Records Dont Matter! its only a number

I often get asked by people what my fight record is because to some people having a good record means imageseverything, to me it doesn’t mean much at all.  My fight record is pretty average if you just look at it as a number im nearly a 50/50 fighter. It wasn’t always like that I was on a roll my first 8 fights I only had one split points loss which was my 2nd fight, it was my first Muay Thai fight, I fought 3 weight classes up against a girl with around 10 fights. Because I had been doing so well , I had won 2x State titles, I had run out of girls around my own experience and weight to fight I had to step up. For my 9th fight I fought my first world champion who had over 20 fights also my first fight with elbows. I got stopped in the 4th round and a nasty cut from elbow on the top of my head.  After this fight I found it hard to find any opponents my own experience to fight and because I stepped up and fought a world champ with elbows when I had only had 8 fights people expected me to now do this all the time. I had skipped a whole level in my fight career, I 46129_435748190896_4041427_nwent from an amateur to a pro overnight and I missed out on the middle section. This made it really hard for me as I could only keep going up from here, there was no going back now. The next few fights I had were against the top girls in Australia. My 10th fight I fought a girl with about 20 fights lost spilt points, My 11th fight I got to fight a girl with the same amount of fights but it was at a weight that was to light for me, I lost on split points, My 12th fight I fought a girl with 35 fights she had south pacific, Australian and a few other titles, it was in the weight class above, I lost on points. By this time I knew I had stepped up way to early, my motto to fight anyone anytime had been my undoing but it was too late now. My record was looking more and more average with 3 losses in a row but at the same time my experience and the things I had learnt were building up. After my 3rd loss in a row I kept asking myself why do I keep fighting these girls who are way out of my league. Then for my next fight I fought a girl who had about the same experience as me and I felt the experience of fighting those tough 231112_227288750620801_227137563969253_1065557_1545095_nmore experienced girls come in to play, I won that 13th fight and it gave me some confidences back. You have to fight the best to be the best even if you get bashed. The next fight I had was against one of the most experienced girls in Australia who had spent a lot of time training in Thailand she had over 40 fights with to many titles to name. This was my 14th fight I got 2 8 counts and cut from and elbow and lost on points. I think it was only about a week later when I had my 15th fight vs WMPF world Champion, WKBF Champion also with too many belts to name with 27fights under her belt as well as boxing. I lost this fight by stoppage because of the huge cut I got in the middle of my forehead from and elbow in the 5th round. I had a tough run losing so many fights and I was feeling it mentally and physically. It was about 7 941077_362196113886276_250600152_nmonths before I had another fight this time I was in Thailand where I won the next 3 fights in a row vs a girl from Holland (3 weeks after i had a cervical opperation to remove part of my cervix with cancer cells) and knocking out 2 Thai girls one of them had around 200 fights to her name. My 18th fight I lost to the south Thailand champion who was smashing everyone at the time. My 19th fight I fought the champion of all the high schools in Thailand which is pretty crazy considering Thai girls are at their peak in their teens. I got a draw with her, I was strange getting a draw but I was happy  because the girl had about 80 fights. I won 2 more fights in a row vs tough Thais then I fought the champion of the schools again and lost for my 23nd fight. I won my 24th fight vs a girl from china. My next fight I fought the Thai WMC world Champion but no one told me until after the fight when I lost on points they said “its ok she is world champion with 100 fights”. My next fight was supposed to be a bit more even as I had been getting all the best girls. I get to the stadium I was fighting the champion of all 2013-04-28 21.26.50the schools again, I had a much better fight than the last 2 fights and the trainers thought I had won but they gave it to her on points. A week later I fought up 2 weight classes at 57kg in my 27th fight for a world title against the current WMC world champion at 59kg the next weight above that again, I didn’t even know I was fighting until a week out and had been sick and had a bad infection under my armpit and on my bum, i couldn’t train until 2 days out from the fight. It was the worst prep ever for a fight but it was my one chance so I just fought anyway with the infection. I lost that fight on points too in an absolute war Farida was just to strong. All of my losses have been crackers of fights I have won fighter of the night several times even when I have lost that fight. You can’t judge a fighter on the numbers you see in their record because it’s not the numbers that matter it’s the journey. My record looks average as a number but when you know what I have done to achieve it the numbers don’t matter anymore. I have had wars with some of the best girls in Australia and the world. I 13538_190838430896_1427561_nhave fought while sick, injured, on a few days notice, way above my weight & experience with huge hight and reach advantage. Even though I have been beaten I’m super proud of myself for stepping in there and doing what a lot of fighters wouldn’t do because they want to keep a perfect record. I know so many people who get publicity for having unbeaten records but to me that shows that they have not truly tested themselves and if you don’t test yourself then what is the point. I don’t care if I have a shit record I would rather be known as the fighter that has a go even if I know I’m going to lose than the fighter with the perfect record that only fights people they know they can beat. I can say I have only lost to one person that has had the same experience as me and the rest have been to world champs and girls with more than double or triple my fight experience. When someone tells me about someone else’s record I always look at who they fought and if they had 5 round wars, those people to me are always the tough ones that you have to watch out for. I always learn so much more from a 5 round war loss thats for sure. It’s the same as all these people with Title belts claiming to be champions but not fighting the best fighters to get them, or not putting them up when challenged for them because the challenger is too experienced!? If you have the belt then you should fight anyone that challenges for it or don’t call your self the best. I’ve 2013-04-10 22.52.51never been a belt chaser, yeah I like the belts and they look nice in photos and on your trophy shelf at home but really don’t have that meaning behind them unless they are deserved and fought for in a best vs best battle. I have only fought for a few belts my whole fight career and even fighting world champs for no belts. People ask me what Title belts I have and they expect me to say Australian champ but I don’t have any current titles, I don’t need titles to prove anything don’t get me wrong it would be nice to have something to show for all the hard work and to the grand kids one day but they are not everything. So someone with a handful of title belts and an undefeated record can look better than a 50/50 record fighter with no titles on paper but in real life it’s not always the case. You can’t judge a fighter if you don’t know their journey.

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2 thoughts on “Records Dont Matter! its only a number

    • Thank you 🙂 its hard some times when people judge me on my record but i know that i have truely tested my self and i have fought the hard road and i know i deserve every win. I know i have never picked an easy fight its just not my style, It might look bad to other people but in my heart i know im true for the journey i have taken was the hardest one and i feel awesome about my self for choosing it.

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