A Fighters Bad Hair Day! Getting your hair under control.

Hair getting in your face can be so annoying when you train & fight! By the end of training or a fight you can look like you have been dragged out of a bush, swung around by the hair and struck by lightning (you sometimes feel like you have too) you look sort of like your barbie dolls did when you were a kid, it’s not the best look for your fight photos or video. It sucks during sparring when you have to keep fixing your hair Tips_to_fix_winter_bad_hair_daysbecause its covering your eyes and you can’t see. It really sucked for my trainer one day when he had messed by hair up so bad in sparring that I couldn’t see anything, I was in the corner and he was unloading on me so I just went for a big wild kick not knowing where it was going to land as I couldn’t see past my hair in my eyes. Next thing I know is he’s lying on the ground in so much pain he couldn’t even catch his breath, I had kicked him square in the Nuts! We had to cancel the rest of training and it took him a good 20 mins to be able to get up off the floor, Ooppsy! He said he was in pain for days and his wife had to help him in to bed. I told him don’t mess up my hair!

I got so angry that I couldn’t get my hair to stay out of my eyes at training, that one day I went home and got the scissors, held my hair up and started cutting it off! it was about 1inch short all over. My hubby came into the bathroom and was like “what the hell are you doing!” I was so frustrated and mad so I just hacked it off. It worked well for a bit until it started to grow back and I didn’t really want to cut it again as I didn’t really like the look of my short hair after i had done it. Another thing that sucks, is when you get hair in your mouth in a fight! Nothing worse than trying to breathe and you have your own or someone else’s hair in your mouth sticking to your tongue, it’s a real a distraction for me, I can’t stand hair in my mouth. Then your try to wipe it out 228446_227292837287059_7553803_nand you get sweat, Vaseline and Thai oil in your mouth too, I can’t just leave it there I have to get it out, it drives me nuts. Then you have the awesome photos of you with your hair sticking out everywhere so you look like crusty the clown! Yeah not so bad if you lose but if you win a belt or something you want to be able to share your photos around and maybe print some off for your wall, you don’t want to have this awesome belt or trophy then have this wild hair saying hello out one side of your head! This happened to me in one of my early fights, I won and my hair was all over the place on one side, I looked a mess. I was hating the photo and my hubby was teasing me about my hair, then what do you know my first ever photo in the Muay Thai mag and it’s that photo! I looked like a total spazo, hair all over the place! Since then I have always tried my best to make sure I do my hair properly so that doesn’t happen again, you never know where your photos might end up.
So over the years I have tried so many different ways to do my hair for training and for fighting. You can’t beat a good set of braids or bands for a fight, don’t make the mistake of thinking a pony tail with just do because 9 out of 10 times especially if you do a lot of clinching your hair will come out. Training is another story, it’s a bit hard to get your hair braided or banded every day. I found it’s my fringe that gets in my face 2013-03-27 13.23.01the most so I like to either just braid that section back or put a band in it to make a little pony tail and then join it back into a bigger pony tail/Bun/plat at the back. I also do this with my sides as well if they are getting in my way. It’s a hard one when it comes to the back of my hair as I like to wear my hair up high on the top of my head so it’s not in the way for clinching but at the same time when I do this my hair breaks off from all the rubbing on the back of my head, I end up with all broken short bits at the back like a mullet. If I wear it down low it ends up all coming out and going everywhere & I feel bad when my training partner is eating my hair. Sometimes it depends on who you train with, my old trainer would make a total mess out of my hair every single time I spared with him but then I have spared and clinched with people who don’t mess it up at all. Also what type of hair you have and how long it is, my hair is only just past shoulder length and it’s fried out a frizzy from all the dye so it gets messed up really easy.

Who would have thought I’d be able to write a whole blog on just messy hair! But for me this is a very important subject and getting your hair right for a fight is serious stuff. Not only do you want it to stay out of your face and mouth you have to look good too. It’s one of the crazy things we go through as female fighters that most males don’t understand. So if you’re a male trainer reading this and your first time female fighter is asking about her hair tell her to get it braided. I do my own hair for my fights and a few little tips for people doing their own hair:
. The smaller and tighter you do the braids & bands the better. Do not pull it too tight though you don’t want a head ache before your fight.

2013-05-17 12.16.54 . Use a bit of Vaseline to help to keep all the small fly away hairs in.

2013-05-29 11.18.39

. If you use little rubber bands don’t spray hair spray on them they will break. I have had them braking off during my fight & flinging all over the ring.


. Use more than one band on the end of any braids or Plats because they might snap in the fight (seen it plenty of times) and there goes your hair!

2014-02-15 12.14.08

. Don’t wear and sharp/hard objects in your hair like bobby pins or clips you don’t want to injure yourself or your opponent or poke some ones eye out.

2014-02-14 16.08.01

. Get your hair done early in the day so you don’t have to stress out and rush at the last minute.


. Think about what you want to do first, you don’t want to get some crazy hair style that is going to take you hours to get out at the end of the night. Fine if you have someone to help you then its easy but if you’re tired, injured and cut, the last thing you want to do is spend all night trying to take your own hair out or having to sleep with dirty Vaseline, sweat, blood covered hair.

2014-02-08 12.28.34

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Use coloured bands and ribbons in your braids to add some funk! After a while you will find what works the best for you, you might have a few bad hair days but we all have them.

Last of all if you plan to dye your hair do it a few days before and give it a wash because you dont want lines of colour running don your face during training or a fight. Ive had this and it looked terrible in photos.

If your training of fighting anywhere near me come get your hair done, I’ve been doing fight hair for years now Check out my page (HERE)
Also Follow me at Natasha Sky Fight page


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