Caley Reece, World Muay Thai Champion from Australia

Caley ReeceCaley Reece

Name: Caley Reece Gym: Riddlers Gym Weight:57kg Age: haha shhhh Fight Record: 53fights 48 wins Titles: 2x WMC World Title 57kg + 58.9 WMC WOrld Title (vacated), WPMF World Title + Intercontinental and Australian Titles

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to Fight? I started training kickboxing when I was 19. I then shifted to purely Muay Thai when i was about 25. Apart from testing my skills and being able to put it into practice, I saw two Perth girls, Tiana and Abby fight on a few shows and I wanted to do what they did because it looked to be the ultimate test of your ability.

Vs WMC world champ 55kg - broken rib and nose

Vs WMC world champ 55kg – broken rib and nose

2. what has been the hardest part of being a fighter? I think the hardest part is probably the geographic situation we have going on here Oz is so far away from the European countries and that’s where most of the action happens regularly. Oh and diet but that goes with saying.

3. What do you think is the most important thing to remember? I think the most important thing to remember as a fighter is to remain humble. Whether its your first fight or 50th, over confidence and arrogance towards others and your opponent is not something I deem a good quality. It’s a sport so everyone is here for the challenge and for the fun.

4. You have done so much already in Muay Thai, What keeps you motivated to keep going? That anything can happen in a fight. Its you and your opponent so its 50/50. Regardless of who I fight, that person is out there to beat me so my motivation is to make sure im the strongest and fastest fighter on the night, so that doesn’t happen.

5. You have just come back from a break how do you think that has affected you mentally and

Vs Madeleine vall for WMC world title - 4 weeks after the one with broken rib and nose

Vs Madeleine vall for WMC world title – 4 weeks after the one with broken rib and nose

physically? I had 10 months off fighting and feel like I have come back to training and the ring, smarter and somewhat more relaxed in the way that I fight. I missed it a hell of a lot so I think the passion that i was able to feel towards it again has really made me love it just for the sport that it is rather than being ultimately so focussed on goals all the time.

6. Your so well known in Female Muay Thai yet you havnt had the opportunity to fight around the world, if you could fight on any promotion anywhere what would it be? If I tell you know that means it gives my next fight away because that’s the fight show ive wanted to fight on!

7. What is next for you now your back? Funnily enough before my break, I just fought in Perth and Thailand. Now I have returned, I’m very fortunate to have had some great offers – one being overseas, Melbourne, the promoter for Pride and Glory was asking for my details and also the promoter for Capital Punishment. December I go to Thailand for a month, then im going overseas for a big fight, I will be defending my title hopefully against Belarus in March, April Pride and Glory, IFMA World Games in May, Epic in June and Capital Punishment in July hopefully.

Vs meryem uslu from Germany WMC world title defence

Vs meryem uslu from Germany WMC world title defence

8. If you could go back in time to your self as a fighter 5 years ago what advise would you give your self? The only thing that I can think of would be maybe to just take it a little more easier sometimes. I have a habit of only knowing top gear so I don’t give my body much time for rest. I’m trying, but habits are hard to break and even though it’s not the best for your body to keep going, I believe that that sort of mentality has led me to become the fighter I am.

9. Have you ever had any embarrassing moments? Not really!! Takes a lot to embarrass me.

10. what advise would you give to someone wanting to have their first fight? To be prepared. Going in to fights under prepared, not knowing how to grapple properly, hands down when they are tired is only going to end up with someone getting hurt. Fighting is tough. There shouldnt be a rush to fight. Take the

Kings of Kombat vs Thai 56 fights 51 wins

Kings of Kombat vs Thai 56 fights 51 wins

time to learn the skills and techniques properly, it avoids getting caught in messy, dangerous exchanges early on in your fighting career where something like getting knocked out or legs completely busted up, could make you want to end your career sooner than planned. Learn to play the game and pick your shots, it will make for a much tidier fight.

Any last words or news? Thanks for the interview. I think its great that females are getting more involved in helping the sport grow. In the time I have been fighting, ive watched it grow and the increase in popularity for females is definitely on the rise.

Anyone you would like to thank? Nick my legendary sponsor from Punish who’s been with me since day dot. Sponsors, Cooee Crossfit who know how to push my buttons and get me swearing mid workout, East Meets West Chinese Medicine and Jeska Design. Id be in trouble if I didn’t say Daz….. so Daz

New Ladies Muay Thai Shorts!  By Caley Reece 5x world champion! CLICK HERE!

New Ladies Muay Thai Shorts!
By Caley Reece 5x world champion! CLICK HERE!

Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Nov 2013

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