Natasha Sky 19th fight vs South Thai champ

It was about 3 weeks after my last fight (READ HERE) i had just come off a 2 KO winning streak. It was July 2011. This was going to be my 19th fight and my 4th fight in Thailand. I wanted  a challenge for my next fight so i asked if i could fight the best girl they had. I had seen her fight before and she was really good in Muay Thai but also boxing ( she went on to win WBC world boxing title just after we fought). I have never been one to only want to fight people i knew i could beat and i didn’t want to have easy fights. I have always believed that a real 222416_231599833544924_100000847281306_648911_7095003_nfighter does not pick and choose who they fight just so they can keep a good record. So i asked to fight this girl because she was the best around she had over 80 fights. The Trainers at Sinbi Muay Thai (Phuket) agreed and set it up for me. I trained really hard for this fight and the trainers knew this was going to be hard so they pushed me extra hard as well. Everything was going really good right up untill fight day! I’m not sure what happened if it was something i ate or drank but it was bad! I had really bad stomach pains and spent most of the day curled up in pain. I really didn’t want to pull out of the fight as we were heading back to Australia soon and i wasnt sure how many fights i was going to be able to have before we left, i wanted to make the most of it. We get to the stadium and my stomach is still making all sorts of strange sounds and cramping up. I just thought i would suck it up and fight it’s not like i havent fought while i was sick before and i survived. My hands get wrapped and i get my rub down as they push on my stomach i felt like i was going to crap my pants or throw up! oh no this is not good EKK! but it was too late i had to go on now i just though oh well its Thailand if i crap my pants or SAM_0146spew no one will know me anyway haha. The trainers were looking at my hands and they said try this glove you same as baby its ok. I look down at the gloves they just put on me as they felt strange and like they didn’t quite fit. The gloves were 4oz gloves the same gloves the kids fight in! I normally fought in 6oz and in Australia 8oz. For a second i was a bit worried I thought oh man i don’t want to get boxed with these but then i thought well im gonna be boxing her with them too. I get to the ring and my opponent and i both go under the ropes into the ring where we both pay respect to the judges and everyone around the ring. She does her wai kru and we go to the middle. I was a little bit taller than her whoo hoo it’s not  very often im taller than anyone i fight. She has her hair cut in a short bob with 2 small piggy tails on the sides, Thats the Thai girls trick to look innocent  but they are lethal. We touch gloves and go back to our corners, i was really nervous now not only about the fight but the fact i didn’t know if i was going to have control over what my stomach will do. First round starts off at a slow pace just feeling each other out for the first half of the round but still throwing some power shots before SAM_0149ending the round in the clinch. The second round i start strong out punching and kicking and even landing a good step up elbow untill about half way through when we hit the clinch. She kneed me straight in the stomach and i felt like i was going to spew i lost all my power and she just latched on and i couldn’t move as she just kept kneeing. I tried to work back as much as i could but it just wasnt working she had me in a really good hold. It felt like the ref was letting the clinch go longer than he should have. Near the end of the round i managed to roll her head down and land a few knees to the side of her face and as she came back up i also landed an elbow to the face as the bell went. By this time i knew that i was out scoring her in the stand up but she was smashing me in the clinch. In the corner i was telling them i was going to throw up and my corner was telling me not to worry just keep fighting and stay out of the clinch. Start of the third round and she heads straight for 215110_231600330211541_100000847281306_648919_2121740_nthe clinch again and it’s where i just did not want to be. I manged to break free from the clinch and push her to the corner where i threw a combo of elbows but not really landing any flush. We continued to trade shots throughout the rest of the round but i still felt like i was landing the better shots. The fourth round starts with me landing 3 really good leg kicks then we start to clinch i started to feel a bit better this round in the clinch so it was a lot more even. The ref starts to break the clinch a lot sooner than he was before and this really made me think he was dodgy as he had been speaking in Thai the entire fight and i had never had a ref speak that much so im sure he was telling her things! I pushed forward for the rest of the fourth round as i knew i need to take it to hopefully win. The last round and i start with a leg kick then i skipped in pushed the left hand down and landed a sweet elbow to the face. I was super excited since i had been practicing it in training and it just came out without me even thinking and it landed sweet! We ended up in the clinch and as Snapshot 3 (5-11-2011 10-10 PM)soon as the ref seen me getting the better he stopped it again. My opponent tried to touch gloves with me to end the fight as she thought she had won but i wasnt having a bar of it i was fighting untill the end. I went in guns blazing, she tried again to touch gloves i shook my head and kept going i knew i had about 10 sec to Ko her so i spun and connected her with a spinning elbow then the bell went. At the end of the fight she went straight to the ground and kneeled to me then she jumped up and put her arm around me and we both walked to my corner to get a drink. I dont think she expected me to give her such a good run so she had the respect there for a hard fight. They called her out as the winner as i left the ring back under the ropes. I was devo i lost but i was glad i didn’t crap my pants or throw up that was a plus! Also i just went 5 rounds with the south Thailand Champ while i was sick.  The trainers were all telling me that it was a good fight and my technique was good so its ok no problem i lost. It felt like this fight was my step up to that next level in my ability as a fighter as my timing and technique had improved so much. I really wanted a rematch with this girl in a few more fights time once i get a bit more experienced cause i think that she was defiantly not unbeatable for me. She was no slouch thats for sure and she went on to win the WBC boxing world title and the last time i seen her she no longer had the bob hair cut she had her head shaved and was missing her front teeth so she has been going hard. Im sure we will meet again in the ring  😉

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