Never To old for Muay Thai !

One of my biggest fears as a fighter is that one day I will be too old to fight anymore. This scares the hell out of me. The one thing in this world that makes me feel complete has a used by date. I’m now 30 years imagesold and I haven’t yet had any children so I think my time is coming near. I didn’t start Muay Thai until I was in my mid 20s and I always wished I had started earlier so I would have more time to develop into an experienced skilled fighter. I have always thought that I had started late and didn’t have enough time to become the fighter I wanted to be. Over the years I have come across ladies who are fighting into their late 30s, 40s and even 50s! Some of those ladies didn’t even start training until they were in their 30s and 40s. These ladies have gone on to be champions in the sport and even world champions. This has given me hope that maybe my time isn’t coming to an end and that after I have children I can come back and continue to fight for as long as my body will let me. Who says there is and age limit on fighting hey! Not these ladies! So I thought I would write this blog piece to share some of those inspirational ladies stories and hopefully inspire all those people out there to follow their dreams because your never to old to start!

Name: Chantel Jones1379638_10151851487371077_1284965812_n
Age: 37.5
Gym: True Grit Thai Boxing
Fight record4 fights,1 D 3 W
Titles: None

1. How old were you when you started training & why did you start?

I did a little bit of boxing and kickboxing when i was travelling in the 90’s but didn’t commit until 27 after i  was settled and started to have kids. I then started Muay Thai because i had 2 young kidlets, a husband that worked FIFO and was highly stressed with 2 kids under 3.

2. What made you want to become a fighter, how did that come about?

I had a life change over a year ago, i started my own Muay Thai gym, my marriage split and i was close to a meltdown. I hosted Caley Reeces first ever seminar at my gym, exchanged numbers, contacted her for a PT session and the rest is history.Cales saved me from having that meltdown and fighting changed my life and my outlook.
1545034_10152100009846077_1190995287_n3. Do you think your age has affected you in your training and fighting?

Not at all, many people say that age slows you down but personally i think it motivates you more to push harder and enjoy life more. We mature therefore we respect things more so.
4. What are people’s reactions when you tell them what you do?

Well we are a very judgemental and stereotypical society so i certainly get a few raised eyebrows but the genuine people are normally pretty impressed and very supportive.

5. Do you have children? If so how do you find training and fighting with children?

Yes i have a 10 & 12 yr old girl and boy. Some days it can be very challenging juggling everything but i make it happen no matter what. My kids always come first, but there’s always a way to make things work.
6. What was/is your biggest fear training and fighting at and older age?

I don’t have a fear of age at all, i feel stronger and fitter than ever and more mentally stronger than when i was in my 20’s,i like to take it as it happens and deal with it then.

553046_10151811206531077_1494041559_n7. Do you think you train differently now to what you would if you were 20yr old, if so what differences are there?

Absolutely, i think we are in our prime in our 30’s. We are more mature, driven, respectful and know that nothing is ever given, in your 20’s you think you can do anything and that life goes forever. You don’t think about consequences, you don’t think about the future, you just think about the moment.
8. Do you find you have problems with recovery after training or fighting?994579_10151746834961077_203210118_n

No i believe that if you are healthy, strong and fit then you will recover well. It depends on injuries as to how well you bounce back but if you look after yourself then you shouldnt have any set backs due to age.
9. What are your future plans? Do you have and age limit or are you just going until your body says no?

Right now i feel great and i just live to train, getting in the ring is an added bonus, ive no plans to stop and the body certainly isn’t indicating any reason to.
10.Any advice for people wanting to start training or fighting after 30yr old?

I say do it. Age shouldnt become an excuse, kids shouldnt become an excuse and work should certainly not become an excuse. If you want it, do it.

Anything else you would like to add?

 I’m a single mother of 2, i run my own business, i work 3 jobs, i drive 1 hour to training 2-3 times a week and back again, i train at 2 different gyms for variety aswell as run my own and train fighters.There is no excuse, if its your passion then nothing will get in your way.

People you would like to thank?

Thanks to District Screens and Soul Boutique Hair for your sponsorship, thanks to my wonderful students at True Grit for your love and support, Huge thanks to Cales for having a massive influence in my life and this great sport.

