Training with my Husband- The good and the bad

I always get asked what its like training and fighting along side my husband. I also have a lot of people DSC_0596asking about our arguments at home haha. First of all we never argue at home, i think in the 6 years we have been together we have had about 2 fights and no we didn’t head kick or elbow each other all though i would have liked to haha.

I have been training along side my husband now for 5 years and to tell you the truth its been really good. Yes we have a few disagreements here and there over things but apart from that its great. We are very lucky that we have each other, that we understand what each other is going through at different stages of training and fighting. We are 2 different people when it comes to Muay Thai and Training though, im the motivated one and Dane is the lazy one. I’m always trying to do extra but Dane will only do what he needs to do, so we do clash a bit there. He is always up me telling me to calm down and im always telling him to do more. I guess it sort of even’s us out in a way but it can be frustrating for me having to push him all the time. If im not on to him about training he would only go when he felt like it which is not that often but once he is there he is glad he went. Once we are at training we CIMG3991are just training partners, we do all the normal stuff training buddies do like spar each other and do drills together ect but i think we give each other that extra bit of push too. We are super competitive with each other, we like to give each other crap about stuff and try to beat each other at everything. We run together most times, we always try to race each other so we push extra hard. Even after being together and training together this long we still try to impress each other. Sometimes i can get a bit crazy when we spar, or when he is trying to tell me something i don’t agree with i can tell him to piss off, it doesn’t happen to often unless he is holding pads for me, then we have a few tiffs. He knows me better than anyone with my training and fighting but he sometimes forgets that im not as tall as him and i have a different style to him. Things that might work for him don’t work for me, so it gets me frustrated on pads but i guess me being such a perfectionist on pads and wanting my pads to be perfect doesn’t help. I think one of the best things is that we understand each other when we are training hard for fights the moods, injuries, diets just being so tired all the time. It’s just something a person that doesn’t train to fight, a “civilian” just can’t understand. When i first started to train i was with a guy that didn’t fight, it just caused constant arguing all the time, it sucked big time. Some times we get a good laugh out of both being totally wrecked from fight training and fighting. After fights are funny when we are both limping around with bumps and bruises, black eyes and cuts on our 262875_10151034104570952_560836693_nfaces. People give us the funniest looks thinking we have fought with each other haha Dane likes to stir them up and say things like “get lippy again and ill give you another one” haha people just look in disgrace but i tell him not to do it because one day someone might think its real and try to fight him on the street. Trying to sleep in the same bed is hard when we are both banged up! what a mission not to bang or bump each other on the sore spots or to get comfy. We lay there like “don’t touch me” then one will try to rollover and get stuck and then accidentally kick the other one in the shin then we both be screaming in pain and laughing at the same time because it’s so stupid and funny! we both be asking each other “why the hell do we do this shit!” haha.

DSC_0278Dane has been in the corner for all my fights apart from my first 2 as i was at a different gym and a few where we fought on the same night. I really like having him in my corner he knows exactly what to say to me as im a bit frantic sometimes during my fights and i panic in the corner but he always knows what to say to keep me on track. I feel safe and i know that with him there i will be looked after, i don’t have to worry about anything i just fight. Same goes for him, im always there for him and always in his corner because i know him better than anyone else too. I think we make an awesome team and with each other in our corners we are getting the best support and direction.

So at the end of the day training and fighting alongside my husband is awesome and i think we wouldn’t be 531854_829360099758_1525709755_nwhere we are today without each other that’s for sure. We support each other 100% and we are there to push each other and to pick up the pieces when we need too. I think training with him is a bonus! some people say you have to keep training and personal stuff separate for it to work but we have never had any problems in our personal life so we never have any trouble at training. We always tell each other just how it is in training and at home, we keep it real and we have no issue well except when i smash his ass in something then he gets a bit sooky haha. Its an awesome experience to share with each other, when we are old and wrinkly we will have some cool stories, photos and videos to show the grandkids! we will be the coolest grandparents ever  🙂  Team extreme!! i wouldn’t have it any other way! When we got married we even put on the gloves for some of our wedding photos 🙂

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