Sam Brown, Aussie Rising Star

Sam “Nanu” Brown



Name: Sam “Nanu” Brown Age: 28 Weight: 54-56kgs Gym: Corporate Box Gym  Fight record: 8 fights 1 L Titles: Qld WKBF title 54.5kgs

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and What made you want to start fighting?

I think just over 3 years. My first fight was in December 2010 I started fighting because when I started training I loved it and I love challenges. My first Trainer Frank Gomez from Diablos Muay Thai believed in me 100% and got me to go for it. It was awesome, It took me a while after the first one to come back and have more but once I did I never looked back.

1510547_10152116702842209_1241798248_n2. What is a typical day of training for you?

5/6am start running and pad work then again in afternoon pads bag sometimes 5/6days a week and clinching and sparring a couple times a week

3. Do you get nervous before fights? how do you deal with it?

Oh god yes, less nervous as I fight more but each fight is different, I still get nervous every time though. Azza (My trainer Aaron Smith) normally keeps me pretty calm and says all the right things to keep me focused. I’ve learnt to just lay down till I have to warm up, chuck my head phones in and zone out about think about what I want to achieve try to remember why I’m there and what I want.

4. What has been your proudest moment in Muay Thai and why?1514617_10152116702697209_1939894184_n

Winning my Queensland title in November, It has been a tough year, going from injuries to having my first loss plus a couple personal battles. It was the best way to end the year and it reminded me why I’m here.

5. What is your favourite after weigh in meal?

Oh easy! Thai food its tradition! Followed by chocolate!

6. Toughest fight?

My CMT fight against Demi Mcnamara, The small gloves made it hurt, it was my first fight with elbows and it was a war. It was also the most fun I’ve had in a fight too, she was great! We went toe to toe with each other. With a rematch on CMT 3 March 1st 2014 for the title. I don’t think this time is going to be any less of a war.

7. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! I’m surrounded by such amazing people at my gym, and the people I’ve met along the way have been phenomenal. I look at other female fighters like Caley Reece and it makes me want to work twice as hard.

1506801_10152116702567209_1516015262_n8. What part of being a fighter do you find the most difficult?

Injuries! When you are so used to training and it’s what keeps you sane It makes it tough when you can’t anymore and are forced to rest it feels like punishment. It’s hard balancing time for everything like social life, work and training. It takes its toll sometimes.

9. If you could fight anyone past or present who would it be?

Thats a tough one, I’d love to be as good as Julie Kitchen one day!

10. Any advise for anyone wanting to have their first fight?

Train, practice and make sure you are fight fit, the last thing you want to do is to gas out in the first round. Wether you win or lose the fight, It doesn’t matter it takes a bucket load of courage to get into that ring in the first place.

Any last words or Anyone you would like to thank?

There are so many people I would like to thank! First and for mostly my trainer Aaron Smith who 1511305_10152116702527209_1823176961_nputs up with me EVERYDAY whether he likes it or not! Shaggy, Preacher, Adam and the Corporate Box Gym team. Without those guys and this gym I wouldn’t be where I am! (

Phil renata and Chris selman at Team Ngaphui, Frank gomez at Diablos . These guys were my first family and Started me out!

Also My sponsors without these guys help I would be fat unfit and without gear!

Kaylee and Josh at For the fighter Lutwyche who support me more then just as sponsor they’re amazing friends as well, without them I think I would be lost!

1488294_10152116702797209_951458735_nAussie supplements Bayside supply me with all my supplement needs they’re such a good team!

Green Tea X50 – if you haven’t tried it try it! The guys at Chermside are so friendly and helpful. This stuff keeps me away from the bad foods

The Amazing Artist Outlook team! The gear is phenomenal light weight and gorgeous!

And lastly but definitely not least! Caley Reece and the Caley Reece shorts range. Not only does she inspire me, she supports me with top of the line Female fight shorts. They’re made for us girls and They are so much more comfortable to train in!

And a thank you for Paul and the guys from uppercut energy who are so supportive of promoting the fight community. I was lucky enough to have an interview with them along the way as well.

Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Jan 2014

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