Fight number 21 vs Big kicking Thai

It was only just over a week since i had my come back fight (READ HERE) after a big break over a year 199478_10151165987819674_249773210_noff, i got a draw in that fight and had no injuries so i wanted to get straight back in the ring. The trainers said i was crazy and to wait 10 days before i fought again. I got booked in for a fight as soon as i could, i didn’t want to waste any time because i don’t have very good luck with injuries and sickness so had to make the most of the time i felt good. I was still way over weight and struggling with it in training but i was starting to see a small improvement.

I went through the motions of a normal fight day eat, sleep, do my hair and relax. I was nervous for this fight, my Aussie trainer and his family were going to be there as they were over on a holiday. It had been years since he had been at one of my fights so i didn’t want to have a bad fight.

We get to the stadium and do the normal routine hands wrapped, oil rub down and a bit of shadow. I didn’t get to see my opponent as she was getting ready over the other side of the stadium as some fighters sometimes do. By this point in my fighting in Thailand i had started not to even bother worrying about who i was fighting as you just never know who you will get and half the time the trainers have no idea who your fighting either.

404688_10151043447501205_2091029702_nWe get to the ring and i notice she is a bit smaller than me but mainly because im fat and have a spare tyre around my waste. The first round starts out slow not much is thrown at all but what she was throwing was hard. She throws a right rib kick and i catch it but i don’t step to the side so i take all of the force, Holly crap! it was hard! I could feel my whole side start burning and welting up, i couldn’t believe this girl had that much power! The second round starts and i could hardly hear the music the rain was pouring so loud on the stadium roof and we had a spray of mist over us in the ring. She throws another 2 big right rib kicks lands one and then tries for a 3rd i catch and sweep her to the ground. After she gets up she tries for another right rib kick but i catch her with a flurry of punches and push her back on the ropes and we start to clinch, i land a few good knees then she dumps me. I chase her with some more big punches snapping her head back but she just continued to smile. The 3rd round i come out bombing with hands snapping her head back so far she was nearly doing a back bend but yet again she just looked back at me like it was nothing. She continued to throw those big 2012-09-27 02.16.24rib kicks landing a few and me checking a few and catching and sweeping one. My whole left side was so sore now and i was getting really tired she was way fitter than me. The 4th round i finally realised i should be blocking her kicks not catching them so i started to block them all, she bounced around everywhere throwing kicks from each side i managed to block most of then and come back with a few good ones. Last round i block everything she throws and get a few good knees on in the clinch. At the last bell i wasnt sure if i had won or not it had to be super close cause i felt her get the better of me a few times when i was gassing out. The judges gave it to me so that was good i definitely felt like i had 2012-09-27 22.54.26worked really hard for that win and it was good to have a win in front of my Aussie Trainer. I didn’t feel like i fought very well though i was still pretty rusty and being over weight really makes me feel sloppy and slow. After the fight i was in so much pain my whole left side was welted up with toe prints and it hurt to breath. I had to have 2 weeks off training it was that sore i couldn’t even sit up in bed for about a week. My shin was all busted up from blocking. It’s still hard to believe how much power came from her kicks, i have fought girls alot bigger than me and even they couldn’t kick that hard. Glad to get a win though and just gotta keep training hard to drop more weight and get my fitness back.

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