Domestic Violence can happen to anyone even me :(

It is white ribbon day today 25th nov it’s a day to help stop violence towards women. Some people may think that’s is not as big of an issue but it really is. One of the things that prompted me to become a fighter was the fact that i was one of those women. People don’t really believe me when i tell them. They say “As if 61572_440444359241_1340393_nyou took shit from anyone you’re the toughest chick we know”. It’s not as simple as people think and as i once thought to get away from a bad situation like domestic violence.

Mine all started when i was young going for the bad boy type having a few relationships why violent guys but they never really hurt me. I thought this was just the normal thing, that guys were going to be like that. I got older and had a boyfriend that threw stuff at me and controlled me. I got away from him and i thought all men were creeps. I thought to my self im never taking shit from any guy again no way im doing what i want! Years on I started seeing a long time childhood friend who i thought was pretty smooth at the time but little did i know it was all an act. He was so sweet it  seemed to good to be true and it was. After about 3 months he became increasingly violent mentally and physically. The first few time i tried to fight him back but realised that what was going on was wrong and i shouldnt be doing it. Some how every time he managed to get away with it, cry and say he was sorry and he would never do it again, i believed him. After isolating me from friends and family the abuse only got worse i was getting punched in the face had my nose broken, my head slammed into walls, dragged by my arms and legs around the house, woken up to him pining me down spitting on my face, flipping the mattress off the bed while i was in it a sleep, getting thrown out side naked in the middle of the 321568_10150354741264242_755709156_nnight & getting locked outside, having slaughtering knives held to my throat, getting taken on death rides in the car and so much more i could write a book of the terrible things he did to me. Then there was the mental side of things getting told to get on my hands and knees and bark like the dog i am, told that im worthless and nobody would care if he killed me, saying he was going to drown me when i was in the bath or suffocate me in bed, cut my throat, kill my family and that he had already hurt me so he may as well finish me off. Waking up to all my hard-earned furniture i had work for the last 5 years, smashed to bitz and stab holes through the computer and lounge, Garbage from the bin thrown all over the house. He wouldn’t ever work but he wouldn’t let me go to work either he would lock me in the house so i ended up in so much debt and got taken to the debt collectors which ruined my credit record for the next 7 years. It was horrible and i used to be one of those people who said “why don’t you just leave?!” But when it was me i was a lot harder than i thought. I didn’t want to swallow my pride and ask for help plus he had pushed all my friends and family away and they told me not to go with him so i didn’t want them to say i told you so. I got my self in to this i had to get my self out. One day after he had beat me up i was sitting there with some broken glass and i was holding it at my wrist i thought to my self if i don’t kill myself im never going to get away from him and he is going to kill me. Then i just snapped i knew this wasnt me and im not going to kill myself for that ass hole im gonna get out of there. I started to secretly move the stuff out of the house he wouldn’t notice and pretend that people wanted to borrow my stereo ect. Then one day he came asking for money i told him i had none so he punched me in the face. I snapped and i thought bring it on! i pulled him to the ground and i jumped on his back and i punched and punched and punched him in the head untill he got up and ran out. I thought what have i got to 319083_10151197991924242_198018789_nlose he is going to beat me anyway i may aswell fight back and it worked. But i knew he was going to be back and he was going to be mad. I ended up getting out of there and never looking back i left a lot of my stuff there which he trashed of course. After that i was scared for a long time of what he would do if he seen me out. I promised my self i would never put my self in a relationship like that again and that i would make sure that i could whoop any guys ass that tried to hurt me. This was one of the biggest factors that brought me to Muay Thai. I would love to see him try to punch me in the face now. I was scared for a long time and it affected me especially when it came to relationships with men. Im no longer scared he no longer scares me. I look down on him like a piece of scum he is. I know what happened to me was wrong and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone but i know that if that didn’t happen to me i wouldn’t be the strong women i am today. I woundnt have started Muay Thai and i would have never met the most amazing man my now husband Dane who wouldn’t ever try to hurt me or do any horrible things to me. I hope that more women can be a strong as i was and to get away from domestic violence. I was in this relationship for about 1 year, some women are stuck for many years. I know if i had stayed i wouldnt be here today he would have killed me there is no doubt. I even think to may self “did that really happen to me” It seems so crazy and its like something you would see on a horror movie. Domestic violence can happen to anyone even tough bitches like me! so look out for the signs and don’t just get mad at someone if they can’t just get up and leave! you have to be there to support them and help them and don’t let your self get isolated. I hope my story can help other women and show them that you are worth something. I went from living in fear and getting abused every day to achieving great things. Becoming a champion in Muay Thai and having the confidents to be able to fight back and make sure nothing like this ever happenes again. You have the strength you just have to believe in your self. xoxo

I wasnt going to write a name to this asshole but i should name and shame so that more women can stay safe from his crap. since writing this blog ive had women come forward and say he has done it to them too. So hereis a warning girls Stay away from Daniel Murray or Muzza MC from Barossa valley he is dangerous and needs mental help. Dont get sucked into the charm at the start and all the i will change and i will get helps its all crap. Its been 9 years since this happened to me and i have tried to forget it but im still hearing things he has done recently so he has not changed. Please take this warning and stay safe xo

If you want to see what im up to now and how much of an ass kicking i could give this scum bag LIKE my facebook Fight Page (HERE) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence can happen to anyone even me :(

    • If it can help one women to realise that its not the end, that no matter what someone has done to you, your strong enough to go on and achive great things 🙂 Muay Thai helped me so much it gave me the strength and confidents not to be afriad.

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  2. Thanks for this brave post. I felt like a fraud talking to a social worker knowing I that I had a black belt and he didn’t. (It was mostly emotional abuse, but I was terrified that he would hurt me or the kids.) I wish I had known about your post then…Hopefully, it will help many other women now…

    Best wishes to you!

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