Fighter Turned Trainer

My husband and i had just spent nearly all of 2011 living and fighting in Thailand which was the most awesome experience ever. Now back to Australia and we decided to go live in Murray Bridge in South Australia where my family live. We didn’t have a gym to go to there as there was only the dodgy gym there DSC_0187that i first started at (READ HERE). We were getting harassed to start one up by quite a few people so we thought why not give it a go. I thought i would still be able to fight and my hubby Dane could train me and ill help him train the others too. Well it wasnt as easy as we thought it was going to be. The first few months were not to bad but as our gym grew i had to spend a lot more time training them than i could spend on my self so with that as well as working a full time job i had to choose. I don’t think you can be both at the same time you have to give 100% to one or the other or it’s just not going to work. So i chose to just be a trainer and have a break from fighting for a while. I think as a fighter i had already learnt so much about what to do and what not to do with fighters and the things that i needed as a fighter. I tried to make sure i gave them to my students and that i didnt do any of the bad DSC_0214things i didnt like as a fighter. You learn a lot along the way being a fighter and by this stage i had nearly 20 fights under my belt so i had picked up a fair bit. I learnt from all the good things and the bad things i had seen trainers do. I took the good parts from all the trainers i had met and gyms i had experienced and tried to put it into our gym. It was very different being responsible for people and making sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure they are safe and get the proper training so they don’t get hurt. Everyday i would wonder if i was pushing them hard enough or if i was not pushing hard enough and if what i was doing was going to make or break them. It was different to being a fighter and rocking up to training doing your thing and going home. When your a fighter if you felt sick you didn’t have to go to training but as a trainer you have to push through because you have people relying on SAM_1042you to be there to train them. Our gym grew in to a big family we had  BBQ sparing days where we invited other gyms from Adelaide  & Barossa Valley to come spar with us. We tried to help our students to experience and learn as much as they could not only from us but to get the experience of meeting and training with other people. It was great fun we all had a ball. We also produced our first ever fighter his name was Charlie. Charlie came to us about 75kg he had been just doing weight lifting and partying a lot. He loved training and he had the most awesome push in the gym. Not long after he started training he wanted to fight. If someone wants to fight that’s up to them and im not one to say they can’t. If you train hard then i think everyone should be able to have a go whether your the most skilled or not. We started him fight training and he was doing awesome i booked him a fight with another first timer at 65kg as he had started to drop weight. Little did we know he was one of those people who drops weight really quick! so after weeks of intense training Charlie was walking around at 65kg. As a trainer i had the choice to either let him fight at 65kg even though it will be a bit big now or cancel the fight that he has trained so hard for. They were first timers so i thought it wouldn’t really matter most people don’t 528761_297563356986910_126942504048997_683751_674555305_ncut much weight for first fight anyway. So after 3 months Charlie was booked to have his first fight. He is short and the guy he fought happened to be tall and had cut a fair bit of weight which we didn’t not anticipiate. It was an intense day for me as my first time as a trainer with my own fighter. I tried to get everything perfect the whole day. I had only ever wrapped hands twice before so it was stressful wrapping his hands wondering if they were going to be good enough. The pre fight prep was exactly how Dane and i both like it our selves as fighters. We tried to do everything we always wanted in our fight prep or cornering. It was really a hard match for Charlie who got stopped right at the end of the last round from wearing knees to the body the whole fight. After the fight i felt so horrible and responsible for what had happened. How could i have stopped what was happening in there. He trusted me to make sure he was safe in the ring and i felt like i had let him down. I had never experience this kind of feeling before because it’s normally me who is in the ring fighting not standing on the side lines responsible for someone else. I vowed the next fight would be different and we learnt a lot from this last one. Training stepped up again and we made sure he was super super fit for this next fight in a few weeks. The fight weight went down to 58kg which was much more suited to his hight. He was super nervous for this fight as he had such a hard fight last time and i felt responsible for it :(. This time we knew he could win and he had everything there to do it, we didn’t leave anything on the table! it was all up to him now. The fight went pretty good it was really close but he DSC_0262was doing his own head in and spinning out in the corner which lost it for him on points. I felt like we had improved a lot this fight as trainers and a team. I felt proud this time and even though he lost it was a good fight and we all knew we did everything we could have done it just wasnt his night. We had so much support and it was awesome to see all of our gym members wearing the gym shirts. It was our gym that we had created and we were very proud of what every one had achieved. I especially was fond of my kids class i taught once a week they loved training and it was so awesome to watch them evolve every week in to little champions. We enjoyed being trainers but it just wasnt enough for us we had the itch to fight so bad and we just had to make the choice to stay or go. So SAM_0766after about 7months of running our gym we decided to pack it up and move back to Thailand where we could continue to fight and follow our dreams before we get to old. We had a taste of what it was like to be trainers and decided it’s not for us just yet we need to finish off our own fighting first. But I did learn a lot from it and you get to see the fight game from the other side a trainers view on things. There is a lot more to being a trainer than what people think, it’s a big responsibility that’s for sure. It was back to Thailand for us and maybe we will start our own gym again one day.

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