Female Fighter Blogs Great for the sport!

When the idea of a blog was first suggested to me I was very hesitant about it the idea of writing my stories and experiences. I don’t have a very good way with words and im always offending people with blog-word-cloud1things i write on social media. I don’t mean to im just a straight out person who says what’s on my mind without thinking about it first and it can be very easily taken the wrong way, by the time I realise how it could be taken out on context by others it’s too late. So I thought writing a blog would be a disaster for me and I would cop all sorts of shit from it, especially from people who would read it in Australia as they can be a bit touchy in the Muay Thai scene, there are so many nut huggers (Aussie slang for over the top groupies) and politics, people just take things way to serious and personal. Not to mention a lot of people think your full of yourself if you speak out about your experiences and think your either making excuses for losing or you have a big head, to many people mistake passion and excitement for the sport as being full of yourself and not being humble. Everyone has their own version of how they experienced a moment in life, it’s always a different version to the other people who may have been involved. Not saying anyone is wrong it’s just the way people see things through their eyes and emotions. So yeah I was a bit hesitant at the start but with some encouragement from Sylvie who has a blog (HERE) and her husband who helped me set it all up, I started my blog in 2012 while living in Thailand. I wanted to help female fighters all over the world by sharing my experiences and talking about subjects that a lot of people just don’t talk about or that can’t talk about because they have no one to talk to. I know what it’s like to be the only female fighter in the gym, to have all these question and not have download (1)anyone to ask, to experience things and think “is this normal, what’s wrong with me?”, to have those hard emotional days in the gym and have no one understand because they are all men, the list goes on. Sometimes you can feel so alone even though you might have 20 guys training beside you every day. If I can help one person feel comfort in reading some of my blogs and interviews and know that what they are experiencing or going through happens to other people and they are not alone it will be worth it. If some of my stories and experiences can help first timers get in the ring and have a go and to build the popularity and take away some of the fears of becoming a fighter it would be great. Hopefully people can learn from my mistakes and pick up some tips as well which might help them become a better fighter. Have a laugh at some of my stories and relate to them in some way, share them and get feedback from other female fighters they can relate to also. That’s why I started doing the Female fighter interviews, so people got to meet some inspiring ladies that you don’t get to hear from very often or at all. I think it helps out both the fighter and the reader, giving the fighter the chance to get their name out there and giving the reader a chance to maybe learn something. I know I have learnt a lot since starting my blog not only about other people and their experiences but a lot about myself as well.

Some serious blogging when you have to wear your helmet on the laptop haha

Some serious blogging when you have to wear your helmet on the laptop haha

Over time experiences fade and fights just start mashing together so writing them all down in blogs is a great way to remember some awesome experiences and to separate and remember each fight individually. Memories are very important to me they are the only thing you will take with you forever and they are the things that can control your emotions for such a long time. I love being a fighter so reading back on some of my stories really gets the emotions going and my passion when I have bad days. I never knew I would get so much satisfaction from writing my blogs but I really do it’s a great idea that’s for sure. I’ve been writing it now for about a year and a half and I have not had one negative comment left or any bad feedback which absolutely amazes me! Everything has been so positive, I feel that only good has come from it all and that I have been able to help some people get through some issues they might have been having. One of my highlights was getting nominated for the Awakening Female fighter awards Journalist of the year up against real journalist and winning! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be winning journo of the year for my blog! I can’t even spell or use correct grammar! I’m slowly getting better though as I write more. This was definitely a cool achievement to add to my Muay Thai resume, one I never expected. So I really encourage all you ladies out there to write down all your experiences and details of your fights so you can look back at them and remember how cool, funny or even terrible it was. If you feel confident then you should start your own blog for sure! I think female fighter blogs are great for the sport, helping people to connect and getting your name out there. You don’t have to be a good writer, you just have to tell your stories and experiences how you see it. You will be surprised at how many people will read it and Say “omg that has happened to me too” Or how you inspire them to follow their dreams too. You don’t have to be an experienced fighter or a champion either, you can be a beginner sharing your experiences with other beginners or getting feedback from experienced fighters on things that you might have experienced. GO for it I say!! Help get female fighters out there, build the sport up, have a good laugh or cry, make new friends. BLOG ON!  download

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