
The Nipple Flick Teep- When your opponent flicks their teep up under your boob and their toes catch you on the nipple. This feels like you nipple has been ripped off!
The High kick Nipple slap- When your opponent try’s a high kick but just doesn’t have the distance right and comes short, not short enough to miss completely. Their toes and sometimes end of the foot slaps you straight across the boob if you’re lucky which still hurts like a mofo but if it just gets your nipple oooola la it’s like a nipple cripple from hell!
The Boob Punch- When your opponent miss judges a sternum punch or just wants to punch you in the boobs?! Or if it’s a little kid who wants to go all out crazy on your boobs because they are not too sure about punching you in the face, either way it’s not as bad as the kicks most of the time but if you get sore boobs like I do at certain times of the month it can be super painful.
The knockers Knee- When your opponent has you in the clinch and has either pulled your head down or rolled you on the side and they try to knee your body or head and get a few in the middle. This one is a killer, it doesn’t happen to me very often but I know about it when it does Ouch!
In saying this, I have had no major boob injuries, a couple of bruised nipples but that’s about it. I’m just lucky I don’t have very big boobs, i feel sorry for the girls that do because they would most likely cop more download (2)boob bashings than me, I don’t get hit very often. I do have super sensitive boobs for about 2 weeks of every month, before and during my period, it sucks they hurt to even wear a sports bra or just to touch, so even getting a small knock then can be really painful for me.
Should I wear a chest protector? I probably should but they are so dam uncomfy! I wore a chest protector for my first 2 fights and it felt horrible. Big hard plastic piece of crap that gave me Madonna boobies and made me feel like a robot. I couldn’t find one that would fit me properly, one that wouldn’t cut into my ribs and leave bruises. I don’t think I could ever get away with wearing one in training where most of the boob bashing

happens, it just wouldn’t work with all the different exercises. I’m sure getting hit in the boobs hard can’t be good for us females but we can’t just go chop our boobs off. One day hopefully someone can design a more comfy and fitted chest protector for women, until then I’m just thankful for my wee bitty titties. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Getting hit in the Boobs, Ouch!

  1. I love how you talk about all of the obvious aspects of women’s combat sports that the rest of us are too coy to bring up! I think this might be an individual thing as I’ve never experienced any particular pain when getting hit in the lady-lumps (c*nt shots are a whole different story). Totally agree through that female protective wear needs to be better than it currently is. Those chest-protectors are ridiculous!

    • Caley has had a few nasty boob shots over the years One from me ooopsy she said she has had bruised boob before. I think its rare to get hit in the boobs bad enough for it to really hurt but when you do it can def be very sore. I know a girl with fake boobs that fights and she has to wear one just incase she gets hit, she got teeped in training one time and it done some damage , she was out for a while from it. I wish someone would come up with a better chest protector because by the proper WMC rules women are supossed to wear them.

  2. Ouch. I even find it hurts just by getting hit from my own knuckles/pads grips when I held pads for knees of push kicks. Years ago when I was competing in Kung Fu I had a chest plate (much like the one you talked about), at the time I bought it without thinking twice considering we’d get punch in the chest a lot, and there was no gloves to cover those knuckles, and I’d get some mean bruises from those, but I remember it being comfy and almost like I wasn’t wearing it. Maybe I was just lucky that it just happened to fit me really well (it won’t fit me now). I haven’t seen what the new ones look like these days though.

  3. Great timing with your post! A few weeks ago I bought a proper boob protector (my “armour” as I started calling it) and it was soooo uncomfortable and I was so pissed off, I wrote to the manufacturer bashing about it. Seems this is a “new model”…New model my ass, it’s a torture. The best thing is, they wrote me back, asking me for suggestions!! 😀 So I wrote them what they should change, even sketched a picture of a perfect boob armour (for me). I will let you know if they come back to me with something useful 😀

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  5. Hi,
    That is funny to see others have the same experience. I’ve never ever used any kind of protectors simply because I don’t feel comfortable on them. I feel that I’m not flexible enough to fight good enough in a ring. 😀 😀 I have the same experience i doesn’t matter a receive a knee on my crotch or right on my boobs. Both are terrible! oh my gosh! it’s a real ouch! 😀 I never forget the first knees I received in my life. Specially when you know your foe hit as hard as she can to prove herself to a boy friend! 😀

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