The Pre Fight Cleaning Bug, Do you have it?

Do you go on a mad cleaning frenzy before you fight? I always thought I was the only one that did this! Until I was Reading a status on Facebook about someone’s wife who also does this before she fights and then download (15)other female fighters were commenting saying they also clean before they fight! HMMM sounds pretty strange to me, I wonder why we get this cleaning bug before a fight when we are supposed to be relaxing and getting in the zone. I have been doing this since the start but I didn’t ever realise I had been doing it up until I had about 10 or so fights. My house is normally a bit of a mess when I’m in fight training, I just don’t have the time or the energy to clean it. The last few days before the fight, training stops and the cleaning begins. I find myself doing cleaning things I wouldn’t normally do on a regular basis like dusting, washing walls or cleaning out cupboards. One thing just leads to another and I can’t stop, even though I know I should be relaxing and recovering, saving my energy. I’m not totally sure what brings this on, it’s like when a women is about to have a baby and they “nest” clean their house and get ready for the new baby. They say they do this by instinct and that it’s not something they plan to do. Maybe its women instinct to clean when she knows something big is happening like a fight, maybe it’s instinct to prepare for injuries, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a nervous thing and cleaning takes our minds off the fight and helps us to focus on something else. Maybe we want our fight to be so perfect and smooth that we start making our house look perfect and clean, who knows. Even the fact we have been training our heart out and haven’t stopped for weeks might have something to do with it. It’s hard to just stop and do nothing after going full bore for so long, cleaning keeps you busy and active.

This is Me cleaning while cutting weight! Very Angry Lady!

This is Me cleaning while cutting weight! Very Angry Lady!

Mess does my head in! I hate mess! I feel uneasy when I have a messy house I can’t relax so I know that is definitely part of why I clean before a fight, I want to come home to a nice clean fresh house and relax. I get a massive adrenalin dump after I fight and I get depressed so a clean house helps me to get over that, a clean house makes me feel good.
There has got to be more to this cleaning madness or is it just one of those unexplained female mysteries! Either way I’ve come accustom to doing strange things before a fight so getting down and dirty, cleaning the bathroom or dusting the whole house on fight day is a normal thing for me. The more “normal” I can keep my day the more relaxed I am for my fight so that’s good!

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