You can find Chantel’s Gym (HERE)


 Name: Denise Castle 599832_458292914184024_1105578951_n
  champions world gym, Bournemouth
Fight record:
21 fights
WBC Minimum weight World Champion
S1 100lbs World Champion
FIBA World Champion
WBC Mini-Flyweight Champion
WIKBA Mini-Flyweight Champion
WKA National Flyweight Champion

1. How old were you when you started training & why did you start?

Started training in Muaythai at 29 years old.  This was on the back of a successful semi professional distance running career that spanned the previous 12 years.  I had won countless corporate challenges for my work JP Morgan and had successfully competed in the London and New York Marathons for them with an Elite start due to previous marathon times.  I didn’t think anything could compare fitness wise to the effort and dedication needed when distance running for competition but once I started on the pads I had a new Challenge that was a different sort of fitness.  I coupled this pad work with a new method of weight training and successfully competed in fitness competitions and actually improved my 10km and 5km run times in the first few years of cross training with MuayThai due to different endurance drills.
I started and at 29 I won the local half marathon and as such a 6 month free membership to my local gym where I started.

960064_696966483649998_786217132_n2. What made you want to become a fighter, how did that come about?

I never intended to fight but after about 2 or 3 years of pad drills and training I was curious about how I would fare.  I entered a local Interclub sparring tournament and loved it – from there I just went from fight to fight

3. Do you think your age has affected you in your training and fighting?

Due to my experience in conditioning which actually comes with age I think that age has been on my side – to build the conditioning I have through years of training is tough so it has probably been a benefit.  I came to this sport as a conditioned athlete and so age was not as much a factor – at 40 I won the WBC World Title, at 41 the S1 world title and I still have offers coming now – injuries just take a little longer to heal and the family is growing so time is harder to juggle without being selfish.  I think it may be different for someone who is unfit and coming to the sport at say 35 than it would be for someone who is unfit and coming to the sport at 19 but if you are already an athlete then crossing sports at an older age is less of a factor.

4. What are people’s reactions when you tell them what you do?542459_458291637517485_1436308440_n

Generally everyone knows me so I don’t really tell new people that much.   Mainly because MuayThai is not as well known – the most common reaction is that people say “oh yes my friend is a champion in karate as well!!” People cannot relate to what I do when they see me in everyday life – they presume its something else.

5. Do you have children? If so how do you find training and fighting with children?

Yes I have 2 – 16yrs and 7yrs.  They both grew up with me training so it’s normal life to them – they have both been present at the Kings Birthday where I was awarded the Best Technique of the Night – the first time a female won that!  Leah my 7year old has literally grown up in the gym – I was training at Lanna at 22 weeks pregnant and I fought Patti Teran from Las Vegas exactly 8 weeks after her birth.  She was walking and crawling around the gym from birth as we lived at our uk gym for 4 years.

268391_2169195466370_8105313_n6. What was/is your biggest fear training and fighting at and older age?

No different than the same fear I had at any age – the fear of not performing your best or having an off day!  That was my only ever fear at running – not about being beaten but about running a bad time, and the fights it’s not about being beaten more about being embarrassed with a bad performance.

7. Do you think you train differently now to what you would if you were 20yr old, if so what differences are there?

Yes I train differently – I train smarter.  Experience is invaluable – train smart, fight smart.  I always train hard as do any fighters but you only learn how to really train to your best once you have had some highs and lows.

8. Do you find you have problems with recovery after training or fighting?484836_10200184303587241_1813270621_n


9. What are your future plans? Do you have and age limit or are you just going until your body says no?

I have accomplished everything I could every have wanted in MuayThai and am the only female to ever hold:
WBC World Title
S1 World Title
Best Technique at Kings Birthday Bangkok Palace
WBC Most Inspirational Female

I have nothing more to gain or desire in MuayThai – I am always offered fights but only by 52kg ish girls who want to cut to 47.5 for a day before weight in but I walk around at 46kg so nothing more to gain.  I have fought the best at my weight and am happy.  I have been offered a great chance in another ring sport that I am looking at in 2014 so a new path may open.

10. Any advice for people wanting to start training or fighting after 30yr old?

No matter your age – listen to your body.  There is no reason a fit 30 year old is any different than a fit 20 year old – in fact a fit 30 year old would be better than an unfit 20 year old.  As with any sport listen to your body and coach and be sensible.

