Theresa Carter World Champion from Australia

Theresa Carter428547_10151842744245691_2049078255_n


Occupation : Clinical nurse and a Personal Trainer

Age: 32yo Weight: 57kg  Gym: Bailey Fitness  Fight Record: 27 fights , 17 wins 10 losses Titles: WPMF World title at 59, 57 and 55kg’s. 57kg Commonwealth AMF Champion, 57kg WBC and WKA Australian champion, Silver at the WPMF World Ammeters 2006 and 2007

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and What made you want to start fighting?

I have been training in Muay Thai for nearly 13 years. Muay Thai offered a fun and flexible training environment and brilliant stress relief! I could train any night around late uni lectures or afternoon shifts at work. I was originally involved in more team sports but found I was never able to stick to their strict training times.

604133_10152830187270725_2024350433_n2. What is a typical day of training for you?

Warm up, kicking pads and either bag work, grappling or sparring. I fit my run and strength training in when I can around clients at the gym.

3. Do you get nervous before fights? how do you deal with it?

Yes it’s a mixture of feeling nervous, excited and focused. I don’t really have a set way that I control my nerves. I just try to positive self-talk and make sure that I train my arse off so that I am ready to rock on the day.

4. What has been your proudest moment in Muay Thai and why?

My first world title win. I was blown away by the size of the crowd packed into Sunam Luang. I beat Suria 537629_10150828953606945_1933730757_nfor the world title and it was a great fight. The crowd was going off and we had everyone coming up to congratulate me and have a photo taken. It was a surreal experience.

5. What is your favourite weapon?

Knees and elbows

6.Toughest fight and why?

Probably Tenille May. She definitely had the experience on me in that fight (I’d had 8 fights I think she was on 18 fights). She caught me with a good right cross in round one that dropped me to my knees. The stubbornness in me had me finish the fight but I remember feeling dizzy for at least two more rounds. I ended up with facial numbness from swelling around my optical nerve that lasted 6 weeks. At the end of the day fighting someone of her calibre when I wasn’t as experienced and coming back hard till the final bell made me see that I am strong enough for this sport.

296481_10152114974935725_88317946_n7. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! I love training and working in a gym now. I’m surrounded by people who inspire me and point me in the right direction. I enjoy reading anything and everything to do with health and fitness and implementing valid research into my own training regime.

8. What part of being a fighter do you find the most difficult?

Definitely restricting my food! I love food and I swear cutting weight gets harder as I get older haha. At the same time it’s made me very interested in nutrition and the benefits of a great nutritional plan to complement the hard work we put in in the gym.

9. If you could fight anyone past or present who would it be?47390_427265655951_4496310_n

I can’t think of anyone in particular I would single out. There are a few girls fighting regularly in Thailand at the moment who I would like to fight and I have never been in an 8 or 4 man event before. I would love to see how I’d go in one towards the end of the year when I don’t have fights booked in.

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to have their first fight?

Just doing the hard training and getting into the ring is a huge achievement in itself. Take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy setting a goal and reaching it!

247358_10152144170825725_239181390_nAny last words or Anyone you would like to thank? 

I’d like to thank my sponsors for their ongoing support, please check them out!

Speedlite Cycles on Guildford road. these guys are the best in business when it comes to bikes!

Super Crane; based in Kewdale, these guys design, manufacture and install a range of cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment all over Australia and the world! Cycles on 75010_440643662114_7740903_nGuildford road. these guys are the best in business when it comes to bikes!

Super Crane; based in Kewdale, these guys design, manufacture and install a range of cranes, hoists and other lifting equipment all over Australia and the world!

Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Jan 2014

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