Some small Tips, What i use for Muay Thai Training, Fighting and Recovery

Throughout the years of fighting I have picked up some little tricks along the way that have helped me with pizap.com13933998056232my training, fighting and recovery. Sometimes it’s these little things that can really make a difference. I thought I would share a few of them with you and maybe they can help you too.

Fight Prep:
Full lap oval sprints- For beginners I think these are a must. To sprint a lap of the football oval is about the Swifts_creek_football_ovalsame time as a fight round. So if im fighting 5 rounds then I must be able to sprint 5 laps with a 1 min break between each lap. This to me simulates what it’s like to fight a 5 round fight and it really helps with learning to push yourself past what you think you can do. By the time you get around the oval to the end your barley running but as long as you are pushing you’re hardest. You can also mix it up add more laps and shorten the break once you get (3)


Slippery ring- I always put a bit of something sticky on my feet before I head out the ring. Normally put a small puddle of coke or red bull on the ground and step my feet in it to make them sticky. I have even used hair spray and the grip cream football players use so they don’t drop the ball while they play.

Banged shins- I’m always getting banged shins after fights and I like to fight regularly so this is what I do to heal my shins.
Mix Ginger powder and apple cider vinegar to quantity needed, make a thick paste, add no more than a tea-spoon of salt. Spread the paste over affected area and the wrap firmly with plastic wrap several times round. Leave on for no less than an hour, it will start to get hot after about 20min. Wash off with COLD water. Repeat daily as necessary.


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So that’s just a few small tips, things I use to help me prepare, fight and recover. Keep following my blog posts and I will be posting more tips up randomly along the way.

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3 thoughts on “Some small Tips, What i use for Muay Thai Training, Fighting and Recovery

  1. It’s very important that your body is well conditioned and well prepared before a fight. This would definitely help you fight better and improve your chances of winning. Proper recovery is also essential as this would help strengthen your body even more.

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