Female fighters, that time of the month! (men beware graphic female stuff)

Men beware if you read this you might be scared for life with graphic images!

So apart from the normal attitude, moods, emotion ect, we get a visitor at that time of the month!

You don’t always get to pick and choose when you get to fight, it’s normally a set date and you work pysiology-menstrual-cyclearound it. For some women this can really suck as we don’t get to choose when we get our period. It’s not a subject really talked about much so I thought I would share my experiences fighting and training during this time.
I have always found training about 2 weeks out from my period I start to get really sore boobs and it really hurts to do any exercises that bounce a lot like running, skipping etc. I try to make sure I wear a strong supportive sports bra even though I don’t have big boobs it still helps with the soreness. A few days out I start feeling really drained during training I feel like I get tired a lot faster. I start to get stomach bloating and cramps which make it hard to take any type of hits to the stomach. I find it hard to do sit ups, crunches any type of twisting of my stomach exercises really. Sometimes during sparing I have to stop and crouch down to ease the pain. It’s a bit awkward to try to explain why I can’t do certain things at training to my trainer or training partners, especially in Thailand where they can’t understand you and you might be a few days out from a fight so they are getting all mad thinking you are being lazy. I always try to do as much as I can and take some pain killers to help with the cramps. Plus I can’t forget the paranoia that I might get a leak with all the physical activity happening and I won’t know! I’m constantly checking myself throughout training in case I stomach-crampshave something on my shorts, I will never wear white shorts EVER during this time I always wear black. Training defiantly isn’t the worse part of it all for me that’s for sure. I have found the hardest part is trying to lose weight for a fight during this time. I can be on weight then get my period and gain 3kg over night that will hang around for up to a week. This can make it super hard to cut weight if weigh in day happens to be during those few days of extra bloated weight. Also due to no having any energy it’s harder to be able to run in sweat suit and push yourself that bit further to drop any extra kgs. I have had it happen a few times where I was on weight the night before then wake up and im over because I have my period, I have done everything I can to make the weight and I try so hard to get rid of the new weight but it just won’t come off, no matter how long I sit in sauna or run my body won’t let it go. I guess maybe it’s because it’s inside around you uterus and its there for a reason I’m not sure?!. Lucky for me most times I made the weight as I was fighting a bit heavier those times, except for one time I was a few hundred grams over. I explained to the promoter and my opponent what happened and they understood. I guess not everyone would understand but the women who have the same problems as me with it would understand, they know how hard it is and how much you can really try to lose it but the fluid just won’t let go, it’s not something you can really help it just happens and it sucks so bad. I have been in tears every time because I worked so hard to get to the weight and get adb0152c9991a2ee1a4019f248e1d916ready for the fight then have that extra weight jump on at the end and not knowing if I can make the weight or not, if I’m a few hundred grams over if my opponent will still want to fight. It’s a horrible feeling to stand on the scales and be over weight, have everyone looking at you like you didn’t try because you have a bloated belly. Then the paranoia kicks in again! Do I have a mouse tail hanging out my undies or can they see my surf board? Ekk do I have and spots anywhere?! If its not already bad enough getting down to your undies. Then Fighting during it can play on my mind as my stomach is very weak and it doesnt take much to hurt it so i keep thinking im going to get kneed there and go down, which has never happened in a fight only in training thank god. I want to take pain killers but i still want to be alert so i normally dont take anything unless its really bad. I defantly notice the difference when i fight, i feel like i tire quicker and im weak in the clinch when i get kneed. But once im in there i sort of forget about it, i just fight. At the end of the fight i just hope i have nothing on my shorts! I know it probaly sounds silly all this paranoia my-period-will-be-known-as-shark-weekbut it would be pretty embarassing if you were getting your hand raised at the end of your fight and all your photos had some strange stain in the croutch of your shorts OMG how embarassing! Sometimes after the fight if i have taken some shots to my stomach it will be quite painfull for the rest of the night and i can have a bit heavier flow. So yes the joys of being a female fighter yay! i guess over the years you learn to deal with it.  If you can book fights on the weeks were you dont have your period it would be great but eventually you will have a time when you will most likely have to fight with it. I used to stress right out mainly about the weight gain but since fighting in thailand and not having to make weight all the time its been so much easier with it all. Im not really sure if i get affected emotionally i dont really notice the difference but of course my hubby says i do. It would be interesting to hear how other female fighters deal with this and if it affects them in the same way.

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Natasha Sky- Professional Muay Thai Fighter


5 thoughts on “Female fighters, that time of the month! (men beware graphic female stuff)

  1. Hey Natasha, I am waiting for my first fight so haven’t had to deal with this yet. I have a Merina implant which means I don’t get the actual period but I still get the symptoms (cramps, bloating, extra weight for the week). Thank you so much for sharing this – its just the stuff that you can’t talk about with your training partners (all male) and my Coach. I am really enjoying following you – what an amazing adventure!

    • Hey! thanks for your feed back. Im glad to hear your going to have a fight thats awesome you will love it 🙂 Yeah a bit of a weird thing to talk about for some people. i know what its like not to have any one to talk to thats why i wrote the blog. Might help some female fighters out knowing they are not alone in this. Good luck with your fight 🙂

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