Fighting after a 14 month break from Training and Fighting

It was August 2012 when we touched down in Thailand after being back in Australia for over a year. It was so good to be back at Sinbi Muay Thai our 2nd home. While in Australia we didn’t fight or train the whole time except a bit that we did with our students from the gym we ran. So as excited as Dane and i were to 553952_10150981183272595_2094474733_nget stuck into training and fighting we were also scared for how much we would struggle. Over the time i had not been training and fighting i had been working a full time job as well as running a Muay thai gym 6days a week. I didn’t get time to train my self or eat very healthy so i gained a lot of weight about 10kg. Coming back to sinbi and all the Trainers were teasing me saying i was fat and asking me if i had a baby (Thai’s can be very blunt and straight to the point) This was good it motivated me straight away as i was so embarrassed about how fat i had gotten. I didn’t want to kill my self straight away so i just started off with training once a day for the first week and no running. It was so hot and the Thai apartment we moved into was right next door to the Thai’s that liked to party. Our air con was broken for the first week so i didn’t sleep much at night which really made it hard. I really felt the extra weight i had put on it made it hard to twist to stretch because my fat rolls were getting in the way, I had to buy bike shorts to wear because i was getting chafe on my legs from them rubbing together. I felt heavy, slow and sloppy i also got tired really quickly. After the first week i wasnt feeling as bad as i thought i would, i was kind of hyped up from it all even though it was super hard. The 2nd week i went to training once one day and twice the next. Then BAM it all catches up with me and im absolutely smashed. I was so tired after the 2nd week i think my body finally realised what was going on and was like “hell no this is crazy i wanna sleep now”. I was so keen to fight i bumped it up to training twice a day the 3rd week. Only after a few days the trainers said i was fighting at the end of the week. I was super keen to fight but i was worried i hadn’t fought in so long and i wasnt sure where i was at with my training so far but i guess that i wont know if i don’t just have a crack. They said it would just be an average fight not a hard opponent since i had not fought is so long and i was fat. I thought i had better start running at least for a few days before this fight. I tried to start running and what do ya know even after not running for over a year as soon as i started to run i had shin splints. I didn’t want to run through it and have them mess me up for weeks so i decided not to run at all and to do high intensity interval circuits. So before training i would do 30min non stop of burpees, mountain climbers, knees to chest jumps, feet to bum jumps and more. The trainers thought i was crazy they all looked and laughed at me. I got one trainer to come join in one time and he nearly had a heart attack and couldn’t walk for 3 days after it his legs were so sore haha he didn’t laugh at me ever again after that. It gets to fight day and i can only hope that what i have been doing worked. I was so tired and sore from just 3 weeks training after such a long break and straight back into fighting. Everyone was saying i was nuts but i was just super excited to get back into it and i didn’t want to waste any time.


My husband Dane giving me last min instructions

My husband Dane giving me last min instructions

I get to the stadium and it was as awesome as i remembered, i was home! I get to the change rooms and start getting my hands wrapped next to the girl i was fighting. She was a  very pretty Thai that was actually taller than me. She was very long and lean and looked really young which i found out after that she was 16. The trainers didn’t say much about her except she was from Ranong province and that she was very good. I was nervous but not as much as i thought i would be i was just so happy to be back doing what i loved it just seemed like a dream. Plus i had the support of my friend Caley reece who is Australias Number 1 and 4x world champion.

Justine Kish WMC champ, Me, Caley Reece 4x world champ

Justine Kish WMC champ, Me, Caley Reece 4x world champ

We start of slow in round 1, she throws a few kicks and i defend and come back landing a few leg kicks. We end up in the clinch at the end of the round and i can feel straight away that she is strong in the clinch and i don’t have the gas to match her. The 2nd round starts off with her chasing me for the clinch she must have felt that she was going to be the better clincher too. I try to just punch her off but end up in the clinch where i don’t do to bad this round its pretty even untill the end when i start to get tried. She comes out bouncing in the 3rd round she was full on energy i go alright for half the round then start to die, she just keep coming forward so i just brawled her. She was smashing me in the clinch now but i was bombing her with hands and kicks and whatever i could throw as she came in even got a sweep on her at the end of the round. The fourth round started fast and furious i had her on the ropes throwing  about 15 straight punches before she gets hold of me in the clinch. It gets messy now i cant even hold on in the clinch im so tired and weak but i keep trying to charge forward with bombs. Even though i feel like im gonna die i seem to come out a bit better in the 5th round maybe because i know it’s the last round and i don’t have to do anymore after it haha. I land some good shots and she doesn’t really land any she tries to clinch but i get some good knees back aswell as another flurry of about 10 punches on her while she is on the ropes. I look to my corner and they all waving their hands for me to stop fighting so i thought hell yeah i wont argue with that im so tired, i put my arms up in the air and they dig the bell. I go back to my corner i didn’t even care who won i was that tired i just wanted to sit down! they call a draw! I was surprised because i had never had a draw before it was weird, i felt numb on what just happened i didn’t win or lose it was a strange feeling that’s for sure.2012-09-14 22.30.35

After the fight i was told that the girl i had just fought is the Champion of all the high schools in Thailand and has had over 80 fights, which means she is one very tough opponent. I was super happy i got my first fight back out of the way and that i could now see what i needed to work on and where i was at. I never expected to fight one of the hardest girls first up after only 3 weeks training after such a huge break, now that was a surprise but i guess you never know who you will get in Thailand and you cant trust what the trainers tell you beacuse i dont think they even know who your fighting half the time. The best part about this fight was i had never come out of a fight without one tiny sore bit on me ever but this fight i did! it was like i had never even had a fight it was crazy i was back at training the next morning getting ready for the next one yay super pumped i was back! Fight number 20 down! i had finally made it to 20 fights.

My fight photo and write up  in Muay Siam mag

My fight photo and write up in Muay Siam mag

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