Juliana Rosa, Multiple Champion from Brazil

Juliana Rosa1530310_576048319136172_516980345_n


Name: Juliana Rosa   Age: 26   Gym: Muay Thai Plaza 2004 – Bangkok   Weight: 62 KG   Fight record: 39 W 11 L 2 NO Contest   Titles: 3 Times Brazilian Champion, 2 Times Pan-American Champion, South-American Champion, 2 Times Champion of Wako Champions League

1501877_576047779136226_747538398_n 1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to fight?

I’ve been training since 15 years old, i started just for fun, cause i always was a big fan of martial arts, one day i saw a video on YouTube about Ramon Dekkers, and i decided i wanted to try one fight, that time in Brazil, was not allowed fighters under 18 years to go in the ring, so i had to wait 3 years to have an official fight, after step out from the ring, i realized i wanted that for my life.

2. You Just fought on Max Muay Thai with all the big stars, How did you feel about that?

Muay Thai Max December 2013

Muay Thai Max December 2013

Was absolutely amazing, i never imagine myself 15 years ago in Thailand, much less fighting alongside stars as Buakaw, a fighter i saw many years ago on K-1 at TV, and some big names from Thailand and from around the World. In fact i was so nervous that i could not give my best in the ring, my body didn’t answer my mind and i know i could fight at least 50% better, but that show opened the doors to me and for sure was one of the days i will always remember in my life. A dream that came true! I hope have the opportunity to do again.

With Yod

With Yod

3. What has been the hardest thing about being a fighter?

It’s hard to be a fighter in general. It is difficult to train, train, train, two times for day, everyday, and realize that still is not enough. It is difficult to face this life, in my case, with no sponsors, and even more difficult is to face any injury when you do this as a job. It’s hard to lose weigh and make a good diet, diet is the worst i guess hehe. It’s hard to lose a fight. But i think for a fighter, the only thing is more difficult is: not being a fighter. Only who work out everyday knows his effort to achieve your goals, and only we know how difficult it is to be recognized for that. Most of the time we need recognize that we are champions for each successful step of our training and winning or losing its just part of the job. Our life is a competition with ourselves, always searching for our best.

4. You have trained in Thailand for some time now how is it different to your home?

with Saiyok

with Saiyok

I’ve been living in Thailand now a year, without tickets to back home. Here in Thailand i can fight every month, 2 times for month, sometimes 3, and live only with fighting, i can focus 100% on that. Back home is impossible to do that. Train a full year sometimes to have only one fight. Can only train one time for day, and work at the gym most of the time. Few events with muay thai judging the rules like it should be, most of them is K-1 Rules. Training with big thai names as Saiyok and Armin Pumphanmuang is also a great experience, they always have something new to teach.

5. What is your favourite part of training and fighting?

I like everything, but pad work is what i like the most, I only don’t like when i need to train with my sauna suit to lose weight.

6. Have you ever had any bad injuries?

A couple of years ago i broke my nose, i had 3 surgeries to fix that, a broken ankle, some cuts, and recently i broke my foot in the first round at Max Muay Thai and opened a deep cut in my toe, i realized when back to my corner at the end of the round and i no longer felt my foot and saw bleeding, almost 7 stitches. Every sport we are exposed to some injuries, part of life.

7. Your toughest fight and why?

Last fight In china (notice weight and glove difference)

Last fight In china (notice weight and glove difference)

For sure was my last fight, I fought Max Muay Thai on 10 december, I came back to Bangkok on 11 and in the next morning i was on a plane to China to have a fight 2 days after. My foot was broken and with stitches. When i arrived they told me that would not have check weight , the fight supposed to happen at 64 kg, i was with 63 but my opponent had 76kg and 1.78 cm. The weather was so cold that i was shaking in the ring ahaha. I fought with 14 oz gloves while she used 8 oz. I was no prepared for the fight, i lost of course. Now is funny to remember but that day was really painful.

With Gerri WMC world Champ after our fight

With Gerri WMC world Champ after our fight

8. What motivates you to train every day?

Is the will to break my own records, feel that every training session was decisive in my next fight. I want to reach my goals and i know i can only do that training as hard as i can. Make my family, my trainers, my gym and my friends proud, but most of all, make myself proud of what i can do and where i can reach

9. What are your plans for 2014?

My plan is to keep training hard here in Bangkok and making my best for some great opportunities that will come. I want to make big fights and i hope i´ll get a opportunity again in a big show. I´m at a great gym, with great trainers and fighters and im sure i´ll be more prepared to all fights.

10. Any advise for people wanting to have their first fight?

Everything in our life is difficult at first time, the unknown always scares us. Focus and determination. Train hard as you can, and when you think is enough, train more. Your mind control your body, think positive, if you train hard everyday, you don’t need fear nothing. Believe in yourself. Listen to you trainer at the corner and enjoy what you train everyday to do. Have fun!

Anyone you would like to thank??

Thank you! I want to thank all people who support my career until now, that help me in the hard times, my family and my dogs that i miss so much!!! My gym here, Muay Thai Plaza 2004, all the trainers and thai fighters there, Sayan Chansiri, special thanks to the fighters Adaylton Freitas, André Teixeira, Jeferson 1558489_576048772469460_267391338_nVulpe, Laurene Tue and Rafael Leite for the friendship and the support at the gym, my big friend Jessica Vilela, there is no words to describe this girl! to my friend Caique from Phuket, one of the best persons i met here in Thailand and also a great fighter, who help me in any situation, Samuel Silva one of the biggest friend back home who helped since my first fight, my team in Brazil, Gibi Thai, Moises Gibi, Hélio Nogueira and Tamires Cardoso, Peter Venancio and Vagner, my big friend Wilson Djavan. The man who knows everything about physical preparation Vagner Salsicha, and the best Physio that treated me for years Guilherme Marques. A big thanks to everybody who trained with me one day, trainers, fighters and students, you all part of my career! Thanks to all my online friends at Facebook for the support. And why not, a big big thanks to you who want me to fail, you make me motivated to prove i can go anywhere! And for sure i want to thank you Natasha for the opportunity, i’m a big fan of your career and all your work online!! Hope to see you in Thailand again this year! If you want to follow my career please like and share my page!

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Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Jan 2014


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