Melina Yung From Australia

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Name: Melina Yung Age: 34 Gym: Urban Fight Gym Fight record: 6f 3w 1d 2L

 How long have you been training Muay Thai ,What made you want to become a fighter?

I’ve been training since 2004 so around 10 years. I had my first fight in Dec 2009 after training for a while and thinking i’d like to put what i’ve learned to the test. I thought I’d “just have 1 fight, to see what it’s like” and after that I was instantly hooked. There is NOTHING that compares to the natural adrenaline high that I feel after a fight!

 Whats has been your biggest challenge as a fighter?

After my first fight in 2010 I was plagued with injuries during training and had to take a year off to recover, during which time i put alot of weight back on. I tend to struggle with my diet in between fights, the most. I am a “foodie” and am still learning to get myself back on track once i’ve had my post-fight eating celebrations! This is a constant challenge for me.

1235047_548386605217177_146642789_n (1) What has been your proudest moment?

So far, my proudest moment would have been after my 5th fight, I felt absolutely awesome. I was really happy with how I fought and felt the fittest i’d been in my whole life. I was so proud of this fight that I rode the adrenaline rush for almost 2 weeks!!

 Who have been your inspirations along the way?

I have been inspired by so many people along the way. By my trainers both past and present, all my fighter friends, especially my ladies who are currently training for their first fights (or have just had them). Watching these girls training hard every week and progressing so well in their training, really spurs me on. My boss at the gym Melissa Walsh, inspires me, to watch her come back after her first baby, loose 20kgs to then go on to win Silver at the World Games! She’s amazing!! Also my very good friend Caley Reece, who’s mental and physical strength blows me away! Caley is such a caring, generous and supportive friend and I am blessed to have her in my life.

 What would you say has been your biggest eye opener since becoming a fighter?IMG_0081

The dedication and mental toughness you need to have to prepare for fights and weight cut. It’s really amazing to experience and watch others go through the motions of pre-fight prep. Learning that it’s not all about what you physically do, but ALOT to do with mental prep as well.

If you could pull off any move in a fight (crazy or not ) what would it be?

Switch kick to head into spinning back heel head kick (there’s probably a proper name for that) but it would be awesome to land this…just like in the video of young Pet Jee Jaa where she knocks her brother down in that bar fight show video (round 2 at the 1min mark). That would be pretty cool to do!

 Do you do any other type of Cross training apart from Muay Thai?

No just the normal strength and conditioning and running as part of my Muay Thai training.

IMG_0228What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

My trainer and I are planning to get me on as many show’s as possible this year and also i’m hoping to compete in the National Championship Trials at the end of the year to fight for a place on the Australian Team for the World Games next year.

Any advise for anyone wanting to have their first fight?

DO IT! Absolutely! Train hard, make sure you’re fit and just enjoy the experience. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for a “win”. Just get in there and give it your all, that’s the best you can do.

Anything else you would like to add? As well as fighting, I also run Nationally Registered Fighters (Australia), it’s a website with an online database of fighters around Australia. Each registered fighter gets an online profile, we keep their fight records up to date online and help promoters to match their fight cards by supplying and promoting our members to them. We encourage all fighters and trainers who want help in getting matched for fights both locally and nationally to get onboard at or Yung v Earnest-43shoot us an email at Also you can follow us on Facebook at where we do a huge amount of promoting of our members and upcoming shows around the country!

People you would like to thank? I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my trainer Richard Walsh, who puts in TIRELESS amounts of hours into my training and fight prep, he’s so supportive and hard-working and I look forward to doing him proud every fight because I know how much time he sacrifices for his fighters! Thank you to my sponsors; Punish Fight Gear Punish have done so much for me and really support everything I do 

Thank you to my sponsor and friend Caley Reece for the awesome ladies thai shorts she always kindly decks me out in and fight prep advice! I am forever grateful for Caley’s generosity (check out Caleys range of shorts at

I’d also like to thank Melissa Walsh, who is a qualified Nutritionist & Naturopath at Urban Fight Gym. Mel helps me with my diet and nutrition pre-fight to ensure I am on track and continually takes time out of her busy schedule to make sure i’m healthy and doing ok.

Lastly thank you to all my friends and family for being supportive and understanding of my strict regimes when I know it can sometimes be long delays in between catch ups!! Thank you for always coming to support me at my fights even when i have to miss so many functions during fight prep! Love you all x

Interview By Natasha Sky, Photos supplied march 2014

Follow Natasha Sky Fight Page (HERE)pizap.com13933998056232


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