Johanna Rydberg Muay Thai Champion from Sweden

Johanna Rydberg1464741_10151902314876743_634916362_n

Name: Johanna Rydberg Age: 31, turning 32 The 25th this month! Weight: fight in everything between 50-54kg Gym: Helsingborgs Muaythai Fight record: Muay Thai 30-10-1, Boxing amature 5-0-0, Boxing pro 1-0-0 swedish champion 2011, 2012, 2013, nordic champion 2010, 2011, 2012, european champion 2012, 2013, ranked as nr one in The world by wptbl in 51kilo. Southern swedish

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai & what made you want to fight? I’ve been training for five years, The first year i was really scared when i was sparring and i Said id never ever fight! But then i guess it just grew on me and when i got the question i decided i had to give it a try before i could say anything about it! And i loved Every minute of it!!!

529171_10151902317261743_522404834_n2. What has been your hardest lesson? That bad nerves before and during a fight can ruin everything!

3. What part of being a fighter do you enjoy the most? Getting up in The ring, feel The adrenaline rush and that feeling when your giving it all and you know your winning!!!

4. If you could fight anywhere in the world where would it be & why? Probably Las vegas, Australia, or Japan, because they make big good fight nights, and there seem to be a LOT of good Female fighters!

5. What is your favorite weapon? Boxing and clinch!1375153_10151902319326743_288872731_n

6. Do you have any special things you do before you fight? Rest, watch tv, try not to think of The fight to early on it just gets me wound up!

7. Have you had any embarrassing moments? Hmm…..not that i can think of.

8. Your hardest fight & why? My absolutely best opponent was Iman Barlow, shes strong and has very good techniques, and it was deffo one of My toughest fight physically, but one of My hardest opponents is still Fatima Pinto, we have fought five times, and she won all of them, so it’s all in My head, last time i was so nervous i was totally blacked out through The whole fight!

1470102_10151902315711743_2023132469_n9. What do you think would be a good way to build women’s Muay Thai around the world? I think just to ger more girls interested in fighting and to be seen around the world on The big fight cards like lionfights and enfusion!

10. Any advise to anyone one wanting to have their first fight? Just go ahead and do it, don’t build up a wall to high! You don’t have to be perfect in every technique you do, you just need the heart and will and you wont know until you fight!!

Anyone you would like to thank?? My fiance and coach Stefan Nilsson, My gym Helsingborgs Muaythai and everyone there that has helped me develop My skills and supports me everywhere i fight!




Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Nov 2013

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