I would like to thank Chang Beer for sponsoring me and my team.
Also my husband/coach who without him none of this would have happened – he is my rock through good times and bad.

Follow Denise On Faecbook (HERE)

31494_1217704457627_6911553_nName: Laurie Cahill  Age: 53  Gym: CHOK SABI  Fight Record: 33W 7L in 33 years of competition  Titles: International TaeKwonDo tournament and a National title in TaeKwonDo

I have been an athlete all my life. Had a basketball scholarship in college, did numerous sports from tennis,surfing,skiing,soccer etc, but martial arts was my favorite. Being a martial artist for 34 years i felt i always wanted to have more competition and i found Muay Thai at the age of 46 years old. It was so challenging and the workout was so intense and hard. Being older i would wind up fighting women half my age because of the lack of women in the sport then. Being a personal trainer for 34 years i believe in training hard and eating well which kept me in good shape year round. Being older it was about increasing my cardio so my wind and stamina was great. Most important part of training was to stretch a lot, before during and after training. The more i stretched the better i would perform. Now at 53 years old today i focus on cardio,strength training, and pilates. I feel great doing Muay 599176_10200286824765709_1691327845_nThai its so much fun and is a great art to be involved in. I have met the nicest people some coaches, students,and opponents. People are surprised that i do Muay Thai because being older they feel its dagerous, i laugh and tell them no its not! its like playing tag in a ring but more contact LOL My biggest fear was when i had knee surgery in August 2013 my meniscus torn while i was dancing at a wedding lol not in the ring crazy isnt it. I id my rehab and im back kicking, kneeing 100% very happy! There are no limits to where you can go with training. Getting older our bodies get tighter especially our joints when we age. So stretching is the key thing to do. The more i stretch the better i perform. My recovery is fine after training, I eat very clean usually organic and take fish oils that help with inflamation of joints.

My future plans are to train until my body says no, and at this rate it will be into my 70 80 years young age lol age is just a number to me, i have a 96 year old client and he boxes with me in a chair but he has a 391418_472586016143581_314590912_ngood left hook! Anyone looking to train an fight in Muay Thai at an older age, you need to do strengh training and pilates for flexibility and you will do great. I would like to thank my coach Kru Natalie from CHOK SABAI who inspired me to work hard and always have fun with Muay Thai. Thanks for taking me to thailand in 2010 it was a tremendous education and the training twice a day was awesome. I fought and trained with people from around the world, an yes i got punched and kicked in the head a lot learnt to really keep my hands up LOL I trained with world champions an amateurs and i learnt from them all. I currently train with Kru Natalie and will continue to do Muay Thai with Kru forever because she works me hard and teaches me to go above an beyond to reach other levels of fighting an training! Bless her for her teaching skills. My other Muay Thai coach who is very much a motivating force is Chris Romulo from Crom martial arts in far rockaway new york. I have known Chris for over 10 years and he is an amazing teacher and individual. Every session with Chris opens up my mind I learn something new and have so much fun. Chris is a world champion an now owns his own school where he teaches children an adults Muay Thai and Cross Fit. He is the true meaning of a martial artist he is a tough fighter and can kick ass, but has a 422375_285431764859008_1385604170_npeaceful easy going attitude that makes people listen to what he has to say when he teaches, he has passion an love of Muay Thai and really helps children in need, i respect and love the time i spend in Crom, its an extended family to me just like Chok Sabai in new york i feel very blessed to be in an art that has such quality fun loving people in it! No need to slow down, keep on keeeping on train hard who knows where it will take you, Muay Thai is a great adventure and still is for me! Thankyou Natasha Sky Much Love fron brooklyn new york!

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4 thoughts on “Never To old for Muay Thai !

  1. I love this! Thank you, Natasha. This speaks to (and helps allay) concerns I’ve had about just starting in my early twenties. Thank you for the encouragement!

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  3. talking deep muay thai training .

    i have been banging around boxing and thai fighting for ever. therefore i know some things.

    they are related yes but not the same.

    amature boxing spoils muay thai in many ways.

    in any event it takes about six years in each discipline -seperately -to master most of the moves needed to function effectively and thats as a professional beginer.

    all this means if you dont start early in life it impossiable to have full style.

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