Vicky Carey, Female fighter Living in Thailand

Vicky Carey1378150_677835832227510_1873520244_n

Name Vicky Carey
Age 33
weight 49.5 – 52
Gym Jitti Gym Bangkok
Fight record Muaythai, 12 fights 10 wins 2 loss, Boxing, 1 pro, 2 amateur
Titles none

1. How long have you been training Muay Thai and what made you want to become a fighter?

I discovered Muay Thai while on holiday in Koh Phangan 5 years ago, I loved it instantly and knew I had to return, took 2 months off work later that year and that’s when I did my first fight

1381513_678173005527126_820953797_n2. What is the hardest part of being a fighter for you?

I come from Guernsey, Channel Islands, we don’t have a Muay Thai gym, its been hard stopping and starting training, when I’m home I work a lot then I return to Thailand to do what I love, the transition is never an easy one

3. You have trained & fought in Thailand what are your favorite things about that?

I love the atmosphere of fight nights in Thailand, you can’t beat it, on my first trip I was amazed at how excitable the locals get throughout the fights

4. If you could fight on any promotion what would it be?1381503_678172988860461_1244853613_n

I’d like to take part in the prison fights here in Thailand, such a positive thing for the prisoners

5. Your hardest fight and why?

Close one to call but I’d say it would have to be my 9th fight at Arena Stadium in Koh Phangan, I’d been sick in the few days leading up to this fight but was adamant I still wanted to fight, arrived at the stadium and was looking around for my opponent, well the look on my trainers face said it all, he looked horrified, she was by far the biggest Thai girl I have ever seen, around 70 kilos, I lost but it was a good fight, I was so tired in the last round but kept coming forward, most importantly, I never gave up

1378818_677834368894323_521820157_n6. Do you have any special things you do before you fight?

I try to sleep in the day time as much as I can, I see some people listening to head phones to get themselves in the zone, for me I just like to lay around on the floor until its time to get ready
7. What do you think would help female Muay Thai grow around the world?

I think more female tournaments would be a good thing, more televised fights like the recent “World Muay 1375751_677834238894336_1456980931_nThai Angels”

8. Any embarrassing moments?

2 days before my 3rd fight I woke up with my neck so stiff I had to turn my whole body just to cross the street, the promoter was really worried I was going to cancel as the only other westerner on this card had already done just that, it was and still is my worst fight, my kicks were really off, it felt horribly wrong, the fight ended in round 2, I got lucky and knocked her down with punches, she failed to get up in time but I knew it was just down to luck

9. What is next for you?

I’ve just returned to Thailand and I’m getting back into training, Jitti asked me today when did I want to fight, I think a few more weeks to sharpen up and I’ll be good to go

1186716_677834285560998_1300517788_n10. Any advise you would give to anyone starting Muay Thai and wanting to fight?

I found Thailand to be a great place to learn, I remember being asked was I going to fight and me saying maybe but I’m not sure if I’m good enough, they said to me that you may as well as I’d improve quickly here, it’s so true if you put a lot of effort in its surprising how much you can grow in just a few months training here

Anyone you would like to Thank?

Would like to thank all my trainers who have helped me along the way, learning new skills and helping to improve technique, giving me inspiration and taking me to fight, also to my many sparring partners and the people crazy enough to do hill sprints with me even when its the hottest time of year and next doors crazy dogs are chasing us994364_677835208894239_1337443117_n

Interview By Natasha Sky Photos supplied. Oct 2013


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