Kristan Armstrong, WBC State Champion, Australia

Kristan Armstrongphoto 4


Name: Kristan Armstrong
Weight: 51kg
Gym: Manho Academy of Martial arts Darwin
Age: 31 years young
Fight record: 18 fights 10 wins 1 KO Titles: 51 & 53Kg WBC State Champion, Former Australian Champion.

1. How long have you been training MuayThai, what made you want to become a fighter?

I began training Muay Thai for fun and fitness going on 4 years ago now and I began fighting 3 years ago. I didn’t really plan on fighting it just happened one day and I haven’t stopped since. It is addictive!

photo 12. What has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

I think the biggest challenge is staying focused and living the healthy lifestyle when everyone around me is enjoying the Darwin lifestyle.

3. What has been your biggest eye opener since becoming a fighter?

I think the level of respect fighters show towards each other especially after a war in the ring.

4. Did you have any myths you busted or proved true once you became a fighter?photo 5

Um nothing really only thing I would say is I realised I am stronger than I thought. oh and I can take a pretty descent punch haha..

5. The question every beginner asks “does it hurt your shins”?

Haha.. It doesn’t tend to hurt my shins during a match but Yes it does hurt after the match when the adrenalin has worn off.

6. If you could do pull off any technique in a fight (crazy or not) what would it be?

I wish to one day land a jumping spinning back elbow. 🙂 I fall over every time i try it in training!!

photo 27. Do you ever fear getting cut?

I have never thought about getting cut during a bout. I have been cut once during training by my own gloves….They were ripped and I had blocked a punch resulting in the glove cutting me across my left eyebrow.

8. Do you work full time? How to you fit your Training into your day?

I do work full time, I manage a small team of people. My employment is very supportive and always allow me time off to travel for any competition. I basically train before and after work even during my lunch break leading up to a fight. It can be very tiring but it is very rewarding when you can see the results of your hard work.

9. Have you ever had to fight one of your friends? Was it weird?

I have fought a friend and I didn’t feel weird if anything I think we fought harder than ever before.

10. Any advise to people wanting to have a their first fight?

Have fun and enjoy your self.

Anyone you would like to Thank?photo 3

I would like to thank my trainer Corey Impelmans, training mates, family and awesome buddies for all the hard work, effort and time they put in to me especially putting up with me and my crazy moods in and out of the gym. With out them I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my goals in Muay Thai. Thank you for the continued support!

Interview by Natasha Sky March 2014, Photos Supplied

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