Sindy Huyer Champion From Italy

Sindy Huyer564045_534971816578645_247744289_n

Name: Sindy Huyer Weight: 57 kg Gym: Boxe Madone Age: 27 Fight record: 54(40 muaythai 6 lost 34 win ) (14 boxing 4 lost 10 win)  Titles: wpmf 55 kg 2009 WMA 57kg Wako pro Thailand 56 kg Wfc Italian Champion 56 kg

1. How long have you been training MuayThai, what made you want to become a fighter?
I training from 8 years in muaythai …i start cause i follow my brother and cause i like one fighter and i want become famous fighter for make he remember about me 😉

2. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?
I have many challenge in my fighter life but i did everything for show who I am…many people in my life want push me down or talk bad but i go always straight in my life and do i what i want !

3. Whats your Favorite Muay Thai weapon?1453442_558530294222797_2023509895_n My favorite muaythai weapon is of course elbows 😉

4. You are in the semi final of the World Muay Thai Angels, how exciting! What has it been like fighting on such a huge female promotion?
Its super.. very good experience cause i think its one of the more famous tournament in the world.
For me it is an honor to participate.

5. You will be fighting a very experienced Thai in your next fight on The World Muay Thai Angels promotion, do you have a game plan?
My game plan is not so difficult to guess..because it is difficult to beat Thai people by points in Thailand so i have to give all my self during the fight …

6. Do you prefer to fight at home or in Thailand? why?1426707_558529880889505_2043145883_n
If we talk about muaythai i prefer fight in Thailand cause i feel like home …in Italy many things change about Rules..

7. What is you favourite after weigh in meal?
I like to eat everything that is bad for my body ….like McDonald and chocolate cakes 😉

8. If you could fight on any promotion what would it be? why?
Good question …i want rematch with Caley Reece…i ask many times from many years but seems impossible i don’t know why ….

9. Have you had any embarrassing moments? 1896724_609935409082285_2119148818_n Mmmhh yes when during the fight i forget wai khru 😉

10. What advise would you give to someone wanting to have their first fight?
Believe in yourself 😉 the life is once, don’t be shy and have fear from nothing people can say what they want but the life is yours so follow your heart 😉

Anyone you would like to thank?
Thanks to my family my brother my mother my father the most important inspiration of my life! My trainer Alex Gualandris That always follow me, my sponsor Vandal and Adidas Mauro Spadotto and Roberto Cassarino that put me in muaythai Angels541492_431696550239506_1037103119_n

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Interveiw by Natasha Sky, April 2014 photos from Facebook

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