Muay Thai, Mixing Up Training- To keep motivated

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For the past nearly 6 years all i have done is Muay Thai training pretty much most days & when in Thailand 2x a day. I have always wanted to mix it up a bit, add some new things in but never really had the money to go to different gyms or the time to do it. While i was in Thailand i had more time and a rowing machine 560835_4960640100869_1262628863_navailable to use, i had never really tried rowing before as we never had one available at our gym in Australia but i always wanted to because of my shin splints. So i added some extra things in to my training & took out some of the things i felt didn’t benefit me as much. The Thais thought i was crazy doing some of the things i was doing like rowing and High intensity interval work outs (kettle bells, burpees,mountain climbers and more) instead of running & skipping. I even got one of the trainers to do a work out with me & he couldn’t walk for 2 days after it, he said he was never doing it again & i was crazy haha! They had been asking me why i was doing it & saying it’s not Muay Thai so i had to show them that what i was doing was hard & that it really pushed me. After that they just let me do my thing no questions asked they knew i wasnt being lazy & that i knew what i needed to do to be at my best. I think after doing the same Muay Thai stuff for so long day after day my body gets used to it & it doesn’t seem to challenge me as much mentally & downloadphysically. So mixing it up with the rowing & the high intensity interval training really helped to improve my strength, fitness & confidences. It really showed in the first fight i had after doing this training, i was the fittest i had ever been for a fight.  Not only did i notice it but so did my husband who works my corner in all my fights. He said he had never seen me come back to the corner without being gassed & never seen me recover so quick between rounds before. I came home strong for the first time ever in a fight & i felt like i could have gone another round. My clinching strength felt like it doubled & it gave me more confidences to clinch instead of trying to avoid it as the Thai girls were so strong. I really think that mixing the training up & doing new things really helped me to become a stronger fighter & when you feel like you are getting stronger your confidences grows. I have never had much confidences in my self & have had a lot of bad luck so to get that bit of a confidence boost knowing you have improved really makes a massive difference in your mindset. Everyone 396553_378950058844691_1463488672_nis different & different training works better for others than it does for some. I think sometimes in Muay Thai people forget that & just go through the motions day to day because that’s what your supposed to be training. I feel that if you keep doing the same stuff everyday eventually you will get stuck in a rutt & stop growing as a fighter, it just becomes stale. Once it gets to that stage you lose motivation to train because you’re not getting challenged. I don’t know about other people but i like to be challenged & to be learning new things all the time that’s what makes it fun & if it’s not fun then whats the point in doing it. After spending a year in Thailand & trying all sorts of different things in with my Muay Thai training i found some things that really worked for me & keept me motivated to train. Its exciting when you get to learn new things and when you have the strength & fitness to do things you never could before. So now im are back in Australia & have been for about 5 months. I was training Muay Thai everyday for the first 2 or so months but found it really hard to mix in what i needed to do for my self to grow, it was really frustrating & quite upsetting at times, it made me not even want to train. I didn’t want to become stale because i love Muay Thai, it is my passion & without it i wouldn’t be the person i am today. When i thought i 1234879_634550539898673_1908603448_nhad hit a wall something awesome happened. It couldn’t have worked out better that me & my husband got offered sponsorship by The Vault Toowoomba a strength & conditioning gym. So we started the crossfit sessions to mix it up. Not only do we do the high intensity training but it includes rowing yay! The sessions only range from 30min to 45min so its great to fit in on the days when i work late hours and can’t do a 2 and half hr Muay Thai session. They are short but i feel like i get so much out if it as im not the most experienced person there. I struggle with a lot of the work outs so its challenging and it’s really motivated me again. It feels good to struggle & know that im strengthening different parts of my body which will help me with Muay Thai & that im getting different types of cardio work outs as well not just the same old stuff that gets boring after a while & becomes more like a chore. For me cardio is boring at its best so when it becomes a chore it really sux. We both got heart rate monitors that hook up to a big screen where we can see how hard we are pushing & compete with each other, it makes us push even harder. I also mixed it up with Zuu another crazy body weight work out its hard to explain but its is intense and very strange if anyone gets a chance to try it they should give it a go! I always wanted to try yoga too but never had the time or money & it is also available at The vault so i tried that also. I though as a fighter im pretty flexible because i can kick someone in the head 559145_643957858957941_143864266_nbut it’s not really so because i couldn’t do any of the things we did in yoga, i was quite surprised at how crap i was at it. Yoga is def another thing i will be mixing it up with now so i can get more flexibility & balance which will also help with Muay Thai. So don’t be scared to mix your training up if you get the chance. I wish i had done it earlier but i always thought Muay Thai fighters must just train Muay Thai & that’s what you need to be the best. I found with me that it’s not true i need to mix it up to be the best fighter i can be mentally & physically. If that means missing some Muay Thai sessions to work on new things than that’s what i have to do. In the end you want to do whatever you can do to make your self better. You want to keep learning & growing, not get stuck in a rut that makes you lose motivation. If you feel like your not getting anything out of training then add something new in to the mix. Every fighter at some stage hits a wall & gets imagesstuck in a rut especially once you get experienced you don’t learn as much as you did in the beginning & get challenged by others in the gym. Muay Thai is a sport where you can always learn something new but sometimes it takes a boost from something else to help it along. Not everyone is going to understand what its like & what you need to do personally to keep that fire burning so you will prob get some haters but you gotta do what you gotta do to grow & reach your potential.

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5 thoughts on “Muay Thai, Mixing Up Training- To keep motivated

  1. I totally agree. I wanted to mix so many things into my training here for so long but when you train Muay Thai every day, it’s hard to find the time and energy to do so! Eventually I started mixing plyometrics, interval training and weights into my routine and now I feel so much better. My cardio and strength are both so much better for it. It does help you keep your motivation up as well. Doing the same thing all the time becomes stagnant and won’t help you progress. I like the heart rate competition idea! 😉

    • Yeah it was really hard to mix it in to begin with but at Sinbi they were really good and let us add our own stuff in. A lot of the trainers there have done sports science so i guess they could understand some of it. Would be hard if we went to another gym though. Yeah once you get to the point where u get stagnant i think you dont really care as much so you dont learn or push your self. The heart rate monitors are great because sometimes you get so used of things you dont push as hard anymore but seeing your heart rate makes you realise you can push harder than what you are. 🙂

  2. This is really encouraging to read! I’ve had to do similar things b/c of a stress fracture that has left residual problems. And I’ve also felt embarrassed b/c the trainers and fighters perceive running and skipping as the real work! When you’re actively preparing for a fight, do you re-incorporate any running/skipping at all, or do you ONLY do interval training? I’m curious about exactly how necessary running and skipping are.

    • hey, i dont do any skipping at all now i did when i first started but its really bad for my shin splints so i just stopped all together have not skipped for about 4 years now. I had a few fights where i didnt run at all and only rowed and did the interval stuff and i was fine. I started to add the running in as well but just not as much and would mix it up all different distances and pace. I think you can go without skipping but you cant go without running you have to do some running. It all comes down to how much you push when you do thses things as well and everyone is different some people get more out of things than others.

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